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[mod] Hephernaan BG2 (SoD spoilers)



  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    No, Valygar won't allow that, he'll leave.

  • ThrasymachusThrasymachus Member Posts: 711
    That makes sense but I thought I would check.

    One last question about this. What about:

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    He will disapprove, but won't leave

  • ThrasymachusThrasymachus Member Posts: 711
    Some people are so particular about associating with fiends... :smiley:

  • ThrasymachusThrasymachus Member Posts: 711
    I am quite enjoying this mod so far, even more than I thought I would! :smile:

    But I've noticed one minor bug. When Hephernaan levels up as a cleric his spell list remains correct (the limited cleric spells + unique spells for the "false priest kit"). But when he levels up as a mage he also acquires all the other cleric spells (in addition to his unique spells). When he levels up again as a cleric his spell list resets itself to those for the false priest kit.

    (It's not a big deal -- I just ignore the "regular" cleric spells when they appear -- but I thought I would mention it.)

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    Hmm not sure how to fix this... Perhaps will find someone to help me with that

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 786
    The Gibberlings3 forum has many veteran modders who might help you. Off-hand, I'm unsure who specifically who would be best to ask to have this problem solved.

  • ThrasymachusThrasymachus Member Posts: 711
    You may have fixed this already in the most recent update, but I noticed that if you select the cleric HLA spells (e.g., Fallen Deva), they disappear when Hephernaan levels up as a cleric (I assume that they are edited out when revising his spell list to that appropriate for the kit).

    Also, one small question:
    When Oxariusz offers to "sell" the PC special items, do you have to purchase them in order, or can you "skip" an item and be offered a different one later? I ask because my character keeps being offered the short sword, even though he isn't really interested in it.

    Thanks again for this very cool mod! :)

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    That's not fixed, but... now, thinking of it, I may need to take a look at his HLA in general. Thanks!

    As for your question:
    Nope, you can't skip them :) That's the idea: he's going to lure you with more and more powerful items, with the last one not being just strong, but also you you get an extra something - an item that may corrupt sacred items, IIRC... And yes, there are many original items you can actually corrupt.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 786
    Since you mentioned that BG2EE lacked references to Heph and Caelar, what crossmod with Shine on Caelar did you include or have planned?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    edited September 20
    And who said I would write any crossmod talks with Roxanne's Caelar? It's not going to happen.
    When I say I eat vegetables, it doesn't mean I'm going to chomp on a raw potato.

    Post edited by LavaDelVortel on
  • teodar1teodar1 Member Posts: 10
    edited September 28
    So he's a cleric/mage with 10 int and 12 wis with useless cleric spells sans raise dead. To compensate he gets 10 phys res at lvl 20 and a kitty. Must be one hell of a kitty. Turns out his HLA are bugged too. Don't think you should be talking about raw potatoes with this one, man. PS. It gets even more spicy - his abishai trasformation does not further boost his stats and substracts one reputation on every use. His amulet does nothing and takes up a slot. This guy is not a devil, he's a troll under cover. This is an npc for story mode difficulty, it seems.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,033
    edited September 28
    I wish I could be such troll.

    We just wish that you will remain Lava. It’s pretty OP - even in my book.

    Ps. Thanks for all your contributions- we hope that you somehow will find the strength to carry on

  • teodar1teodar1 Member Posts: 10
    Does a spell have at least -2 penalty to saves? If not, with scs it is indeed useless. Hold , command, curse, priest domination unlike a wiz one, cloak of fear fall into this category. 9 out of 10 times they do nothing. Spell revision nerfs malison's malus to 2, so no hope there. His cleric spells do not supplement his wiz slots - because the muilticlass splits the xp. Cleric/mage main feature is cleric spells with long cast times in triggers and contingencies - doom+curse trigger, tripple bolt of glory trigger, heal contingency, tripple gate chain contingency and other such fine slices of cheese. A mage's hp is irrelevant - it is always less than what double incoming damage does, hence you rely on using protections to take no damage at all. Nobody remotely important uses normal weapons. Otherwise, yes it would have been cute with protection form magic weapons. His trasformation + (tenser's + improved haste + sth else nice) trigger turns him into a nice fire resistant fighter. For a limited time and at a rep cost. Compare that with a regular fighter mage - prot from fire + fire shield red for the fire immunity and dualwielding and fighter levels + specialisation for the attacks. Hephernaan has no advantage in that scenario. Maybe allow free abishai form in dungeons/eveil aligned cities (sahuagin town and ust natha) and remote outdoor areas?

