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Is Sandrah Saga worth it?



  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,731
    edited January 2019

    (Note my own reaction to her mods dialogue logically suggested that it is superior to the Game of Thrones... if that's toxic I don't know how to be non-toxic :lol: )

    Wasn't really referring to you. Like I mentioned earlier if your barf issue was due to double standards, then sure :)

    I'm not above poking fun at other people - in fact I often enjoy doing so, - and certainly don't intend to white knight for somebody else. It's just, and this thread is not the only place, that some people really seem to have taken this situation way more seriously than it deserves.
    Mirandel said:

    Today I learned a lot about acquainted taste...

    Keep going, you're on a good track ;)

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    Had a little issue with Roxanne. She added Deities of Faerun to her megamod tool without asking permission to do so.

    Thanks to a very weird bug experimented by one player I've discovered this altered version, otherwise I would probably never know about it.

    Posted on the megamod thread asking the mod to be removed and everything was solved in 10 minutes tops.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,091
    edited January 2019
    Raduziel said:

    Had a little issue with Roxanne. She added Deities of Faerun to her megamod tool without asking permission to do so.

    It'd be easier to count the mods she did get consent for. If there even are any, besides her own that is.

    Granted, I didn't have as much of an issue with the idea of her install tool until after she started changing all the mod links to a personal Dropbox hub.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,188
    i felt very un easy about her being the one to post the first official non beta version of Ascension. i have no idea if she added anything as i have not gone through it yet.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    AionZ said:

    Raduziel said:

    Had a little issue with Roxanne. She added Deities of Faerun to her megamod tool without asking permission to do so.

    It'd be easier to count the mods she did get consent for. If there even are any, besides her own that is.

    Granted, I didn't have as much of an issue with the idea of her install tool until after she started changing all the mod links to a personal Dropbox hub.
    Honestly, if it wasn't for the bug I wouldn't care. The more people playing DoF, the better.

    The real problem is that as a WIP, I don't think DoF is ready for a megamod tool due to its constants updates (well, when it happened it was constant).

    But yeah, I do understand people who get pissed off, especially those who made NPCs/quests mods.

  • LordSithLordSith Member Posts: 7
    edited March 28
    I will answer shortly because I just spent 450 hours in a full BG-EET game with as main point, Sandrah. (spoiler: i coudln't be short. ... I spent 50 days playing it, so for me it was not "a little thing" in which i devoted not much time. I had a lot to say)

    And if I noticed things which are good, my final answer would be: don't play it if you like BG for what BG is, that is the story of the Child of Bhaal. If you are fine with disgressions and side-stories stories which become the main one and your just being their side-story, then sure go with it: it is HUGE.

    It brings so many mods together and make them feel like one big orld.

    The main and central reason I want to give is: I played a evil assassin and wanted to become a god, because it's more fun, from depart. But i soon felt I wouldn't been able.

    But I couldn't. There is (not sure yet, still discussing with mod author) no option for that. Either I'm a good god, either not a god. I cannot be a evil god.
    I even modded the thing from what I thought was an error in script... and Roxanne said to me it is an obsolete route (where you become a evil god and Mystra, sandrah and Elminster go to fight => i couldn't fight)).

    The fact that I felt forced to play like Sandrah wanted is what nailed the coffin for me. I hated that ending and much of the interactions with Sandrah. And i spent 450 hours trying to find everything i could but my final opinion is clear in this post: not a mod for me. And probably not a mod for anyone playing BG for what BG is about.

    After that main point (which is the strongest now, since I spent the whole day fixing many bugs - not done by Sandrah, I want to give credit where credit is due: compared to other mods, this mod is NOT bugged at all.) there are a lot.

    I'll quote (shortly) 3:
    - overpower. EG Sandrah has3 items with immunity to timestop at some point. EG: at the end of the game, my Sandrah had 150 innate powers per day. EG. at some points, she gained so much power she could heal the whole party at wish without cooldown. THAT IS BORING AS HELL.
    She has a DRAGON SUMMONING from the end of BG1.

    -> + her AI. Her AI overwrites ANYTHING you say. You want to 1vs1 a lich? she will play without your order.
    You want to move between traps but are hurt? her ai makes her come heal you. ... And trigger all the traps on her way. (Remember the temple of amaunator in BG2? you get my point.)

