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The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the Tales of IWDification



  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    Two has been making some progress. Baldur's Gate, 3x WoMS did Larze in. Charmed the guard to kill Quenash, although don't know if that was very wise. Made some more money by WoMS'n Sunin and fetched the helmet before I made my way to Durlag's Tower.

    First time ever I've seen Ike surviving the Demon Knight. Made my way to the three Greater Doppelgangers which was the first fight I wasn't sure of, but 3x WoMS killed them. And then the 4 Warder's fight, which I really, really wasn't sure of. Protected myself with couple protections, summoned WoMS and hasted them and then activated the Warders, and quickly went invisible. My summons got annihilated in like few seconds, but luckily they didn't see me. I watched them some time and saw Love wandering to the exit so I lured him on to me, and WoMS'd him. This took some time, me going between the levels escaping his spells and refreshing WoMS. But eventually he died and I went to the next level. Got the Kiel's helmet and Durlag's Goblet, nothing really hard doing that.

    Worked for Scar, killed the Ogre Mage with an arrow, and I'm now primed to visiting the Iron Throne. Any advice on fighting them, or can I just sneak those papers? Is there any good loot on them? I read somewhere that they had Dimension Door scroll, but that's probably not true.

  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    edited December 2017

    "Bug: Mobs follow your current location after stealthing instead of your "last" location"
    That's very good news, even tho I got used to this and thougt it was supposed to be "advanced" A.I.

    That's good news I think, and will change tactics in some battles, and remove some of the risk of getting boxed in. I remember my Cavalier rounding up like 100 undead in the SoD Lich cave in one room and blasting them away with the necklace. Will not work soon.

  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    edited December 2017
    I'm still having the xp cap problem with the EET install. Anyone know if you can install EET with xp cap on?

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,499
    Damn it @histamiini - so far your run looked really smoothly for most parts!

    Next time the Mage will maybe need some special treatment - no? ;)

    There should be an XP cap option in EET - maybe someone else can help you! ;)

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,497

    Two sneaked the documents from the Iron Throne. Read @Grond0 trouble with the Ogre Mage waylay, so it was still fresh on my mind and I had prepared Greenstone Amulet and invisibility potion, which I chucked immediately. Don't know if that was necessary because you can probably just run to the keeper. Raided Candlekeep, and made my way to the assassin couple.

    Sorry to see Two go down @histamiini. I think you were right to be careful with the ogre magi though - on a number of occasions I've seen them follow into Candlekeep and I've died as a result on a couple of occasions.

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,499
    edited December 2017
    Looked like it was fate meeting him. But who could image that this beast would appear just after some "normal" talking? How often have you died to him @Grond0? B)

    However: I will give a mage-like-character another try - this time an Illusionist who will dual class to Fighter at level 3. Xarhk (how fitting!) is ready for his journey into the wilderness:

    At least some invisibility back! :D

  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    edited December 2017
    @Harpagornis Damn, yeah Kahrk is tough, my Cavalier couldn't beat him in solo either, even when reloading. That Arrow of Slaying has his name written all over, which isn't very helpful for those who can't use bows. But he hasn't got any good loot so it's not worth the effort anyway.

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,499
    Yeah, i agree that Gnome F/I is a really strong pick. Lets hope Four will roll for quite some time. ;)

    As the Mage gets invisibility as well as knock plus loads of protective spells the thief feels a bit redundant no?

    Xahrk is nearing Davaeorn... :D

  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    edited December 2017
    True it feels redundant, as mage can even replicate snares with Skull Traps. Still the UAI would be good addition as it would get you Carsomyr and pretty easy 100 MR. But that feels like dream too far at this point.

    Godspeed for Xahrk. :)

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 588

    I tried charming Davaeorn again and again and again but stopped after 40+ tries. Its not working anymore. Lol. So Xahrk burned everyone down and let his summons do the job. At least he tried. But a misplaced Fireball from his wand and a quick Fireball from Davaoern nearly put him down as i had forgotten to remove the Belt of Antipode. Lol again. With only 6 HP left Xahrk retreated, healed up and removed the damn belt. Once Davaeorn ran out of spells even his Battle Horrors could not save him from death. Ah, this wand is so godlike. More summons. And more. And more. :D

    Before traveling to the city of Baldurs Gate its time to take a rest as overconfidence gets paired with fatigue. Not a healthy combo! :D

    My experience with charm on mages is very lackluster, too.
    If I remember correctly (and understood it correctly) non mages get a similar saving throw penalty for the enemy as a specialist mage for the cloak (enchanter??) would get, but mage chars ofc don't get it unless they actually are enchanters.

  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,306
    edited December 2017
    Four plan was to skip all the pointless guests before the Palace ambush and she has made a quick progress. After getting some levels in Mutamin Garden and getting invisibility I went straight to Mulahey and charm/killed him. I was being so quick that I completely forgot Nimbul and he surprised me, of course I could have escaped that point, but I used WoMS on him after making my retreat. He had time to shoot one spell at me, and I wasn't really bothered by it because of the monster saves. But of course it put me to sleep. Well luck was on my side this time, good omen, perhaps this is the run?

    Charmed everyone in the bandit camp, but again couple guards stayed at the tent. Perhaps you shouldn't charm Taugozs on the camp, but lure him to bottom edge of the map first and then charm him, which would empty the camp. Anyway I quickly looted the chest and made my escape. Charmed everyone in the mines. Baldur's Gate, Candlekeep, easy peasy.

    Read that Resar in the Thieves Guild had Fireshield Blue, so I charmed him and made him attack my summons. He killed them, but his spell spamming agroed the rogues who then put him down. In the Undercellar WoMS, Haste, Blur, Mirror Image and lured Slythe on them. Hasted mob did quick number on Slythe. Krystin arrived with her summons, I charmed Quenash and made him attack Krystin and got the cloak. After waiting Krystin defenses and her summons to dissappear I eventually WoMS'd her out. Because of multiple invisibilities I wasn't even hit once this time.

    Any advice on the Palace ambush @Harpagornis I've been training it some with number Three, and there's a good chance I can take it with WoMS, Haste, DUHM, Mirror Image, Blur, Fireshield Red and Blue, and just melee the battle out, using Dispelling Arrows when needed. The mage is the only risk factor, how do you charm it? I've charmed him, but then he doesn't change and Sarevok doesn't agro when the other five are down.

    Btw I was wrong when I said F/I can replicate Snares with Skull Traps, obviously can't because they are Necromancy. Although not as good Delayed Fireballs can though.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,497

    Any advice on the Palace ambush @Harpagornis I've been training it some with number Three, and there's a good chance I can take it with WoMS, Haste, DUHM, Mirror Image, Blur, Fireshield Red and Blue, and just melee the battle out, using Dispelling Arrows when needed. The mage is the only risk factor, how do you charm it? I've charmed him, but then he doesn't change and Sarevok doesn't agro when the other five are down.

    He does change @histamiini - it just takes a while (charm duration is 12 hours). You're best off resting after charming him, so that you don't have to wait quite so long. You can also turn on autopause so that you can go and have a meal and just let the game freeze when he eventually transforms.

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