    What we are left with is the item system which i have yet to try and his book. So you can rest in avernus aka pocket plane in shadows of amn, that surely is op. For no reload playthroughs, in spellhold and the mind flayer underdark dungeon that is, everywhere else you are free to go back to an inn. Or if you play with limited rest house rules, in which case, fair enough, he is actually a must have.

    Also, please note that i have nothing bad to say about the story/quest/item/area selection/recolour aspects. I have not played with him yet, but based on your other mods i've played - colors of infinity, shadow adept, innershade, the new atkathla district, ivette, oozes lounge i have great expectations. For me your writing is close to planescape torment tier, well above bg2 standards.

    Frankly i was feeling salty precisely because i was looking forward to him a bit too much. Blame his glorious portrait for that ^^

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    Just to clarify: I do not use mods like SCS, Spell Revisions, et cetera, because I'm not really into building complex strategies to deal with certain enemies and I play/create mods with stories in mind. Thus yes - if you use mods that change weakens spells and improve enemies (especially resistances) then some of these spells are going to become less useful. However, I am also not going to write my mods with SCS, Spell Revisions and other such mods in mind. Not because I am against such mods, but simply because there are too many variables and you can't just make a mod work smoothly with every single mod (specially tweaks). Or at least that's too much for me. So, when I play, I find these spells useful.

    What may be actually a nice idea is being able to turn into Abishai form without penalty in dungeons. I think I like the idea, but I must check how I actually coded that part. That may make it harder to balance the reputation to keep certain characters, BUT perhaps if such change is allowed in dungeons... that would be okay, as there are only few NPCs you join under such circumstances and you can still use it before the delve into a dungeon.

    As for everything else: well, you just must see if you like it and it's OK if you don't. There are mods I made and even I am not a fan of them. For example T'viy. I think it could be soooo much better... So it's okay if you do not like Hephernaan. Perhaps it should become a well known fact that he works better without SCS and some other mods. It's still fine :)

    So check it out and if you do not enjoy it. What I may change are:
    -fixing HLA
    -taking a look into Abishai form penalty being free of reputation loss in dungeon areas,
    -adding a tiny (but a really tiny) bonus to his class so people fet he got something more

    ...and obviously all bugs should be fixed. Remember many of the new items come with a big price (like perma -2 HP for PC, and greatest items require ability score payment, BUT some items you can get are quite powerful - one of the items include: check spoiler)
    a special item that can corrupt holy items - including Keldor's sword, if Keldor's dead, but... also some other quite recognized and remembered items

    I can't say when the new version will be released, because right now I am working on another NPC that will be brought back to BG2EE. And the number of mods that could use an update is starting to scare me...

    @StummvonBordwehr - thank you for your kind words! I wish I knew how to use time magic, though, and get some more time and help with updates.

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,266
    As an aside SCS doesn't really touch saving throws, that's against the philosophy of the mod as I understand it. There are occasional exceptions in individual components, but specifically in BG2 it seems rare (in BG1several of the components add a few levels to specific enemies).

    It's true that regardless of SCS spells without a saving throw penalty start feeling relatively weak in BG2.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    As I said, I may need a moment to get to that mod. I am already dying under a pile of updates.

  • teodar1teodar1 Member Posts: 10
    Lava, tnx for taking the time to reply. Its fine to balance for vanilla, i was getting a bit narrow sighted with my assumptions for most people's mod config.

    Ammar, it gives them potions - sometimes its potion of invulnerability, other times straight up clarity or freedom. In the latter case a penalty to saves wont even help, now that i think about it. :D

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,040
    edited October 3
    @teodar1 - I had problems with writing dialogues for the other mod today, so I prepared a new version of Hephernaan. What's new in 2.2:

    -Fixed HLA bug (he may no longer take cleric's HLA, but gains 4 new unique options)
    -Changing into Hephernaan's original form does not lower reputation is he's in a dungeon
    -Additional bonuses when in the original form: +2 Strength and +1 Constitution
    -Updated kit description (his race abilities are mentioned in the description: Dimension Door, Animate Dead)
    -Fixed ToB script (reputation loss upon change to his natural form now works properly in ToB)
    -Included README in the tp2

    Probably not everything you'd like to see, but I think it should be somehow more enjoyable to some now.

    Special thanks to @kjeron for consultation! :)

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