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Petition to build baths, restrooms and food stalls in Siege of Dragonspear.

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,843
edited July 2015 in Feature Requests
So far this game franchise had seen no baths, next to no restrooms and not a single tavern anywhere had *anything* to eat for their patrons. A gastronomic hell wherever you go...

The time is ripe to see some hygienic relieve facilities and full bellies, I say!

Don't look at me like that, I'm deadly serious~

Petition to build baths, restrooms and food stalls in Siege of Dragonspear. 72 votes

Yes, build baths, restrooms and food stalls.
LavaDelVortelSethDavisdvdbangsrudKamigoroshiIdahoalish74MoradinuberduberdadAstroBryGuySouthpawFinneousPJFardragontheonlypeejbooinyoureyesNecomancerjackjackFandraxxRavenslightHudzyMaxxximus 21 votes
Yes, build baths. But no restrooms, or food stalls.
Yes, build restrooms. But no food stalls, or baths.
Cuvgnaumiec 2 votes
Yes, build food stalls. But no baths, or restrooms.
dzyngisSchneidendNimran 3 votes
No, build neiter baths, restrooms, or food stalls.
deltagobob_vengElendarVitorOzzyBotkinsGallowglass 6 votes
Let's just broaden the tavern menus with additional dishes and begone with this already.
Son_of_ImoenArcaliankcwise 3 votes
Who needs baths if we just as well could have hot springs resorts?
EdvinRoanKogornNonnahswriterAlexisisinneedGirewanSmilingSwordahardi01GreenWarlockArunsun 10 votes
Eh, I'm more of a shower person myself.
jankielNoonArdul 3 votes
I demand the addition of beer gardens to cope with any damn siege!
spacejawsYupImMadBrocmk24Buttercheesesmady3WesleydoggydunbarErstarrung 9 votes
There are too many choices in this petition.
AramintaiFlashburnAvenger_teambgQuartzSixheadeddogPermidion_StarkWowoJeffDawgliciousAdulSageStarflower2525meaglothlolienGrimLefourbe 15 votes


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