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General BGEE Customization Pre V2.0

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SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

1. Enabling the CLUA Console

C:\User\My Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition
Open up the Baldur.ini with a text editor. I suggest ConTEXT as its free and will also enable you to easily edit scripts too.

Add these lines 'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1', You can put it right at the top if you like
CREATE TABLE options (
section string,
name string,
value string
'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
**NOTE** If you are having trouble getting Vista/7/8 to recognise or keep your changes... try either changing the system permissions on the INI file, or another method is to copy out the INI file to your desktop (or wherever), make your edits then save. Verify they are in there, then drop back into your Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition folder and 'replace' the existing one.

Start up your game and either create a new game or load a save. Hit Ctrl+Space
This will bring up a window where you need to type in the following:

Console commands were prefaced by CLUAConsole:, but now begin with C:

Useful Console Commands

C:ExploreArea() Set current area to fully explored

C:SetCurrentXP("[Number]") Set XP for selected characters
Example - C:SetCurrentXP("1000") will SET the current character at 1000 experience points.

C:AddGold("[Number]") Sets the party gold
Example - C:AddGold("1000") will give the party 1000 gold.

C:CreateItem("[Item name]") Creates an item in the leaders inventory
Example - C:CreateItem("SW1H01") will create a long sword.

C:CreateItem("[item]", [number]) sets the amount of charges that an item will have upon spawning it- if the item has charges anyway.
Example -
C:CreateItem("POTN08", 10) will create 10 potions of cure light wounds.
C:CreateItem("amul17", 50) to get a Greenstone Amulet with 50 charges
C:CreateItem("scrl75",99) 99 Identify Scrolls

For quest and other items, you can do an internet search. This Item List; looks fairly complete. Remind me to add in the new BGEE items.

C:CreateCreature("[CRE FILE]") Spawn a creature
Example - C:CreateCreature("GIBBER") will create a gibberling using GIBBER.CRE

C:MoveToArea("[Area Name]") Move selected characters to an area
Example - C:MoveToArea("AR2300") will move the player to the Friendly Arms Inn.
From @CamDawg - A list of area codes is available as part of the IESDP; use the original BG area codes.

C:WriteScript("[Directory Name]") Output scripts to directory
Note: If the mouse is over a creature, the command will evaluate the scripts attached to that creature. Otherwise it will evaluate the area scripts.
Example - C:WriteScript("DebugScripts") will output the script results to a folder called DebugScripts in the root of your BG install.

C:SetGlobal("CHAPTER", "GLOBAL", [Chapter Number]) : Advance to Chapter X
Example - C:SetGlobal("CHAPTER", "GLOBAL", 2) Would advance to Chapter 2

C:GetGlobal("CHAPTER", "GLOBAL", [Chapter Number]) : Advance to Chapter X
Example - C:GetGlobal("CHAPTER", "GLOBAL", 2) Will display current GLOBAL setting

C:Eval("action") : execute a scripting action. Note that any quotes in the action itself need to have a "\" before them. A list of available script actions can be found in the IESDP.
Example - C:Eval("ActionOverride(\"Cernd\",MoveGlobal(\"AR0406\",Myself,[1368.1922]))") Will move Cernd to the specified location.

C:Exec("filename") : executes a series of console commands contained in the file specified by filename, where filename is in the game directory
Example - C:Eval("test.txt") Will execute all the commands in the file test.txt

Cheat Keys:

CTRL + X - Show [x,y] coordinates of mouse and current area in the Dialog window.
CTRL + F : Change Selected face position
CTRL + S/A : Change Selected Animation Sequence
CTRL + I/L : Play Selected Animation effect on Selected
CTRL + C - Display SoA/ToB Epilogue GUI (Do Not Use)
CTRL + J : teleports selected party members to position under cursor
CTRL + Q : auto-recruit creature under cursor into party
CTRL + R : insta-restores any creature under cursor- also removes any effects
CTRL + Y : insta-kills creature under cursor
CTRL + T : Advances game time by 1 hour
CTRL + P : Center screen Selected
CTRL + G - Display loaded area ref
CTRL + M/Enter : Display current info about your location
CTRL + N : Freeze screen for 5 seconds
CTRL + 1 - Display Selected Animation armour level
CTRL + 3 - Fade Screen to black
CTRL + 5 - Display Selected current Animation frame/Sequence
CTRL + 6/7 : Change Selected animation
CTRL + 8 : During Character Creation this will set all attributes to 18 (STR 18/00)

I hijacked some of @KeithS stuff and added more.

