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Should I bother with Icewind Dale?



  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,450
    edited November 2017

    Adding this kind of interaction is one reason I love to use Kulyok's IWDNPC mod and Domi's IWD2NPC mod.

    Don't forget, now we have Dusky NPC by @LavaDelVortel :)
    @JuliusBorisov , Thank you so much for bringing this new mod npc to my attention. I'm doing a run now with Dusky.

    @LavaDelVortel , Great work. The only problem now is deciding who to leave out among @kulyok 's party to take Dusky, and I'll always be wanting to take him on my IWD runs. Right now I'm going with leaving out Severn and playing the party skald as my main character, but I also want to try taking Holvir's place as the party paladin. The main reason to try different party configurations is wanting to see Dusky's interactions with the left out party member. So, you've given IWD new replayability for me.

    @Shandaxx , you might be interested in this if you haven't seen it. The Dusky character is a very good gay male romanceable character for IWD, and he's a half-orc. I can't remember if you were ever into IWD, but Dusky might be a reason to give it a shot just to see the romance. What is it with us gay guys and half-orcs? :)

    @JuliusBorisov , @LavaDelVortel , do you know of any other IWD mod characters that have been released?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395

    Dusky has only like 2 banters with each of Kulyok's NPCs. It's much less than they have with eachother, but mostly because Dusky wasn't part of Kulyok's group. Kulyok's NPCs are like friends and they have more memories together etc. I wanted there to be crossmod and I did provide it, but... well, I just wanted to warn you - he is a new guy and he's not going to talk with them all the time. But hey, at least they notice eachother and make some comments. BTW, the talks were approved by Kulyok, so I hope ther are more or less in character.

    I don't know any other NPC mods for IWD EE, but I hope some will be developed in time. But there is my item pack and my other mini-mod called Weasels!, which add few new spells and items.


  • KenjiKenji Member Posts: 249

    There's plenty of story in IWD. The difference is that the story isn't about YOU. Icewind Dale is chock full of lore and history about the dwarves and the elves that you don't get in any other D&D game. I think The Severed Hand and Dorn's Deep and the stories told there are two of the best dungeons I've ever played. I think they're better than Durlag's Tower. That opinion of mine probably belongs in the "unpopular opinions" thread, but there it is.

    This perfectly sums up what I had in mind in every single IWD vs BG discussions. It might not be the popular opinion, but know that you are not alone sir.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,045
    Icewind Dale certainly has a bunch of story and more lore than you can shake a stick at. I think my only problem with it, is that you really aren't a part of it. The story is happening around you, rather than to you. I think thats also why I love Obsidian so much. All their stories are so personal, its easy to get sucked into them.

  • RedrakeRedrake Member Posts: 423
    Yes, IWD has no party interaction. However, IWD also had character reaction long before BG2 and even better than BG2.

    You cannot find character reactions for bard, paladin, druid, cleric or ranger in BG games.

    BG games focus on story. IWD1 (and later IWD2) focus on gameplay and on using IE engine for maximum effect.

    If you really want to test what IE engine has to offer, IWD1 is the way to go. I wish they would release the patch sooner, as this would also enrich the experience for BG1&2 as well.

    I also wish character arbitration was also added in IWD EE. It ruined one of my favorite playing-styles from the original IWD1 game. The no-reload random character placement party. Essentially, as I had over 100 characters saved in my database I would use a random number generator to pick randomly 6 characters to play a party with. Playing on Hard (and with settings for no extra xp) with those 6 characters and with no re-load. If one dies, I get to pick another character and add him/her by character arbitration to a pool of heroes area. The locations of the pools where Easthaven, Kuldahar, Lonelywood. Obviously, all added characters start at level 1, so keeping the entire original team from start until the end was a real challenge.

    But with no character arbitration Beamdog forces me to use the multiplayer save trick.

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