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What word would you use to describe this "class"?

VarwulfVarwulf Member Posts: 564
edited October 2016 in Off-Topic
Greetings everyone. I've a question for you all, something that has been puzzling me for a couple of days now--and as many times as I try to define this "class", I've come up unsuccessful.

Within a story/universe I am working on, two characters, both young males, function as sort of an "elite scout/ranger" role for their clan. Deeply loyal to their chief, as they were both trained from a very young age by him and his most trusted lieutenants, these two youths basically employ total stealth and discipline as they move through the bush in both offensive and defensive recon roles. However, they also function as border patrol at times and at other times are tasked with espionage roles and intelligence gathering, such as attempting to befriend someone suspected of wrong-doing in order to obtain all of the finer details necessary to exile or execute the apparent enemy.

On rare occasion they will even be asked to infiltrate rival clans for intelligence gathering operations, intending to blend in and act like they are simply unaligned wanderers looking for a home.

I am hesitant to define these two as "rogues" or even "rangers", nor do I want to restrain myself to using typical D&D classes to come up with a name for the class these two would fall into. So any word/words in the English language would be suitable, I just am really stumped as to what to call these two.

Thanks so much for taking the time, I really look forward to reading your replies :D



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