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Saved game crashes on rest

benndakbenndak Member Posts: 3
edited May 8 in Troubleshooting
I've got a savegame here which crashes whenever I try to rest. This is a new bug but it's one which evaded me for a few hours so I don't really know when it started or what exactly causes it. I've already tried disabling movies. I have no bags of holding causing issues. I already tried changing the rendering options and not alt-tabbing.

It must be save related, because starting a new one or loading all the way back to the beginning of chapter 2 lets me rest without issue. Please help me out!

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,013
    Hello! Please change the renderer in Options - Graphics - and try again.

  • benndakbenndak Member Posts: 3
    Hi; like I mentioned in the OP, it doesn't seem to have any effect when I do that. I finally figured out how to attach files though so the savegame + crash dump files are now up there if that helps.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,397
    Hi @benndak, I loaded the game and had no problems resting. I have uploaded the 'rested' version just to see if that changed anything in your game... open up and try to rest again.

    If it does, it may have been just a little niggle... and things might progress on from this point.

    If it doesn't, then it is likely to be a driver issue. Are you running on Window 10 at all? If so, they have recently had an update patch which may have overwritten your graphics drivers. You could run DXDIAG (from your commmand prompt to see what is happening. If you need a hand, just ask here. If you want, you can upload the DXDIAG report, and I can take a look and see if there are any problems.

    When requesting help, would you be able to advise on which game it is (it was initially crashing my BG1EE game on start, so I thought that it might have been a corrupt saved game), whether you have any mods installed etc, and what operating system you are using?


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 581
    I don't believe it has anything to do with drivers or the like. The .DMP shows that it is a crash in the Interact() script action. I have tested and confirmed that if the Interact() action is passed an invalid object, it will crash the game. Also, it appears that the game is modded, as there are invalid items in the inventory.

    @benndak: Since Gusinda and I don't crash when we load up your save, I can only assume it is a mod-script that is causing the damage. If you are indeed running a modded game, can you please upload your WeiDU.log?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,397
    Hi @Bubb, may I ask what you are using to look at the .dmp? I have tried various diagnostic applications with no success...


  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,900
    If you can rest without crashing only while everyone is already at full health, it is likely crashing when attempting to cast healing spells on rest.
    If a memorized spell has an unsupported opcode or more than 255 effects in a single ability, it will crash, both of which would indicate mods.

  • benndakbenndak Member Posts: 3
    Hi all, thanks for the replies. Sorry for the lack of info in the topic, I posted it really late at night haha. It is indeed BG2EE. I've attached the WEIDU log - I used BWP, so there's a bunch of stuff and most of it I hadn't ever used before 'cause I was curious about it. That said I'm not even using the custom NPCs or any modded items or spells beyond the Tweak Pack, plus it crashes with or without changing the rendering options + disabling rest until healed. Is there any way to tell what the broken interact is trying to act on so I can remove it? Like I said, I can load a (much) earlier version of this save and it still works, and I haven't changed anything mod-wise.

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,900
    benndak wrote: »
    disabling rest until healed.
    This only prevents the game from forcing you to rest multiple times until every one is fully healed.
    The initial "Heal on Rest" still occurs, and I don't think there is any way to disable it, aside from having everyone at full health.

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