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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



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    Blackraven wrote: »
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    Incidentally, his rod of resurrection is, a bit surprisingly, usable by wizard slayers - though it contravenes my personal item-based healing restriction so was just sold anyway,
    Grond0 wrote: »
    I went on to kill a few beholders with the help of Balduran's Shield, but had failed to learn Bhaal CLW in BG1 and was therefore unable to get the quest to open up the main beholder area.
    Would the rod of resurrection work on the demon apparition so that you can continue the quest? (Or would it violate your restriction on the use of healing items?)

    The latter - the rod would work, but I don't allow it. I expect I would at least consider bending my rules if I thought the game was at fault. I've done that for instance by allowing Caelar to join me in the fight against Belhifet, as it seems to me by far the most likely option that she would fight him independently given the chance (that's a possibility if you have a full party or are playing MP, but not if you have an available space in SP). Hence I allow her to join, but leave her totally controlled by her own AI as the nearest equivalent of what I think should happen.

    In this case the game is not at fault. I have the option to use Bhaal healing to do the quest, but just cocked it up - mea culpa.
  • Corearcher VI the gnomish fighter - update 2

    So I had to pay to resurrect Viconia, she resurrected Jaheira, and then the 2 of them brought back the rest of the party. I could not save all the equipment, but did get most of the important stuff. After healing up and changing our spells, I entered with PIXIE DUST We then went to far side (out of sight) and brought up some summons. With summons we avenged our previous deaths.

    Those kind of battles are common to me. :)
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    @aldain Quite a while since you posted.
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