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Create a random game (optional no-reload speed game contest included) (spoilers)



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  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    edited August 2014
    This is really fun! Those who participated back when seemed to have a blast with it. I'm not updating the leader board anymore, but posting final results or ongoing progress from a go at this is something we would all enjoy seeing. You never know what in the world you're going to get (by way of party) with this system!

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    edited October 2014
    I just realized that I hadn't finished my playthrough when I dropped off the face of the Earth. :p Otherwise, I'm continuing on where I left off, should have something up tomorrow.

    Edit: Wow, I have an obscene amount of screenshots to go through, my savegame is already in the Cloakwood.

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  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    OOC: This is a stupidly strong party so far if I pay attention to it. I should have run SCS as well.

    Band of the Warbling Mages + 1

    On returning to Nashkel, we ran into yet another Bounty Hunter which spoke to himself in third person. We eliminated him before the guards had a chance to fire at him.

    After Nimbul died, we decided to hunt for treasure near the pirate caves south of Candlekeep. Here Baeloth died, which caused us to go all the way back to beregost just to bring him back to life.

    When we reached the coast once more, a Nereid forced herself upon Baeloth, who we threatened into bringing him back to life. She told us of her master and then a giant Ogre Magi plodded towards us. I didn't even know ogres could use magic. It was powerful, yet we still killed it. Montaron gained a nice magical helm off of it.

    After both the Nereid and the Ogre Magi were dead, we moved South only to run into a tribe of ogres and half ogres.(ogrillons are half ogre, half orc)
    We also ran into a guy who healed us and told us of a potential ally.

    Then we finished our treasure hunt through the Sirines and the flesh golems and looted the caves. Xzar died during our escapade though and so we took his body back to the mayor of Beregost.

    Then we found out how deadly we truly are as a party, when we went North to end the organized bandits once and for all. The first patrol of hostile bandits we crossed died in a ball of flames right after their leader finished his speech.

    Then we cut our way through the Bandit Camp. One warrior in full plate was all the competition that was outside.

    Then we entered the main tent, and slaughtered the guards of this "Tazok". This will lead me to the one the Surgeon spoke of, this Davaeorn, I do not think this man will be an ally though.

    Stats and Inventory of Ravaatis Kittouch:

    OOC: So now I'm caught up to my game.

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    edited October 2015
    When I start something I finish it, no matter how long it takes me. This time, its going right to the end. I'll try to get this playthrough of Baldur's Gate 1 finished by the time Siege of Dragonspear is released.

    Band of the Warbling Mages + 2

    The party decided to burn its way through the Cloakwood. The first major encounter was in front of a hunting shack. The druids imploded and the hunters thanked us. We continued deeper and ended a tortured experiment that led many Spiders and Ettercaps. The weapon it had on it would fetch a hefty price, though it would have been more useful to have before the battle. Then we found a bard named Eldoth and allowed him to join as we went deeper to empty the forest of it's Shadow Druids. A Hamadryad eventually tried to stop us and then we ended up enterring a Wyvern Den. The mayor of Beregost loved the fact that we killed the wyvern for him though he didn't care much about the other wyvern heads we had.

    We then returned to the cloakwood, and found a mercenary band waiting for us in the compound above what seems to be Davaeorn's mines. They died in a sudden rain of death. Ravaatis was sure that the surgeon would wish for his brother to be redeemed, but men like him are to dangerous to leave alive. We fought our way down to the second floor of the mine and then left to rest, as we could find nowhere we would not get ambushed. We returned six days later to a heavily fortified fortress. Fully protected we annihilated the barricades and funneled in dropping fireballs and stink clouds. We went finished off Davaeorn's minions and attacked him, he was helpless to defend himself. We then flooded the Mines. Many died, yet when we had surfaced, we could here Davaeorn's reinforcements arriving to the mine. Saving them would have been for naught.

    We then returned to taking up bounties and went after the mad cleric Bassilus. He also went up like a candle. Keldath paid us well and then we set our eyes on Baldur's Gate. We went North and ran into some fishermen. After much going back and forth we killed them and gave their bowl to the girl who venerated Umberlee. Scar spoke to us, then Elminster, and we immediately went to rescue Skie from her father as we had promised Eldoth we would do. Then we travelled around Baldur's Gate killing those who tried to kill us. We ran into a basilisk in the docks area and went to the Helm and Cloak to speak to this Gorpel Hind. He seemed like a decent fellow and then another adventuring party enterred, a party of uptight snobs that called themselves the Maulers of the Undermountain, that believed they were better than us. Well, the inn keeper agreed that we are more organized and more powerful than they were as he was scrubbing the blood off of the floor.

