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[MOD] Neera dialogue expansion and flirts

LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
edited February 2013 in General Modding
The Neera dialogue expansion mod has hit v1!

This adds a series of dialogues to Neera in BG:EE, as well as a flirt menu for those who engage in a romance with her.

It also includes components to make Neera and Rasaad same-sex romanceable (with thanks to Jalily).

You can download the Neera Expansion here, and you can find the discussion forum here at Spellhold Studios.

Original post:

Hey guys and gals,

Just letting y'all know that I've got a small Neera dialogue expansion mod in the works that should go into testing later this week, with somewhere between 10-15 extra dialogues between Neera and the PC for those who like a little more content and want something new to play with.

There will be a few bits and bobs for the romantically inclined, but in keeping with Overhaul's preference to keep the actual romance out of BG:EE it definitely won't be the focus of the dialogues--they'll be more like the IEP friendships over at SHS for BGII.

I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in testing the mod or proofreading/editing the dialogue? Just shoot me a PM or post here. :)
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  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    Certainly, always enjoy that kind of mod.
  • SableRhapsodySableRhapsody Member Posts: 38
    edited December 2012
    I'd be down to test or proof/edit. Without Baldur's Gate NPC Project my party members are a bit quiet, so I'm all for getting more dialogue.
  • MansenMansen Member Posts: 82
    I'm guessing these extra dialogues won't be voiced? A pity if not - I love her personality :)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    Well, no, unless someone wants to shell out for time in a recording studio, my flight to Canada and back and the lovely Nicola Elbro's time ;)

    Thanks all! The more testers, the better, so keep posting if you're interested in helping out!
  • IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
    I would happily proofread but I do not have Neera in any of my parties at the moment so can not actually test the banters for you. Kudos for this though, we all know how much love there is for extra dialogues :D
  • Jason_SilverainJason_Silverain Member Posts: 38
    I've just gotten to the end of Neera's existing dialogue and I'm amazed by how little there is, I look forward to see just what you do to expand it.
    Will there been any party member specific banter? I really see Neera and Imoen getting along like a house on fire. :)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    I'm considering it--it just depends on how much time I have. I'm trying to get a lot done before Christmas, so... we'll see.

    Bit of progress: 4/13 dialogues written, all outlined, basic scripting tested. Looks like it might be more like early next week. :)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    Writing what is possibly one of the longest and most complex dialogues I think I've ever written for this right now. :P With any luck we'll be in beta (of some description) later today.
  • gesellegeselle Member Posts: 325
    Assuming you are not from the BG1-NPCproject team, have you ever thought of cooperating with them? I think many people would appreciate it, even more than they already do.
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    edited December 2012
    @geselle BG1NPC is more or less finished, and won't be seeing any real additions in the future, just compatibility updates and bugfixes. @cmorgan is the current maintainer, so he can probably tell you more!

    I do lead the NPC IEP project over at SHS, which has a similar aim for BGII, and so I have some idea how this sort of thing works.

    Honestly, though, there's really no need for cooperation with BG1NPC; I might add some banter with the BG1NPCs myself, but we'll see. :)

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  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    So that dialogue ended up being 73 states long, or in other words, approximately 4-5 of my normal dialogues in length. Jeez but I hope it's fun!

    6 dialogues to go before beta. Writing, writing...
  • MisseMisse Member Posts: 16
    Hang in there! We're counting on you ^_^
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Misse Heh, thanks! I do love writing, but damn, bit off a bit more than I could chew there. Took me a whole day for one dialogue, when I was planning on having them all done by now.

    With any luck I'll get most of the last six done today, at least enough to throw into a beta for testers and proofreaders!
  • MisseMisse Member Posts: 16
    Happy to hear it, I am looking forward to it quite a lot. Even put my Neera romance playthrough on hold to get it in there :)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    I wish I had time to add more romance-related stuff, but I hope the general dialogue will be interesting enough too!

    And since I'm fairy masochistic: the first few banter requests will get written and added too. Which BioWare NPC(s) would you like to see Neera banter with?
  • MisseMisse Member Posts: 16
    From my purely egoistical point of view, I'd find it awesome if Neera bantered with:

    Imoen - the 'sibling' of charname should make for some interesting banter, especially if romance is happening
    Minsc - because he has her beat on crazy but is used to temperamental magic users, could be comedic to hear
    Jaheira - might be interesting to hear their differences of opinion given her higher level of maturity and closer relationship with nature as a druid (unlike Neera who got deported by a treant and has a penchant for setting stuff on fire inadvertently)
    Other neutral or good aligned party members - I'm fairly flexible in my party setup, so I'd pick up any of them to hear the banter if you have an interesting idea for them.

    No pressure, I'm looking forward to the mod whether she banters additionally or not :)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    I'm actually just going to upload the beta right here for the moment. Make sure to read the readme, or installation won't work!

    Additional note: all of the normal dialogue tags don't work (, etc), so that's going to look a little weird, but apart from that my initial tests seem to show it working fine.

    Let me know what you think!
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    Tagging: @Shin, @IchigoRXC, @SableRhapsody, @Jason_Silverain, @geselle, @Misse

    Apologies if I've missed anyone! Throw all typos, comments and bugs here or email them to me at, anything is cool :)
  • MisseMisse Member Posts: 16
    Awesome, I'll try it out as soon as I have time tomorrow.

    At least if I can download it.. am I missing something obvious about how attachments work on this board? I can't seem to download it at all?
  • Jason_SilverainJason_Silverain Member Posts: 38
    Great Stuff I'll install in my next play through, so hopefully this weekend.

    I'm just curious is it possible to create Class Specific banter?
    This would be especially interesting if the Player themselves is a Wild Mage.
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @Kaeloree I think only we can see attachments:( Here is the link at SHS

    Also, I installed it and will let you know... looking forward to see what you have written:)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Cuv -- ah, dang! But yep, it's up at SHS at that link:

    @Misse If you go to the above link you should be able to grab it, sorry about that!

    @Jason_Silverain It absolutely I'm not entirely sure it's possible to check for Wild Mage; in BG2 it was one of two kits that you couldn't check for.

    Additionally, I'm not really a huge fan of class/race based talks; it's a lot of effort to write dialogues that only a handful of players are going to see, at best. That said, I am open to ideas.
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    Couldn't you run a creature check for HasSpell("SPWI124") // Nahal's Reckless Dweomer ? That is the first level spell all Wild Mages have?
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Cuv Stop being so marvellous ;)
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    And a new version up with a script fix!
  • Jason_SilverainJason_Silverain Member Posts: 38
    Thats fine ^^ I can can understand that, I was actually just curious more from a technical point of view.
    Thank you for answering my enquires though.
  • SableRhapsodySableRhapsody Member Posts: 38
    Awesome! I will be out of town this weekend, but I'm nabbing this as soon as I get back to my PC :)
  • ArchaicArchaic Member Posts: 924
    @Kaeloree - excellent idea looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Magevil - It's already done! Go download it! ;-)

    Y'all have to let me know what you think after playing! It *was* written in approximately 3 days, so there could be bits that need improvement.
  • paladin235paladin235 Member Posts: 13
    I am looking forward to trying this out when I get a chance :-)
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