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BGII:EE and IWD:EE are back on Google Play



  • DonCzirrDonCzirr Member Posts: 115
    Pirrie wrote: »
    DonCzirr wrote: »
    ( See Harebrain Schemes total abandonment of ShadowRun mobile)

    Harebrain have a very small team and are concentrating on the games they are making right now according to one of their staff I spoke with.

    Although they have not said anything about relaunching Shaddowrun in the future, it is not beyond the realms of possibility as most of the work has already been done.

    Looking at their company photo versus Beamdog, it seems they have as much staff or more.

    I found their answers to be very flippant as they merrily skipped off to play with their giant robots - that there was a PC version (of ShadowRun) still functional so I should play that.

    Well - as I am 99% a mobile player, that did nothing for me and I was still down 4 purchases.

    Beamdog was delayed in their response and got involved with other high priority projects but they never completely dropped their support like HBS.

    HBS will never again see another digital dollar from me.

    As for Beamdog - I am hoping they will remember their mobile customer base as they take on new projects / products.

  • SidewinderSidewinder Member Posts: 1
    Well I must commend beamdog, it took some time but they have returned the games and I will continue to purchase their products. Harebrained Schemes on the other hand are swine. They took the game from the app store and have made no attempt nor showed any interest in returning it.

  • AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
    Thank you for bringing back the games. I downloaded BG2:EE and IWD:EE in all haste.

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