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Create a random game (optional no-reload speed game contest included) (spoilers)



  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    RIP Walrry & Co

    The party cleared the wolves from the temple map then feeling confident went to Larswood and joined the bandits - Tazok was not pleased and Walry fell during the initiation fight right after Rasaad and Khalid -

    Levels were Viccy & Imoen 4, Khalid & Rasaad 3, and Walrry F2/M1/T2 (19 hps including familiar)

    Looking back it occurs to me that I had swapped out Walrrys real armor for the armor spell on the Temple map and it would have expired going to Larswood leaving him with an AC of 5 - oops...

    Last save was Chap 3 14 days 15 hours

  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    edited June 2013
    Well, I have decided to give Black Pits with a randomized party a second go... Last time the group had too much ranged and couldn't beat tier 1...

    This time around luck has atleast given me characters that are able to melee

    Human Male Ranger, 18/16, 18, 18, 10, 14, 7 (85 total)

    Elf Female Fighter, 18/95, 19, 17, 10, 8, 8 (80 total)

    Half-Elf Male Blade, 18, 18, 8, 13, 8, 15 (80 total)

    Halfling Male Cleric, 13, 19, 14, 9, 16, 8 (79 total)

    Elf Male Swashbuckler, 18, 19, 16, 9, 9, 10 (81 total)

    Elf Female Dragon Disciple, 12, 19, 16, 18, 10, 15 (90 total)

    Other than the halfling being a cleric and race limiting Wisdom to 16, it's not that bad of a party.

  • EllekEllek Member Posts: 4
    Giving a shot for the first time. Looks fun!

    Femail Dwarven Devender 'Therdove (the Rich)'

    22: Safana
    11: Garick
    27: Xan
    10: Faldorn
    17: Minsc

    Not bad of a pary. I'm going to play with the Sword Coast Stratagems (only AI changes). Wish me luck

  • EllekEllek Member Posts: 4
    Journal Day 2,

    I encounterd a ogre with a strange belt. When i approched approach he smacked me straight dead....

    Well so for my first run... Try a new

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    So, is this thread alive?

    I may have started over a dozen games of BGEE but never got to the bandit camp. I'm willing to give this a go to see if I can force me to finish an EE playthrough... or restart another dozen games after I die because of wolves.

    Let's se...

    Female half-elf Berserker

    Neutral good, 2 rerolls, female2 voiceset

    WotC random name: Lorarath Catslove (aka Lorarath the Slayer, Catslove the Slayer... I'm definetly rolling out with the third one).

    29d party:
    6 = Dorn
    25 = Tiax
    15 = Khalid
    2 = Alora
    13 = Jaheira

    4man and no thief until Baldur's Gate. At least there's Jaheira for detecting traps and enough meat to absorb damage (I hope).

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    Catslove died to a single bonk in the head while struggling to get out of Jaheira's vines.
    Lessons learned: throwing axes have shorter ranges and entagle affects a wider radius than expected.

    Rolling again...

    Male half-elf Fighter

    Chaotic evil, 8 rolls, male2 voiceset

    Name: Horaver Stalkingwolf

    27 = Xan
    22 = Safana
    14 = Kagain
    27 = Xan again; reroll 7 = Dynaheir
    10 = Faldorn

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to get Safana before the mines. I hope I can postpone her quest for a bit.

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    Last night Horaver became a victim of my clumsiness and got stuck between a wall of kobolds and skeletons while trying to escape from Mulahey's hold spells. Granted, I had lost a bit of interest when Xan refused to join because of low reputation (2, some nasty business in Nashkell).

    Maybe with the weekend finally arriving I can get a game rolling straight enough to last more than one post. Here we go...

    Male human (because of) Paladin

    Automatically LG, 7 rolls, male5

    Name: Panros the Zealot

    19=Neera... reroll 5=Coran
    24=Skie; reroll because of no Eldoth and I play RPishly, 15=Khalid

    Tiax stands out the most. Keeping rep below 20 is going to be hard. Perhaps playing the zealot card I can justify some "righteous" slaying.

