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Funniest moment in BGEE for you

AnaxieAnaxie Member Posts: 79
I was playing recently with BG!NPC and Ctrl+I to get all the dialogue I could with NPCS I didn't intend to use. When I stumbled upon this vanilla gem from the EE that is Voiced.

Oh it was hilariious.

If you have Dorn and Tiax at one point Tiax shoots a charm spell at Dorn and Dorn starts laughing his ass off at Tiax. Oh it gave me quite a chuckle.

Or when Dorn is doing his DONT TRUST your friends speech where he pokes at each of the current members of the party. If Minsc is in the party his retort is quite funny.

As for BG1NPC material. Xzar and Monty are always an entertaining bunch. Monty could probably give Dorn a run as most sociopathic party member.

Quale should just probably be killed on sight. Can't stand any of his dialogue. Ajantus is to goody goody for his own good. Make fun of Mr Garbage can everytime you meet him.


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