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Phase II: Fine Tuning

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited February 2014 in The Road to Android
The next build contains the following improvements:
- "Flicking" the screen now decelerates after releasing your finger, allowing you to pan the screen more quickly if desired
- If your tablet is set to a language other than English, the game will automatically set itself to that language if a translation is available
- The screen panning function now works "at speed" with your finger, rather than faster than your finger's movement
- The temple's donation screen now features a more responsive text field
- Tapping and holding on an item in your inventory will now display the item's description; tapping and holding on a character's portrait will open or close that character's inventory screen
The counter has been set back to zero. Grab the newest build and check it out!

Objectives for Testers

Move the screen around, zoom in and out, and take note of the frame rate, as well as any obvious graphical glitches. We're not looking for gameplay bugs; this build was created specifically for testing performance. You'll be limited to the Abdel pregenerated character.

Anything outside of the above parameters will display the following message and close the game: "You've wandered outside the bounds of the test. Please restart the test."

To finish the test: Talk to Gorion near the center of the map and tell him you are ready to leave, then watch the cutscene. After you finish reading the Chapter Transition text, you will see the following message:
"You've successfully completed the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition performance test! Thank you for playing!"
Our testing program allows us to track crashes and other problems; there is no need to post issues here. Please submit all other feedback through TestFlight.

When we have enough successful tests with no critical issues, we'll move on to the next phase.
Successful Tests: 172/200

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