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BGEE Mod Compatibility Thread

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,395
edited December 2012 in General Modding
First, in order to even get mods to install while we wait for a new version of WeiDU, follow the instructions in this thread to enable mod installation for Windows and OS X.

I'm hoping to make this a running thread of known (in)compatibilities with BGEE. A lot of this at the beginning will be, unfortunately, trial-and-error and a lot of updating by mod authors. If you should find a problem with a mod, let fellow players know here but more importantly let the mod author know. Mods have readmes with contact information; the mod will never be fixed unless the author is at least aware of the issues.
I'll start us rolling with my own stuff below.

Since BGEE is essentially BG1 content in the BG2 engine, which mod may be appropriate is often unclear, e.g. you should use BG2 Tweaks on BGEE, not BG1 Tweaks.

Stuff You Don't Need

  • ToBEx (fixes)
  • BG1 Fixpack
  • BG2 Fixpack (core and core beta)
  • Baldurdash
  • Dudleyville
  • Tutu/EasyTutu and TutuFix
  • BGT or its fixes
  • Widescreen mod
  • One Pixel Productions

Stuff That Works

Stuff That Might Work

Stuff That Partially Works

Stuff Being Worked On for Compatibility

Stuff Confirmed as Not Working

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