2.INI Config Settings

You can disable the colored foot circles by editing your Baldur.ini with this setting:
'Game Options', 'Color Circles', '0',

You can now change the FPS settings in the Baldur.ini. This entry already exists as of the 09 patch. *NOTE: Anything higher than what I have listed below will result in destroying the game cutscenes. If you are okay with that, go ahead. Bug reports for broken cutscenes resulting from changing to higher FPS than what I have confirmed to work will be closed.
'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '35',

3.Using Custom Scripts

Custom scripts can be assigned to your character via the 'Customize" button in your Character Sheet.

Modding sites such as G3, SHS and Pocket Plane have scripts that you can download and use for your player.

Navigate to this folder and place your scripts below to use in-game:
\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\scripts

You can also use 'Hotkey' scripts to accomplish single or multiple actions that will save you time.
To use 'Hotkey' scripts:
1 - Assign the script to your character.
2 - Back in game hit the appropriate letter key when you wish to activate the script. Simple.
3 - You can use the key as many times as you like.
4 - When finished, unassign the script via the 'Customize' screen by assigning ""

For those familiar with compiling BAF to BCS, here are some examples you can paste into your text editor to compile with WeiDU, DLTCEP or NI.
Feel free to grab these and use them, change numbers or resources indicated. Have fun.

Example Cheat/Debug Scripts

Giving Experience to the party or PC


Giving Special Abilities
AddSpecialAbility("spin101") // Cure Light Wounds
AddSpecialAbility("spin104") // Larloch's Minor Drain
AddSpecialAbility("spin105") // Horror
AddSpecialAbility("spin106") // Vampiric Touch
DisplayStringHead(Myself,10315) // Ability Bonuses
Set Chapter and reveal area on map
Heading to Baldur's Gate via a hotkey cutscene
Anyone can cast a spell
ForceSpellRES("SPWI502",NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) // Cloudkill

4.Custom Portraits

Will link to this thread. It has all the correct info.

Overriding Core Portraits

Some people have wanted to know how this is done. Simply take your custom portrait set and rename them exactly to an existing name. Once that is done, put them in the OVERRIDE! Not the Portraits folder.


Here I am using the no-name guy to override the ALORA portrait set: ALORAS, ALORAM and ALORAL
Then I can simply select is like a normal portrait. Hope this helps.

5.Custom Soundsets

****Note: Soundsets are not currently working properly. Will leave the instructions below for now until we can discover a fix.

For those wishing to use some BG2 soundsets in addition to what was shipped, it is not too hard.

- Extract the soundset you want to use with any of a number of tools from BG2 (NI, DLTCEP, WinBIFF, etc)
- Rename the next to the last character to 7. ie: FEMALE2A becomes FEMALE7A
- Do this for the entire series of sounds A-Z
- Drop into your \Data\00766\lang\en_US\sounds (or whichever language folder your game uses)
- Start up the game -> Character Record page -> Customize -> Sounds -> Select FEMALE7 -> Done -> Done

If you would like to add in a custom listing for your sound, you can check out this; thread from @dib

Customization Mod

Here is a link to the Customization Mod that will do almost everything above for you except for editing the INI.

More stuff to come.
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  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,437
    Two nitpicks:
    Cuv said:

    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[Number]") Set XP for selected characters
    Example - CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("1000") will give the current character/party 1000 experience points.

    To clarify, this will set the current character to this XP amount, not increase it. I.e. if you use SetCurrentXP("1000") on a character with 2500 XP it will reduce the total to 1000.
    Cuv said:

    CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("[Area Name]") Move selected characters to an area
    Example - CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR2300") will move the player to the Friendly Arms Inn.

