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Hello, Ahoj!

Hello, I am here new and I want to introduce myself:
My real name is Daniela and I used my username in every site, which is Dani the angel devil, but please call me Dani. :)
I am from Slovakia living in small village Malá Bytča or Little Bytča for english translate, which belongs to Bytča District. I speak Slovak, English and also French, but I don't used so much French languge actually and I understand Czech language.
I am Baldur's Gate fan since when I was 11 or 12 and my big brother introduce the first original saga and he teach how to play and create character, which I remember I was never interested in RPG only when I was 19 and a half years old I start played. Yep, I am now 27 years old, but I still likeBaldur's Gate. And some weeks ago I start play the EE version with expansion, which I slowly play due to real life. :/
Except Baldur's Gate fan I am also fan of some books, games and anime so mostly I am Digimon fan, yep Digimon fan. :D:D:D:cold_sweat:
Um... I like draw fanarts/original arts, but mostly I like draw crazy crossover fan comic strips, which are/aren't humorious 'cause sometimes they look idiotic. :cold_sweat:
Currently I am employed as worker in factory, where I do measurement, but my former job was librarian and this job I like and missed. *sigh*:(
Single woman who like animals hamsters and dachshunds. <3
I think this is all what I write about myself... and sorry I am just little nervous and shy. :cold_sweat:

Ravenslight[Deleted User]gorgonzolasparkleav


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