    (+ the AI of the familiars, same deal with "auto-attack" when you must do a 1vs1 mandatory fight )

    - PC and Sandrah's familiar : the wolf and the panter often appear on your character. you need to resort to ctrl+j to progress. Sometimes during a fight, they will appear on your character, you will not see, and you will die not moving, and not understanding why your precious charname remains in the center of the fight altough you urge him to move.

    It's not directly Sandrah, but it's what made me lose my time the most.

    - She is ALWAYS right. You can't end the game without being in agreement. See what I wrote before: I wanted to become a god of murder? the mod decided I couldn't. (And then, since it's probably not possible, and yet I did it, was stuck in cutscene mod without end...)
    That also means SHE KNOWS everything. She knows the plot from day 1. She spoiled BG1 ("you are a child of Bhaal!" when we learn that Sarevok is probably one...) and 2 (from the chapter 1 of BG2 when she says "Irenicus => isn't he an elf? oh maybe they exiled him") or something like that.

    There are 0 npc who disagree with her.

    Even Irenicus in the LONGER ROAD, you know, THE Irenicus, the NPC who is hard as hell to not have betraying you (imo)... is her best friend from banter 2 when he says something like "you never lied to me Sandrah"... NOOOOOOOOO.

    Edwin was in love with her (EDWIN!)
    Viconia was her best friend and lover for sometimes.

    She had 3-4 lovers in team (Sharteel, Branwen, Viconia, Ajanis but i dropped him quickly).
    The only NPc in team who said "shut up" to her is Tenya.

    Well, you get my pointt.

    There are other things:
    -> cheap things
    -> cheats in Sandrah Ai (easy resurrection from day 1, easy heal when charname is in danger, with no importance from distance or whatever)
    -> Mystra is preparing Sandrah to become a god from day one. But who cares? not me. It was obvious since our meeting and since the first day she acquired a random power by changing map.
    -> she acquires innate power /thac0bonus/hp/CON points each time a npc join or leave the team.
    -> she gains XP randomly
    -> she acquires power randomly due to time or map. You can go to a map, and when you enter "Sandrah gains a power".

    Seriously, do not play this if you want to play the Bhaal child story.

    In my previous modded BGEET game, in 2017, I knew it and didn't try the mod (which was, from memory, not yet complete at the time I installed my modded game)

    If you play this, know that you are not the main character. That is essential to enjoy. You are one of Sandrah boy/girlfriend and she takes you with her in HER adventure.

    I played for 450 hours because I like the amount of banters, what was written. But i played it once (and only the "BGEET full experience", which is very good, no question, but not the follow up as god (see what I wrote about being evil and god) nor the "time of trouble revisited" because I don't want a story where Charname is not the main hero) and will never again. That's sad.

    I would have greatly more enjoyed the mod if it was Sandrah joins Charname and not "SANDRAH THE FUTURE GODDESS meddles in charname story and then hijack the team for her needs".

    After i'd like to say something: some people here complain against Roxanne. I don't care for those issues with her.

    I have had her counselling me for more than 1 month. She was always present and helping. I may dislike Sandrah, and I explicitly said many things about what is written here on her forum. Never had she refrained me from speaking, and neither did she stop bringing me help.

    So maybe she did mistakes, or things not "right". I really don't care and I would urge people to stop those little useless ego-fights but since I don't know the whole story, i just stated my opinion about that.

    She helped me a lot, fixed a lot of issue.

    BGEET is a wonderful tool and brings a lot more than just Sandrah saga. So i'd like people to be wise and distinguish between those two things.

    to conclude: if at the end, i was able to become an evil god like I planned; and fight (and win) against Mystra, Sandrah and Elminster, i would have said the mod is not bad but it has problem.

    But I understand the author wouldn't want to put her creation (which is the very definition of a Mary Sue as already explained in other posts) in a situation where it is killed. I guess that. That's author appeal.
    But that is also why the mod was a disappointment for me.

    I guess that explanation is at the root of ALL my criticism towards the mod, except the familiar bug, which is, from what I understand, not the mod fault but BGEE recent update which destroyed something in relation to pathfinding. Helas, the mod creates the creatures and if you can put the wolf away, the panther is always with you (even ctrl+y do not kill it anymore, and if it is "killed" it reappears on the character it is attached to).

    Edit: sorry for language mistakes, English is not my prime language.

    Post edited by LordSith on
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,571
    Its just an extended Mary Sue fanfic.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,188
    and before someone says " isnt that the case for alot of npc mods?'

    most of the good npc mods fit into the setting.

    it's nice having a new punching bag for bad npc mods. saerileth has been beaten to the ground.

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