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[MOD] Neera dialogue expansion and flirts

LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
edited February 2013 in General Modding
The Neera dialogue expansion mod has hit v1!

This adds a series of dialogues to Neera in BG:EE, as well as a flirt menu for those who engage in a romance with her.

It also includes components to make Neera and Rasaad same-sex romanceable (with thanks to Jalily).

You can download the Neera Expansion here, and you can find the discussion forum here at Spellhold Studios.

Original post:

Hey guys and gals,

Just letting y'all know that I've got a small Neera dialogue expansion mod in the works that should go into testing later this week, with somewhere between 10-15 extra dialogues between Neera and the PC for those who like a little more content and want something new to play with.

There will be a few bits and bobs for the romantically inclined, but in keeping with Overhaul's preference to keep the actual romance out of BG:EE it definitely won't be the focus of the dialogues--they'll be more like the IEP friendships over at SHS for BGII.

I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in testing the mod or proofreading/editing the dialogue? Just shoot me a PM or post here. :)

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