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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,368
    @Gate70 Congrats on finishing off Sarevok.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829

    Frost the Breton Mage: No-Reload Legendary Mode Run of Skyrim Redone

    Part 12

    To the Throat of the World! We read the Elder Scroll at the Time Wound or something and peer into the past, allowing us to learn the Shout using to defeat Alduin.

    Alduin, apparently realizing what's going on, arrives on the scene to kill us. We use the Dragonrend Shout, forcing Alduin to land (unlike other dragons, he can remain skyborne and therefore immortal).

    Alduin blasts us with his breath weapon, but the Breath Ward spell and several potions of resistance and healing keep us at high health, allowing us to slip over to his side under Slow Time and start using the Arrowhail perk to deal exponential damage.

    We take Alduin down to zero health, but he takes flight and instantly recovers all of it. It's not strictly fair, and I'm not sure this is normal behavior, but we can force him to land using Dragonrend again and drink another Slow Time potion to kill him a second time.

    But Alduin cannot be slain here; only defeated. He flees the scene, and we have no idea where he went. Luckily, our dragon friend Parthuurnax has an idea: if we capture one of Alduin's followers and interrogate him, we can find out where Alduin fled. There's only way to trap a dragon: use the hall at Dragonsreach, which was designed for just that purpose long ago. The local Jarl, though, doesn't like the idea of luring a dragon to his home.

    Balgruuf is willing to help us out, though, if we negotiate a truce to hold off the civil war for the time being. Once that lengthy chore is out of the way, we call the dragon Odahviing to Dragonsreach. He gets distracted by Lydia, though, and refuses to walk into the trap.

    We fire a bunch of arrows at Odahviing until he dies, is instantly restored to full health, and finally chases after us. We drop the trap on him.

    Odahviing reveals that Alduin has fled to Sovngarde, the afterlife of the Nords, but there is a portal to Sovngarde at the faraway Skuldafn Temple. The only way to reach the temple is by air, but Odahviing fortunately happens to have little faith in Alduin's leadership, and agrees to betray Alduin by letting us ride him to the temple--rather than simply shaking us off in midair and letting Frost fall to her death.

    We only have a single dungeon, albeit an extremely difficult one, before Alduin and the end of the game.
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    Scourge said:

    I even faced bugged summonings that gave us no xp (but I do not know, are you supposed to get xp from enemy summons?

    No - you don't get XP from killing either your own or enemy summons.
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    @Flashburn I was checking your no-reload and frankly I'm unapologetic.

    I was reading your posts and you are using a custom kit. That wouldn't be a reason of disconcern, until you see that you are actually using - or should I say (ab)using - the game in such a way to make the challenge void and empty :

    > You use a warlock custom kit with not only native spells (doubt many including me knows their effects) but that can learn spells from scrolls - that could be ok, until you see you use it to render void all the challenge, given that you actually buy spells just to level up and use a tweak that improves the amount gained by xp comparable to bg2
    > The amount of xp could be tolerated, provided that you didn't have god stats out of an auto-roll >.<
    > the warlock kit you use has custom items for a warlock ( I'm on the edge for this too given that these could be extremely unbalancing as well)
    > you seem to add yourself xp based on who knows what

    And in the end it seems like you reached level 19 in a game where your opponent, Sarevok, is level 15.

    To be honest I find your run extremely weird
  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    I'd like too for the images to be put in spoilers marks please! :smile:
    Otherwise it makes scrolling the page quite long.

    I think the extra XP from @Flashburn is from learning spells from scrolls, but I'm not sure as Warlocks can't learn spells AFAIK.

    All these runs are very good! Good luck to everyone playing here.

    I played the game once again for the first time in two years, on a heavily modded setup (thanks to the BWS). But my character (a M/C) suddenly died for no reason while walking in the wilderness with his party, I tried to recreate the bug but to no avail. Because the character was still very early in to the game, I chose to delete it and to start anew, but I'm not decided yet on what to play.
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