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PC most likely to survive

ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 294
I was wondering which race and class is most likely to survive the saga on a no reload challenge.

Cleric/mage is probably my top pick once they get going due to magic protections, contingencies and the range of magic options, you will be weak at the start though and can not get shorty saving throws.

Gnome F/I seems a powerful choice due to the magic protections and gnome saves. Attack power is also a great form of defence.

Dwarven defender had great hp, powerful saves and damage reduction.

What do you think?


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 603
    If you mean a no-reload completionist challenge, then I'd favor someone who can cast spell immunity. If you are going all the way through to the end of ToB then I'd add spike traps to the list which would narrow things down to a thief/illusionist or a fighter/mage/thief, though in terms of raw defensive capabilities it's hard to top a cleric/mage.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 294
    Good points, thanks!

    I had envisaged playing with a party so could cover the thief base with someone else and was more looking for the pc that is unlikely to go down unless the whole party is wiped, as it is only you that gets the game over (though it is a bit flimsy that you can raise Imoen).

    The thief point is interesting as my preference is for the good npcs but then you lack a high level thief. To survive at high level it may be necessary to tolerate Jan 😳

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,825
    i would say that in a no reload what really matter is the knowledge of the player and him being not lazy.

    i am not a no reloader, but in many cases when charname or a npc die is because i skip some buff, potion or other preparation to the fight that would have saved me in that situation.

    i would say that every arcane caster is rock solid if there is also a cleric in the party, as the divine protections are mostly on target or on party/aoe, while many arcane (spell immunity, stoneskin and the rest) are on self.
    also to have good saving throws helps, races and class combinations that boost them should be preferred.

    for a soloer it is different, as the class affects what he can do, the tools he has, while in the party, a well balanced one, as long as charname can protect himself well and cover a specific role is set to try a no reload.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 336
    I’d agree that a high level thief is very important in TOB, so Jan and/or Hexxat are invaluable if the PC can’t provide these skills and traps.

    Certain battles like Ilasaera and her goons become a breeze with a few spike traps.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 4,669
    edited September 26
    Personally I'm biased toward the dwarf F/C. Strong all the way from Candlekeep and onwards. Though I never really play ToB, or at least not all the way through so my experience of the later dragon battles etc are very limited (I just don't like ToB at all).

    Super high DR with AoF, DoE, Hardiness
    High resists from clerical spells combined with items (shield, helmets, batista rings etc)
    Negative saves from +5 shortie saves and the amazing combo of fighter and clerical saving throw bonuses from level up

    Overall just a very tanky character from the get-go who also dish out enough damage to take out foes quickly. Yes, I know many ppl loves mages and the arcane defenses, but with a high HP pool, high resistances and saving throws that let you negate many spells cast on you, you can tank stuff instead of having ie Immunity. Also quite non-reliant on sleeping or ie Wish cheese. Paladins offer quite similar possibilities with their saving throws from their class, magic resist from Carsomyr etc, but I prefer shorties and the versatility you get from the clerical spell list.

    A gnome fighter or thief/illusionist is great as well. And so is C/Ms, but for me, C/Ms are to reliant on others in the beginning since even though can protect themselves well, it takes some time before you can kill quickly enough (for me personally, usually around the time I find the first wand of fire, hehe).

    I would guess though that if this was a poll, the sorcerer would end up at the top of the list.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,562
    Dwarven Beserker are pretty survivable. With the a single ability they can make themselves immune to almost all of the worst debuffs in the game.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,825
    Imho the main problem of tanking with hp and good st in a no reload is that usually it works, but potentially a single failed save and or some unlucky dice rolls can be lethal.
    And the rage is really good, but can not be used in every possible battle.
    Relying on magic and metagame to survive in my experience fail only if i skip some step in my buffing routine.
    Some examples. A toon stunned by a flyer can be int drain killed, but a contingency with invisibility or pfmw on helpless saves you, fingerof death or flash to stone can mean game over, but not if immunity from the appropriate school is active, even with very good ac some consecutive 20 or high o hit rolls are possible, if it happens right after some adhw or high damage spell again game over.
    As i dont use maxed hp rolls on level up it affects my opinion, possibly a fighter type with good con and maxed hp has enough life to survive in unlucky situations where my fighter with less hp dies.

  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 416
    edited October 2
    I would say that for a playthrough that is being done by a veteran player, someone who has been around for years and years, but perhaps not fully studied every description (and un-mentioned effects) of spells and special skills.. a Fighter/Cleric is a very, very robust choice.
    The same goes for newer players as well.. i would only recommend Mage (multi, single or dual..) to players who have thoroughly studied how magic works in the game, and which creatures are susceptible to what.. or you'll face a lot of hit and miss and that's not an option in No Reload.

    You can stay at range and cast spells and use slings/throwing hammers, or you can go full on melee.

    What i love about F/C compared to the arguably better F/M, is that all their buffs and protections usually last for a long time.
    F/M has X amount of stoneskins, if your ac is low that stoneskin won't last very long, protection from normal/magic weapons is often described as the holy grail, but it lasts 4 rounds..
    However, the F/M does gain a significant power once he gets lvl 9 spells and timestop + greater whirlwind etc..

    The F/C gains Armor of Faith, that's 25% physical damage reduction.
    Mix that with Defender of Easthaven and Fighter Hardiness HLA, and we're looking at 85% physical resistance.. you can facetank dragons and fire giants for laughs.. and it's a reliable, easily attained and maintained way of buffing.. add on wall/globe of blades and we're talking about an unkillable meatshredder.. and if that wasn't enough, you can use Sanctuary to not get attacked at all.. whilst still being a walking, unkillable meatshredder with wall/globe of blades.

    Death wards, negative plane protection, shield of archons, chaotic commands, etc etc, dual wielding Flail of Ages and Crom.. The F/C is one of the most satisfying and easily used true powerhouses in the game and their survivability is nearly unmatched.. given you'll wear fullplate, have 19 Orc Str, 20 after BG1, 24 after hell trials and watchers keep, or just 25 with Crom, the char is a monster even unbuffed and unprotected, most of the time you can just let the bastard loose and he'll sort out the business via script.

    The Cavalier is also an extremely strong, durable and hard to kill character. Given his many damage reductions to elements, poison, disease and fear immunity, and very easily attained 50% magic resistance, you'd be looking at a character who in an unbuffed state has damage and magic protections many other class combos can't even get by buffing.. Cavs are absolutely amazing melee chars.

    Berserker->Thief is another very, very strong combo.. the berserk ability makes you immune to so many negative effects with just one button click it's not even funny.. add in Thief HLA and you'll wield carsomyr if you need to, wear all kinds of protective items and have super deadly traps etc etc..

    That's my 2 cents at least.
    Trying to come up with some alternatives to the standard of; Mages>Everything Else.

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