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Baldur's Gate Console Feedback



  • dildoswagginsdildoswaggins Member Posts: 8
    All of their games are always unplayable after first release. I remember BG on android. We have to waited for almost two years for fix and possibility to play game.
    I understand that every game could have some minor bugs but they know about critical bugs that make game impossible to play.
    I have game crash every save or location change. It’s common know bug. They didn’t fix it from premiere on switch
  • VnavekulVnavekul Member Posts: 181
    Just because I'm curious and I can't understand why I'm not reading about this: if you're opening and closing the map on, for instace, Candlekeep's exterior. Is it smooth or stuttery? It feels like I'm playing the game on an Pentium IV. Switch version.
  • dildoswagginsdildoswaggins Member Posts: 8
    edited August 17
    I have the same. I played BG for first time in Celeron 333 mhz in 2002 and it was smooth…
  • VnavekulVnavekul Member Posts: 181
    I do have to say I find it very bad that nobody is even responding to this from any Beamdog capacity. How can you let a product be like this? Last time I'm ever throwing money at you guys.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,464
    I responded 10 days ago. Sorry that I don't have any other info atm.
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