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Aielund Saga Enhanced Edition

Savant1974Savant1974 Member Posts: 252
edited December 2017 in NWN:EE Modules
Hi everyone, I've been working hard to revise the old series and I'm getting close to completing the revision. I fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of improvements, then started playing through to get a sense of what else could be revised ("Oh a broken script, better fix that. This convo could use a few more alignment options." etc). I'm playing through with an evil halfling bard, and looking for places to subtly apply more evil :)

Here's some screenshots of my progress. These are in EE but I haven't used any 3rd party filters, I've been too busy to get into all that (advice welcome!) Never underestimate the improvement that can be had with a high-res skybox! You might recognise the moon picture from a skybox mod in nwvault, but the day, sunrise and sunset were made by me. More to come as I progress :)



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