    Looks like I'll be doing most of the healing for a while and... Rasaad for detecting traps until Cloakwood? Really?
    Seven rolls with a Paladin's minimum stats will be a bit of a munchkin, but I plan on using Neera a lot so who knows, maybe all ends the moment I meet her.

    UPDATE: Killed by Tarnesh! I don't think this deserves another post so I'll roll again on this one:

    3918: Male half-orc Kensai (just as I was going to comment on how much I suck with warriors...)
    142: LG, 2 rerolls, male1
    Name: Thogeon Winterclaw
    Party: 17 (Minsc!), 24 (Skie...., rerolling 4, Branwen!), 11 (Garrick....), 19 (Neera........), 14 (Kagain!). Sooo, I've read Branwen can be dualled to thief with the DEX tome. Let's see if I can make it that far...

    Post edited by ulvino on
  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126
    Alright I'm in. Haven't posted here for ages but I've been playing BG all the same and this sounds like fun.

    Just did my rolls, here's what I got:

    Gender: I rolled 10 , picked male.

    Race: Rolled 10 again, picked human since I have trouble seeing the child of Bhaal as anything but human.

    Class: Rolled 1, fighter. I was glad for that , more health points so hopefully I'll survive for a while longer.

    Subclass: Rolled an 8, Kensai. Ouch. Maybe I won't survive for longer afterall.

    Alignment: rolled a 10. I picked Lawful good. I'm a goody 2 shoes, always.

    Abilities: Got myself 7 rerolls, not too bad.

    Voice, male 5... Hurray.


    Time for NPC rolls:

    First roll: 20, Quayle. OUCH. Terrible start.

    18: Montaron. DAMNIT, two midgets. At least I have a Thief unlike some of you.

    Hopefully I get Xzar as well, I feel sad about splitting up pairs.

    27: Xan. Worst combination possible so far.

    5: Coran. Finally a decent character. A great character actually but it looks like me and Monty will be pretty lonely early on in the game.

    16: Kivan. Maybe not that lonely afterall. Best fighter in the game in my opinion. Those last two rolls made things a bit better for me.


    Stats: My best roll was 80, not too good but I guess it could be worse. Here's what I got:

    17 strength
    18 Dex
    18 Con
    9 Int
    9 Wis
    9 Cha

    I usually give my fighters higher Charisma and slightly higher intelligence and wisdom for roleplay's sake but since I won't be able to wear any armour thanks to being a darn Kensai I'll have to go with that. Otherwise I don't stand a chance.

    I don't know what possessed me to specialize in scimitars and dual weapons but hey, let's give it a shot.

    Alright, here starts the adventure of Panril the Kensai. Pretty sure I won't make it past chapter 1. Hopefully my next roll will be a bit luckier.

  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126
    Oh by the way this will be a no reload and I'll try to do it as quickly as possible. No secret item either. IE: Arcane ring, ring of protection +1, wand of frost, diamond in the rock, ankheg armour etc.

  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126
    Just as I'd predicted. I couldn't get pass chapter 2. Killed by Mulahey just before Kivan avenged me. Monty died right before on the fire bridge, shot down by the commando kobold. Oh well, time for a reroll. This team was definitely not meant to be.

  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126
    New Character:

    Darstina, female halfling Barbarian lawful good. LOL... this should be ugly.


    Not that bad except for Tiax. At least I'm getting a cleric, a mage and a thief along with two fighters. None of those characters are powerful though except for Edwin. Hopefully I last a bit longer this time. (This is hard, kudos to those who've made it.)

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    Halfling barbarian sounds like fun!

    Anyway, update time for Thogeon (I keep thinking his name is Theon...): He's alive! And on his way to the bandit camp... or maybe to do Neera's quest before, since I'm curious about the new content.

    Character sheet:

    I'm also having trouble figuring out when would be the best level to dual Branwen, if there's any.

    Wild magic might end this run...

    one day...
    (it was a black opal)

    Since I did Minsc quest before the mines everyone was around level 3 when we reached Mulahey. Between Minsc, Kagain and Thogeon, most of the kobolds became chunks before the rest of the team could load their bolts and bullets.


