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So... what and who EXACTLY can carry over from BG to SoD?

JLEJLE Member Posts: 40
I noticed that most of my entire party (Neera, Rasaad, Dorn, Branwen, Imoen) carried over to Siege of Dragonspear just fine, with all their equipment... except for one thing: Imoen, who was fully kitted out as a level 10 thief (I didn't dual-class her since she was my only thief) disappeared and was replaced by Safana.

(Of course, narratively, this works by saying that Imoen dual-classed to mage and is now under the tutelage of Grand Duke Liia Jannath.)

If I had had a different party with me, would some of them have disappeared or been replaced too? [email protected] suggests that not all characters can carry through, in particular it doesn't mention Branwen... but Branwen *did* come through into SoD, complete with the three points of wisdom upgrade that I'd given her from manuals, she's now at 19 Wis.

So, can all characters - and their inventory - follow through, except for Imoen (and I take it Imoen's replacment by Safana is a standard thing: but what if Safana was already in your party with Imoen - which would only make sense if you dualled Imoen to mage at once - then would somebody else replace Imoen then, and if so, who)?

Also, for characters not in your party, can some of them be found again, or is it only "your party plus the new ones specific to SoD"?

And finally... If Imoen was in your BG party, and wearing good gear, does it disappear? She had the Eagle Bow, Shadow Armor and Sword of Backstabbing... I can technically cheat by stripping Imoen down to nothing before the Sarevok fight and loading her inventory on to other characters, then handing it back to Safana when I begin SoD (although I have to unequip Imoen's armour before the fight), but that's really not very honourable... So is there anywhere else that I could find either (a) whatever Imoen had been wearing, or (b) comparable equipment because all Safana gets is a plain leather armour and ninjato, which is pretty useless for a level 10 thief?


  • Sir_GarrickSir_Garrick Member Posts: 24
    Without spoiling too much, I believe that all NPCs carry over for the first chapter of SoD. But that doesn't mean they'll all stay with you throughout the adventure.

  • xizorxizor Member Posts: 70
    You'll find Imoen's stuff later. BUT any other character keeps their eqipped items. Which means that if they leave and won't come back the items are lost forever. You'll get the items which were not equipped though.

  • drdavedrdave Member Posts: 2
    edited February 4
    I don't think containers (gem bags, potion cases etc) or their contents carry over into SoD.

    You also lose all your gold early on, so you might want to make a few big ticket purchases before you head after Sarevok at the end of BG and sell them back at the start of SoD. Although TBH you still build up your cash reserves fairly quickly.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 1,263
    all the party members show up in the first dungeon. after that it's mostly the characters that show up in both games plus safana,khalid, and dyna, the ee npcs, and the new ones made only for sod.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 267
    This made me think....if I had both Imoen AND Safana in my BGEE party and imported them, who does Imoen get replaced with I wonder?

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 1,263
    well when you go into sod with imoen in the party she gets replaced by safana even if you never met her in your run. so i assume you just have an empty party slot if you have both.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 2,716
    You do not get Safana during the transfer if your PC is a thief, so you miss a party member. I found this out to my detriment with my assassin that had zero investment in lockpicking and trapfinding.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,028
    Same here with my F/M/T with everything in stealth.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 267
    edited February 7
    Personally then I think you should get Safana as the replacement for Imoen even if your main character is a thief, for the reasons you mentioned. Similarly having both in your party in transferring to SoD puts you at a disadvantage, in a way.

  • JLEJLE Member Posts: 40
    I also discovered, when importing a character - rather than a saved game - into Siege of Dragonspear, that you get assigned party members.

    For instance: I brought through the character file of a Druid Avenger (which I had played through BG1 using "BG TuTu" mod to play BG1 through the BG2 engine about five years ago, and then never bothered to actually play through BG2, losing interest halfway through the Irenicus Dungeon.)

    I had long since deleted the savefile from the end of the BG1 installation, but had the character file left over, which should have brought through only the character. I was surprised to find myself starting SoD with a full-sized balanced party... consisting of Khalid, Jaheira, Dorn, Neera and Safana. None of whom had, in fact, been in the party I completed with BG1 - which had (I kept records of this even after deleting the savefile) consisted of Montaron, Xzar, Garrick, Shar-Teel and Imoen, the latter having dual-classed to mage already :-) (No doubt if I had brought the actual savefile through, that's what I would have got, except probably Safana instead of Imoen...)

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