    A list of area codes is available as part of the IESDP; use the original BG area codes.
  • MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
    Cheers @Cuv, Clua Console opened for me with Ctrl+M too :p
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    Time to get 18 in all stats like a noob.
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    Cool, thanks @CamDawg... part of that I copied from @KeithS post:D Will edit it.
    @Mornmagor... after you hit Ctrl+M hit enter. Should edit that in.
  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 310
    edited November 2012
    not as straightforward as the infamous Skyrim ' ² ' key, and full list of possible params.. but not bad at all, nice)
    .. i will now just love to know if there are, well hidden somewhere, some params also to modify eventually the stats points, proficiencies, thieves % and the like, for the PC (single play)... to replace nicely a shadowkeeper of old (i tried the old one..seems not to work with new chr/sav..), just to have the possibility to correct basic errors during the creation steps of unknown new builds/classes..simple basic operations like readjusting F/D/C/etc stats, to correct assignment errors ununderstood during the creations (not adding points, just readjusting errors, same totals, just in case.. :) ).. just not to have to start all over if we discover we never use or never as intended such or such initial stats.. :)
  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    What kilroy said. I thought this was going to be a list of .ini options! :)

    ...Does such a list exist?
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @Jalily I will get to those soon... at least the ones I know. Can keep updating as we learn new ones.
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @CamDawg, @Avenger_teambg, @Aosaw or anyone else. If you know or see something that should be here, post it and I will add it to the top.
  • junk11junk11 Member Posts: 117
    edited November 2012
    I think you missed the CTRL+8 cheat for almighty Bhaalspawn

    (give you 18/00 or 18 for each stat in character creation)
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @junk11 Ah yes! forgot about that one for Character Creation.. will add it!
  • DuronDuron Member Posts: 117
    edited November 2012
    The only option I am looking for is how to replace party portraits with our custom ones. I tried the old way with Override folder but either getting a buggy show of it, or not working


    NVM... somehow it got up and running. Ah well, Yey for me.
  • TieDye_AdeptTieDye_Adept Member Posts: 9
    @Aosaw had closed a thread that I think was not quite the same as what's being discussed here, I think we were having trouble getting an edited baldur.ini file to stay edited it kept restoring to default without storing the "debug mode" line. I'm not sure if this is a windows 8 issue as that seems to be one difference between my system and those who are succeeding and running on windows xp/vista/7. If anyone is in a similar boat, try changing the file security settings to deny the system permission to modify your .ini file
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    edited November 2012
    @Duron Did you resize your portraits to the new dimensions/resolution? To 'replace' the core ones, drop them in your override... not the portraits folder.

    Will add this to the Portrait section under the other link
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @TieDye_Adept Yes, I saw that... I think its a Vista/Win7/8 issue with permissions too. The easiest step to do it is to copy out the ini.. edit it. Then throw it back in and replace the existing one. Will add that info and yours.
  • DuronDuron Member Posts: 117
    Cuv said:

    @Duron Did you resize your portraits to the new dimensions/resolution? To 'replace' the core ones, drop them in your override... not the portraits folder.

    Will add this to the Portrait section under the other link

    It wasn't about the size of portraits, it was about the override folder itself. I am still not 100% sure where the folder is supposed to be so I made 4 of them.

    One in documents, one in root game folder, one in data folder and one in 00766 folder.

    It didn't work when it was in root folder and documents folder so I guess it has to be one of the remaining two. Kind of weird considerign that for custom portraits to work it had to be in documents folder. Like I said, don't mind, it's not like those override files take a lot of computer space anyway.
  • MageKing17MageKing17 Member Posts: 3
    When you get around to soundsets, I have a question; the sndlist.txt in the /sounds/ folder lists the classic Baldur's Gate soundset definitions (s-v being Rare Selected 1-4), but BG:EE is based on the BG2:ToB engine, and BG2 soundsets changed a few things (s-v being Action Acknowledgement 4-7, plus a whole mess of new sounds). Does BG:EE restore BG1 behavior for some reason, or is the sndlist.txt just plain wrong, and the BG2 soundset style is unchanged? I tried just throwing a soundset from BG2 into the /sounds/ folder to find out, but it didn't work right (no sound played on selection, only one acknowledgement played).
  • junk11junk11 Member Posts: 117
    the correct location for override folder is under 00766
    so it should be like "00766/overrider/IMOENL.BMP",IMOENM.BMP,IMOENS.BMP...etc
    remember BG1&BG2 use different names for the same NPC (Overhaul didn't combine them)

    but if you want portraits for you custom characters then you need to put it in my documents' BGEE with "Portraits" name folder
  • KarkullKarkull Member Posts: 7
    thanky!!! is there a Item list for if I want to add a Item that is lost?
  • Arsene_LupinArsene_Lupin Member Posts: 181
    Would someone mind posting the instructions for getting Shadowkeeper to work with BGEE? I saw it in one thread here, but then closed thee tab and I haven't been able to find it again.
  • KarkullKarkull Member Posts: 7
    I keep getting this msg after putting in the commands.

