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Old NWN fan excited to see an old classic revived!

Hello, I'm an old NWN fan and decided to join the Beamdog forums since the Steam forums are rather toxic. It is really great to see NWN being brought back into development and available on Steam! For a more casual gamer like myself, Steam Workshop integration and not having to tinker with files just to get multi-player working goes a long way. The only reason I even use GOG now is for NWN 2's warlock class, but perhaps in time that will make it to NWN:EE one way or another. I always favored the limitless casting and hack&slash feel of that class.

Being a software engineer myself (20 years), I realize Beamdog has their work cut out for them, and it will take time to make additional enhancements without breaking compatibility. Nonetheless, it looks like there are some really great ideas in the works. Looking at some of the Trello cards, I can only imagine how much the game will evolve a year from now, most exciting! I tend to favor magic users (sorcerer in particular), so it will be nice to see how they evolve and gain more flexibility. Ideas like listing spells alphabetically are simple, yet very useful (one I voted for).

I go by Telarius on Steam, so feel free to seek me out if you are looking for a friend to play NWN:EE or other games with on a casual basis. Being I'm 44 and am a caretaker for my elderly father, gaming is a nice way for me to relax for a bit. I enjoy multi-player, but loathe the foul-mouthed players that find it necessary to throw fits over what should be considered recreation. If you feel the same, I look forward to meeting you for a game sometime.



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