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Suggestions Thread: Art Assets (models, textures, images, sounds)



  • Drewbert_ahoyDrewbert_ahoy Member Posts: 65
    Githyanki -- maybe like 3 or 4 creature models
    Astral Plane Tileset

    Ahh yes... am reminded of the 1st edition Fiend Folio.

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 111

    Githyanki -- maybe like 3 or 4 creature models
    Astral Plane Tileset

    Ahh yes... am reminded of the 1st edition Fiend Folio.
    I know, right? How can this game, almost 20 years later, still not have Githyanki? It borders on the criminal. If Beamdog does this, I could be tempted into having their babies. Squat little bristle-bearded babies.

  • SizSiz Member Posts: 11
    Well… I could use a Carrion Crawler and a Yuan-Ti abomination in future expansions :blush:

  • symmetricsymmetric Member Posts: 52
    Additional Animations for Placeables

    I'd like to have a couple more animation slots for placeables, similar to the "customX" animations for creature models. Transition animations (like for "on2off") could be omitted for those slots.

  • functorfunctor Member Posts: 5
    Concerning enhanced weapon models

    I have already tested the existing weapons. I am very happy with the new weapons “advanced looks”. I would however ask you to go slightly further.

    For example, rapiers that you made all remain minuscule, while their true length is in fact 41 inch on average! It would be ideal to see true rapiers added to the model database, like in this mod, but with the new graphics of course.

    A similar comment applies to scimitars: the original models are very short compared to real-life scimitars.

    Oh, and there is something wrong with the coloured version when you press Tab: new gold tower shields and new weapons all end up looking white.

  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 233
    I'm liking the longer rapiers in the mod. They look like proper weapons you'd use in combat.

  • Drewbert_ahoyDrewbert_ahoy Member Posts: 65
    More club appearances that look like rods. I ask because wands/rods are never likely to be made equippable, because of henchman AI for one thing, and it limits some classic items. Rod of lordly might and rod of terror for two. Rod of terror is supposed to be a melee weapon with a high DC fear effect, not something that sits in one's pack. Easy enough to simply call a club a rod... there just needs to be better appearances.

  • Prince_RaymondPrince_Raymond Member Posts: 110
    Newbie Question Alert: After creating an account on steam, I subscribed to all the Beamdog content in the Steam Workshop to download and play on NWN:EE. For whatever reason, it won't download. Do I need to actually have Steam installed in order to download the content I have subscribed to?

  • KendaricKendaric Member Posts: 6
    A carrion crawler (NOT the 3rd Edition version though) would be nice to have, as would be some more beetle models (e.g. stag beetle).
    I'd also love to see a modified (i.e. shorter) version of the "tabard" robe parts available in chain & scale texture.

  • Prince_RaymondPrince_Raymond Member Posts: 110
    edited September 2018
    I'm glad to report that after downloading and installing Steam on my machine, I was able to finally experience all the Beamdog content I had subscribed to. It was fun being able to interact with the updated Aribeth model in the redone Hall of Justice right up to the point where I crashed hard after exiting and reentering the area. Since then, I felt it best to unsubscribe from all the Beamdog content in the workshop and uninstall Steam from my PC. I'll just wait until Beamdog releases it directly on their website, so I can download it through the client. Thank you for reading, and happy gaming to all.

    Post edited by Prince_Raymond on
  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 233
    Could something be done about the obtrusive spell effects? Spellcasters have so many long lasting buffs in 3e that all spellcasters and their friends end up looking like walking christmas trees.

    Some of the effects could have a much more subtle effect or be done with sound only e.g. Stoneskin and Barkskin etc.

    Most of the long duration protection spells could only be briefly visible when activated. E.g. protection from elements being visible for a few seconds when you are hit with elemental damage.

    Spells that last 1 round/lvl can be flashier of course, as they also tend to be more powerful.

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