    lua: call expression not a fuction
    Active stack:
    Active stack:

    what am I doing wrong?
  • KarkullKarkull Member Posts: 7
    ARGH!! I have found my Mistake!!! 8D
  • AndtalathAndtalath Member Posts: 23
    I hope you'll enable the AI updates per second option.
    That one is sorely missing for an old BG-fan such as myself.
  • ParysParys Member Posts: 186
    Does exist any way to change resolution in-game only?
  • theJoshFrosttheJoshFrost Member Posts: 171
    The console isn't working for me. Is there a certain place that it has to be in the file?

    I need it to create Officer Vai, cause she isn't appearing.
  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
    Cuv said:

    'Game Options', 'Color Circles', '0',

    Oh my, thank you so much! That really, really bugged me. I couldn't tell which party members I had selected most of the time.
  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,054

    You need to remember to copy your saves back and forth after each change. I'd suggest reading on from that post for more details.
  • thekingsownthekingsown Member Posts: 8
    can someone post a completed baldurs.ini file?

    mines all messed up :(
  • ibitatoibitato Member Posts: 64
    CREATE TABLE options (
    section string,
    name string,
    value string
    INSERT INTO options ROWS (
    'Graphics', 'OpenGL Version', '1',
    'Window', 'Full Screen', '0',
    'MOVIES', 'INTRO', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Footsteps', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Memory Level', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Mouse Scroll Speed', '36',
    'Game Options', 'GUI Feedback Level', '5',
    'Game Options', 'Locator Feedback Level', '3',
    'Game Options', 'Bored Timeout', '3000',
    'Game Options', 'Always Dither', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Subtitles', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Keyboard Scroll Speed', '36',
    'Game Options', 'Command Sounds Frequency', '2',
    'Game Options', 'Selection Sounds Frequency', '3',
    'Game Options', 'Effect Text Level', '62',
    'Game Options', 'Infravision', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Weather', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Tutorial State', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Attack Sounds', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Auto Pause State', '1184',
    'Game Options', 'Auto Pause Center', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Difficulty Level', '2',
    'Game Options', 'Quick Item Mapping', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Environmental Audio', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Heal Party on Rest', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Terrain Hugging', '0',
    'Game Options', 'HP Over Head', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Critical Hit Screen Shake', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Hotkeys On Tooltips', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Area Effects Density', '100',
    'Game Options', 'Duplicate Floating Text', '1',
    'Game Options', 'Tiles Precache Percent', '100',
    'Game Options', 'Pausing Map', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Extra Feedback', '0',
    'Game Options', 'Filter Games', '1',
    'Game Options', 'All Learn Spell Info', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Font Name', '',
    'Program Options', 'Double Byte Character Support', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Drop Capitals', '1',
    'Program Options', '3D Acceleration', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '60',
    'Program Options', 'Path Search Nodes', '32000',
    'Program Options', 'Tooltips', '60',
    'Program Options', 'Translucent Shadows', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Sprite Mirror', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Gamma Correction', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Brightness Correction', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Backwards Compatible 3d', '0',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Movie', '90',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Music', '40',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Voices', '100',
    'Program Options', 'Volume Ambients', '40',
    'Program Options', 'Volume SFX', '80',
    'MOVIES', 'REST', '1',
    'Window', 'x', '14',
    'Window', 'y', '12',
    'Window', 'w', '1400',
    'Window', 'h', '1050',
    'Window', 'Maximized', '1'
    beware w,h and window settings
  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 310
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[Number]") Set XP for selected characters
    Example - CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("161000") will SET the current character at 161000 experience points.

    --> Just tested - Working great, excellent to quickly test chars evolutions at the max cap BG1EE possible, especially for dualclass/multi tests purposes, very nice [just got the confirmation that will NOT be easy for a low level blade, before BG2EE.. 3 spins D/F ok at lvl10, only 4 proficiencies at lv10 for ex ..dual+distance weapons switch problematic, and not sure a special low level blade elven armor is available in BG1EE, for spells at same time, etc..and confirmation no dual class possible with it either..arf). Anyway, excellent console code implementation page, thx - very useful. :)

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