    I'm starting to like warriors...

    And some banter I found amusing:

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  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    Well, it looks like wild magic was indeed the end of this run. More or less.


    I certainly did not expect this, maybe because it was a new area for me and until this fight there was only goblins to fight.

    Oh well, I was growing fond of Thogeon and this party but... maybe I'll try game #4 tomorrow.

  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126

    LOL. You've certainly made it farther than I have. With Neera along it seems like quite a feat to even make it out of the mines alive.

    As for me party #2 made it even less far than the first one. Third time's a charm though... I can feel it, the next one will be right.

    Rerolling ;p

  • AzL0nAzL0n Member Posts: 126
    By the way it really sucks that you'd levelled up right before dying. The extra hp might have saved Thogeon.

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    Yep, I thought about that too. But leveling up in the middle of a fight it's just too "gamey" for me. For Baldur's Gate at least, heh.

    Nevertheless, Thogeon has been already buried and mourned and it's time for attempt #4!

    Female dwarf Abjurer? I'm actually tempted to try that with EEKeeper, but I would like to finish a normal game first, so I'll be rerolling:

    Male gnome Barbarian!! And to think I was jealous of your halfling barbarian @AzL0n!

    CE, 5 rerolls, male3 voice set

    Name: Belaver the Foreigner


    20 = Quayle
    20, reroll 5= Coran
    28 = Xzar
    9 = Eldoth
    10 = Faldorn

    Stuck with Xzar until Cloakwood... this is going to be different to say the least.

    UPDATE: Nope, he's dead. Well, sort of, I closed the game before the first autosave so he disappeared into the void. I'll try #5 later.

    Post edited by ulvino on
  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    @ ulvino

    You are allowed to reroll your team if 3 or more members are not available until Chap 4 or later - seriously this is enough of a challenge without trying to get to chap 4 with only one or two companions LOL!

    Good luck with your next run.

  • ulvinoulvino Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    Thanks, I will keep that in mind. The thing that killed #4 was sleep deprivation, though.

    Let's see how fares #5:

    9188 = Male human Skald
    418 = LN, 1 reroll, Male5

    Name: Viclamin the Seaworthy

    6 = Dorn
    8 = Edwin
    11 = Garrick
    26 = Viconia
    13 = Jaheira

    No thief, huh? I guess this rules out Durlag's IF I make it that far.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    1774 = Male Halfling Assassin
    211 = Neutral Good, 1 reroll, Male1
    Name: Vicdak Shortankard

    20 = Quale
    6 = Dorn
    23 = Shar-Teel
    18 = Montaron
    17 = Minsc

    Core rules, no autopause, normal sleep and I don't even know what scripts are.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    character sheet:

    After I handle ogrillions and feldpost guy I get ambushed by bandits... I am starting to learn that I don't have autopause (never played before in my life without it).
    Montaron takes one 8 dmg hit. We survive so all is well.
    Out of luck in Nashkel since Boo doesn't like us so I deside to take Shar-Teel before deciding what's next. I didn't exactly remember where she was but something about on the right of the map maybe. I enter the wrong zone (which is I think the mines exit area) and decide to just go do the mines for now.
    Montaron complaining that we have to rest and ofc we get ambushed by a winter wolf.
    That is no problem for I picked up the new belt which makes winter wolves trivial.

    EDIT: Just a note here: I picked up Imoens and that Montarons wizard partners stuff after they "tripped" (if that's cheating)

    1 shot by a kobold arrow. Time played 2 days 22hours.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    Second run:
    9548 = Male Half-Elf Priest of Lothander
    574 = TrueNeutral (changed to Neutral Good because y), 7 rolls, Male2
    After just two rerolls I get these mighty stats.
    This is him!!

