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I found a tweak to play hardest without increased damage.

Hello there!

Those who have played IWD or IWDEE on hardest (not talking about HoF) may have noticed that pushing the slider forward may increase the number of enemies per area. You will fight 4 ogres at the orc cave, instead of one. Another case I remember is that there will be several extra trolls in dragon's eye.

I've always seen it as a another example of how considerate the developers were when it came to tactics (even more than on BG1, I must say) , because fighting those extra enemies did not make the game insanely difficult, it has actually made certain battles more fun and rewarding.

But there was the matter of double damage. A single hit from the orc archer could cause 15 damage and send your level 1 party to death's halls in a single round.

So , by investigating certain area and monster scripts , I found out the script that added these extra monsters , and edited it so I could play it on Core Rules and still get the extra challenge.

So I'm making these .bcs files available for those who may be interested in extra challenge but no extra damage, just save them on your override folder.. If you also know other tweaks that make the game more interesting/challenging, please tell us.



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