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Czech localization added to Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition on Beamdog, Steam & GOG

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,697
edited March 2019 in čeština
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition Update 3.1.4 is now live on Steam, and it has the built-in Czech translation.

The translation will be rolled out on Beamdog, GOG, and the Mac App store in the near future and will be included on Google Play and the iOS App Store in a later patch.

Please, report any feedback about the translation.

Update: The 3.1.4 patch for Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition (which includes the Czech localization) has been live on Beamdog for a while now! If you have it installed via the Beamdog Client, it should either already be version 3.1.4, or updateable to 3.1.4 now. You can confirm the version number in the lower-right corner of the main menu after launching.

It was also uploaded to GOG.

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