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RP: Winter's Valley-Chapter 1



  • ashafetovashafetov Member Posts: 230
    I think, you can, but Colden the Lorekeeper is ranked higher, so you can call him "hey, you" , "captain", "captain Nareth" or just "Nareth". I think it totally corresponds the common etiquette and subordination.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    edited June 2019
  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    edited June 2019
  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,105
    Sus'Ann stood up dumbfounded seeing the regenerating gnome.
    "Well, it seems my help is not needed here. That must have still hurt however. Are you well enough?"

  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,741
    "What? Are you serious? You do not know where they are?" The gnome sounds demoralised.

    "Nevermind, I will find them out soon, and you, yes you! You will help me find them! I know you want to help me, because I know that you know that you will be rewarded. Yes!"

    The gnome adds delightfully: "Oooooo, this will be the best picnic trip ever!"

    He then notices Jirt who's injured.

    "Ah, I see the sword weilding minion has been overpowered. Let's see if we have something to bring him back up!"

    He brings out a small purple pouch with glittering stars on it, loosens its strings, and tries to pull out something.....

  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,741
    The gnome holds up the yellow plate with the golden chain, and looks at it with a questioning frown. After deciding that it is yet another toy, useless to his purposes, he says:

    "Now, which of you Minions want another shiny little toy?"

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    Sounds good, @ashafetov I’ll wait a bit for your character to catch up. Then I’ll advance the story.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,248
    Colden looks appreciatively on Lagrord for taking the yellow card and gives him a nod. "Good thinking, my boy." He thinks to himself.

    "So, is everyone ok? We should continue what we started and check out the remaining passage ways before we head down the main hallway. If nothing else, let's make sure nothing can surprise us from behind as we move further into the depths."
    I think this is the third time I try to move us into the next passageway @mashedtaters! :D:D

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