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Are you a troll?

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
edited November 2012 in Off-Topic
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Are you a troll? 147 votes

A troll? I am the troll! I am the very definition of it.
Huskarl2006n00bfishMoomintrollKamigoroshiAnduinPantalionChowiKrivetkoToofyGod 10 votes
I am a half troll. Sometimes I troll, sometimes I don't.
smeagolheartkamuizinsarevok57FlashburnsepottermasterdesbaxteriassonDiscoCatdeltagoVnavekulQuartzManybadgersRavenXTroodon80DJKajuruSmiling_Impegalor_originalEldoth_Kronthedemoninsidedosgames 23 votes
I'm a troll-troll. I only troll trolls.
WardThomsonDrugarShrimpelminsterpaulsifer42CheesebellyUlfgar_TorunnKitteh_On_A_CloudBadmassswnmcmlxiEarthlingSophiakmazGriegKietzelVittordeVittoRenulanbadbromanceTamoko 28 votes
I may not be the best looking person. I may live under a bridge and demand money from everyone that wishes to pass my bridge. I may be hurt by fire and acid. But that doesn't make me a troll! So STFU!
MERLANCEMontresor_SPMathuzzzAvenger_teambgNevillsharpiejasJariahxSynnMungriMedullaOblongataHowieeltonbarrelIzrealRiolathelDarkcloudkingthrallGreenWarlock 16 votes
I don't know about myself, but I surely can tell about you and everyone else!
ankhegSon_of_ImoenIlphalarTJ_HookerCyhortRadioactiveGaryThomasMinkSylphmeaglothwraith5641 10 votes
Quite the opposite! I am the Knight in Shining White coming for the rescue of everyone whose feelings have been hurt.
BaldursCatMexXAnduineDjimmyFredjo[Deleted User]ARKdeEREHJuliusBorisovMadhax 9 votes
Don't feed the troll!
mlneveseAlexDeLargedhansen5SvendryntrimitriFluid29cyberarmySirK8rexregZinodinVirsaluskingcrowleyKristie83LadyEibhilinRhettGM1984ZandrakeGreatmasterBgdubbs66MurrayConfederacyCoryNewb 29 votes
I like muffins. Oh and attention.
mch202TsukijinMorieth28ScotGaymerStargazer5781PhyraxsandmanCCLSCARY_WIZARDawin123allhailsteveSecriaOneAngryMushroomButtercheeseDinsdalePiranhaIcecreamtubKaltzorTheElfjustfeelinathomelolienFandraxx 22 votes


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