    Party will be: Rasaad, Kivan, Khalid, Safana, Xan.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    Aaand Kivan doesn't want to join me... off to Friendly Arm Inn

    EDIT: I picked up Khalid and did some side quests on the go. Got 1 point in reputation and recruited Kivan.
    Here is Khalid being near death

    Post edited by Arska on
  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    Update: Survived to Nashekl, picked up Rasaad and did prism gem quest. Cleared mines and got Xan. Xan died to ogrillions after resting at mines exit. I killed two people of Lamalhas group and quickly ran away to Nashkel (I plan to go back and finish rest off once I resurrect Xan.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    I am experiencing weird bug here now. After I cleared some of the areas arround west to Nashkel upon returning the area of Nashkel was reset. I get new reputation point for not being Greywolf and Mayor tells me to go clear the Mines again.

    EDIT: I went to the mines area and told prism I will protect him ( again ). Greywolf appeared and I taunted him. The fight began but he just ran away and disappeared... I think my game is broken.

    EDIT2: Heres pictures of Journal and me doing Mines again with Xan in party
    The journal entries I have at the sametime note I have already done the quest and I have to do it again.

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    I guess that probably means this game is too bugged and disqualified from the contest? But I will keep playing it and update how far I get anyways. Planning to get Safana next before continuing to the forest.

    EDIT: Heres a picture of Xan dualwield his wepons

  • ArskaArska Member Posts: 8
    Died while hunting for bandits

    I am going to take a brake from the challenge stuff, reload and just play through the game because it's been so long since I've finished it last time.

  • kmfdmkmfdm Member Posts: 18

    Male Elf Shadow Dancer


    Neutral Evil / 3 rerolls / voice 6

    Strength 11
    Dexterity 19
    Constitution 15
    Intelligence 10
    Wisdom 10
    Charisma 13

    9 - Eldoth
    12 - Imoen
    16 - Kivan
    17 - Minsc
    18 - Montaron

  • karpaszkarpasz Member Posts: 74
    PC Abdel Adrian: male, elf, mage, CN, 1 roll, male 6 voice
    STR 10 DEX 19 CON 15 INT 18 WIS 12 CHA 8

    Party: Edwin, Kivan, Kagain, Eldoth, Neera.

    YAY. No thief... Guess certain electrical trap within a tent will kill party again (no meta-gaming ^^).

  • DesertRatDesertRat Member Posts: 3
    I was at work when I discovered this thread, and couldn't wait to get home to try it out. I do not think I will have the willpower to keep from meta-gaming a little bit. But I will RP my race/class/alignment, with no reloads.

    Here's what I got.

    Human Female
    Shadow Dancer
    True Neutral
    6 allowed rerolls, which ended up being STR 18, DEX 18, CON 16, INT 10, WIS 9, CHA 13

    Party, in order of rolls:
    Shar Teel
    Jaheira (Nice, since I also rolled Khalid)

    Not bad, and I can pick up 4 of my party members fairly early. I just hope Khalid can defeat Shar Teel. Does anybody know if you can make multiple attempts to defeat her in order to recruit her? Or does she bail after defeating somebody in your party?

  • DesertRatDesertRat Member Posts: 3
    Sylaria is dead, long live Sylaria. Wanted to pick up Shar Teel first, but since my PC is a female, figured I couldn't. So I made my way to the Friendly Arm Inn. I was able to sneak past Tarnesh going in, but he managed to defeat us upon our exit.

    2nd Attempt

    Elven Female
    Wild Mage
    Chaotic Good
    5 rerolls, ending with STR 12, DEX 19, CON 14, INT 18, WIS 9, CHA 11

    Neera (Wild Mage females R Us)

    I'm going to have to convert Kivan to a more tankish NPC than I usually play him, though he will still use a bow often. I like the ranged firepower potential of this unit. Hopefully I can kill everything before it ever gets to my PC.

    So far: This party has actually done pretty well. I picked up Montaron, Kivan, Neera, and Rassad without but one or two minor skirmishes. Running out of things to do before Nashkell mines. Approaching level 3. Two near deaths, no chunked NPCs, 3 Rassad resurrections. Lots of spells, slings (4 characters), and arrows (Kivan). And I think Rassad is flirting with me.

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