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SoD is severely underrated (Finally finished it)

This game deserves much better reviews than it got, in my opinion. I absolutely loved it. While BG2 will always be near perfection in my mind, and easily my favorite game of all time, SoD still was able to bring new things to the table, and most of writing / dialogue I thought was incredibly good. I had a harder time making dialogue choices in SoD than I think I have in any other RPG before. The game definitely had me believing that my choices really mattered, and I was completely immersed. I already want to go through the game again so I can experience the banter, dialogue, and quests with the NPCs I left behind.

I played through the game on insane difficulty, and I was very impressed with how difficult the last battle was on this setting. I think I ended up having three of my party members die before the battle was over... I'd like to tackle the game on LoB difficulty, but I'm thinking I will have to make a full custom party to even have a chance of being able to win.

I recorded my whole play-through and have been putting the videos on youtube, if for some weird reason anyone wants to waste time watching it :P. I mostly just put it up there for myself, though. (Haven't finished uploading all the videos yet)



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