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Your Class!

I'm so I since I emitted that I do like to imagine forum members, (mostly those I tend to have shared more than one actual conversation with) as PC in faerun and the forgotten realms I figured I'll start this topic.

I've decided I'll make this a little pet project, for when I get too depressed yo working on my comic (which seems to be every day now).

So here is the question, what is your...


For fun ill sketch it, or do a full illustration, or just a portrait.

Things to note:
This is a little side project for me, how fast I update depends on life, work, commissions, and whether not I'm going through yet another 'i give up drawing" episode.

So I think I've included everything. Also, no I'm not counting specific items from the game or dnd lore. That would require more research than I'm willing to do on my part. I do welcome small specific details, (scar on the face, or missing limbs), but lets not get crazy.

*braces for the hundred arm giant request.*



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