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Should we make Skatan the new face of beamdog forums?

SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,333
edited December 2017 in Off-Topic
OK, so after careful consideration and contemplation I've decided to run for Mod. A lot of people has come up to me at the streets, in the malls, on the moon and in the streets and told me I would make the most awesomest mod. I mean, tell me one person who looks better in blue than Mr. Magpie? Shimmering navy blue on black, I'm telling you, noone wears it like Skatan.

Should we make Skatan the new face of beamdog forums? 15 votes

Yes, we need a handsome, humble, honorable, humble.. (I said that already right?) mod.
Balrog99RavenslightBelleSorciereStummvonBordwehrArctodus 5 votes
No, he would just steal all the loot.
mlneveseThacoBellAerakarsemiticgoddesstaclane 5 votes
Other. Dunno what, but all polls should have an "other" option.
O_BruceNimran 2 votes
None of the above (anyone remember the movie with Richard Pryor gets double points)
CorianderDev6tbone1 3 votes
[Deleted User]AerakartaclaneRavenslightlolien


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