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Humor (Black/White/Pink)



  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    it was a dialogue at horriblesubs which i posted
  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,269
    Not an answer to my question though...
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
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    i mean i didn't post this i saw it there and i reposted it here
  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,875
    edited December 2017
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    to make a blank comment use "<>"
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    - Hey Maggots
    - You misspelled (censored) you silly
    - It was an Honest and Totally UNintended mistake...*Farts Loudly* and that was a promise! <--- Spoken as a true politician.
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    ( Johny ) Happy New Year HS community!!!!!!
    ( Shyguy ) who the (censored) is johnny?
    ( ? ) walker
    ( Shyguy ) he ded
    ( ? ) Keep walking...
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    What does ignorance means ?
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    - What does denial means ?
    - Denial is a statement that something is not true.
    - I dont believe you.
    - ...
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    - Hello Sir How can i help you ?
    - It seems that i have lost my virginity do you know where can i find it ?
    - I am sorry but for that problem you ll have to contact your OEM
    - Ah ok thanks bye
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    I once asked if there were any good white male jokes and my brother quoted this one:
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
    Facebook Relationship Status Complicated means that you dont know which hand to use
  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
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    A pretty woman with sunglasses and wet hair walks out of the airport and into a cab...

    Woman - Can you please take me to the studio Alpha ?
    Driver - First time i hear of that studio
    Woman - Don't worry i'll guide you
    Driver - Do you practice that profession for a long time ?
    Woman - Yes
    Driver - Does your parents know that you practice that profession ?
    Woman - They supported me since i was a baby
    Driver - Are the money better in Greece than Cyprus and that's why you moved in Athens ?
    Woman - Clearly
    Driver - So you are one of the well paid ?
    Woman - For my age and experience just fine

    The woman looks at her watch

    Driver - Are you in a hurry ?
    Woman - I have to get ready i am out very soon
    Driver - Don't worry will (inaudible)
    Driver - Tough job huh ?
    Woman - Not at all i enjoy it
    Woman - Um excuse me... are we talking about the same profession ? I am a broadcaster
    Driver - What do you mean by broadcaster ?
    Woman - We broadcast at 16:00 i need to get ready, put on makeup, comb my hair in Alpha Channel the show Retie them ?

    The Driver blushes

    Driver - A thousand apologies do you know what we call studios here in Athens ?
    Woman - Νο what do you call studios ?

    True story
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  • dreamtravelerdreamtraveler Member Posts: 377
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    - My wife just now changed her facebook status to Widowed what should i do?
    - RUN!
  • Montresor_SPMontresor_SP Member Posts: 2,189
    These "All the kids" jokes were quite popular here circa 30 years ago...

    All the kids crossed the highway, except Peter. He was short by a meter.

    All the kids looked down into the well, except Bob. He was looking up.

    All the kids played mikado, except Louise. She had Parkinson's disease.
  • Dev6Dev6 Member Posts: 719
    - Why did Sophie fall from the swing?
    - Because she has no arms.

    - Knock Knock
    - Who is it?
    - Not Sophie.

    - Where did Sophie go after the explosion?
    - Everywhere.
  • Montresor_SPMontresor_SP Member Posts: 2,189
    - Mom, can I have a cookie?
    - Sure, go take one from the cupboard!
    - But mom, you know I have no arms!
    - No arms, no cookie!
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