    The next place we went to was the Firewine Bridge. We found this woman with a clay jar who spoke of this Kahrk. We goaded her into opening the jar and she did... Only some thing we had never seen before occurred. Kahrk quickly overpowered the party and three of us fled to hide in a bush to wait out his wards. Eventually we returned and caught the beast by surprise, as it had expected we had left. On our way further North, we met even more stupid people that wished to hunt the party. Then we arrived in Beregost at the temple, brought the dead back to Beregost, brought them back to life and returned down to Gullykin, where we faced two more parties of assassins. After this we returned to Baldur's Gate and broke into a noble's house for a wizard named Degrodel... one that had stunning statues, almost life-like. We left and returned with stone to flesh scrolls, as according to locals this had once been the dwelling of a powerful wizard. We used them on the statues. The one in the middle gave us a note, and told us of the helm and cloak of Balduran. We found them, and only had to kill one being to get them. A gullible Ogre named Larze. We then saved someone named Areana from her extortionists, and decided to replace them. Now the party gets paid every two days. We broke into the Merchant's Guild and then into the Temple of Umberlee. We returned a son of the high Priest of Tymora. We then got both halves of the antidote for Marek's poison, and then were ambushed by thieves guild members near the Flaming Fist Headquarters. We then left the city once more and emptied Ulcaster, then went into the Den of the Ankhegs. We found a corpse in there plus much treasure, and went to the only living farmer in the region, to find out it was his son.
    The Album for This

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  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    edited October 2015
    Band of the Warbling Pyromaniacs

    The party returned to the Firewine bridge and burnt its way through an ogre mage and his army. The Pyromaniacs then helped spirits find rest, completely by accident. The Low Lantern was next, where we killed two death lovers and then Yago. The next things we did were empty the sewers, plunder the hall of wonders, and empty a tavern of slimes and commoners. We then went to the Iron Throne complex in the city. Within a few seconds, most of Zhalimar's party was incinerated. We next went to Ulgoth's Beard and ran into a terribly angry archmage that teleported us to a random island far to the North. We fought our way through the asylum for the insane and retrieved the cloak the archmage wanted us to retrieve. Then we ran into a Dwarf with quite a tale and a request to retrieve a family heirloom from Durlag's Tower. We went South into Amn once more, cleaned out the Cloudpeaks, and then turned and moved in on Durlag's Tower. It took us a few trips to clean out the tower and the labyrinth. The party was almost defeated 3 times in Durlag's Tower. Once Durlag's Tower was cleaned out, we talked to Eltan and Scar, and they gave us a book to reenter Candlekeep. We killed the leadership of the Iron Throne and enjoyed it. Once we escaped the Keep, we returned to Ulgoth's Beard to run into cultists. We slaughtered the ones outside with some well aimed fear spells. Instead of going after Aec'Letec, we went to the Western side of the hamlet and found a strange man named Mendas. We confiscated the sea charts for him and set off to find the lost ship of Balduran. We were marooned on the Isle of Balduran, and were sent up North to kill Karoug, the strongest of the wolfweres on the North side of the isle. We had no weapons that could hit him. Montaron though, has 127% fire immunity at this point with 50% extra resistance to magical fire, so fire heals him. WE KILLED A GREATER WOLFWERE WITH FIRE and magic missiles also of course. To prove it, the screenshot concerning this even says Montaron: Weapon Ineffective. we returned to the village, to find out they were werewolves and that we were also infected... We. Killed. Them. All. With fire? Yes, with fire. Then we returned to the mainland and annihilated the pack leader himself. Then we went to deal with Aec'Letec. We burned his cultists sitting on the upper floor of Shandalar's home, and then buffed Montaron and sent him in to deal with the beast with freedom of movement, prot. from petrification, and speed. Montaron ran around and killed all of the cultists. When he ran back up the stairs, we drank potions of mirrored eyes and cast the protective spells on everyone and ran down and finished the demon off.

    Then we returned to Baldur's Gate. It was very expensive to keep Skie and because of her Eldoth with us as we cut our way through the Flaming Fist. We killed a group of Ogre Mages, and killed *everyone* in the Iron Throne complex. Except the cooks. Xzar wanted them to cook him a liver with Chianti and Fava beans. He seemed to enjoy it while everyone else was a bit disgusted. Then we stormed the Flaming Fist barracks and killed all of the Flaming Fist we could find. We rescued Duke Eltan, gave him to the port master and then went up to the Blushing Mermaid. There we met Husam, who is actually a Shadow Thief. We admitted to him that we had Zhentarim support, and he showed us a back entrance into the Undercellar, through the Priests of Ilmater. We killed Slythe and Krystin rather fast and now Montaron finally had that +3 weapon he has been wanting for so long. We returned to the surface where Husam told us the Shadow Thieves would try to break into the Duchal Palace via the sewers. We entered with out invitations, stole from the Dukes, and then confronted Sarevok. His Greater Dopplegangers were unable to kill Belt though they did get the Duchess. We then burst throguh the thieves guild and Montaron scouted the way through the maze with health and speed potions(they seem to stack with boots of speed), soloing everything that responded to him. We then went into the Undercity, where Montaron played the tank and charged forward into the other pyromaniacs, who used all their fireballs on him. Xzar dropped a cloudkill and others cast fireballs, and the other pyromaniacs never stood a chance. We returned to the surface and brought Montaron back to life, then went to confront Sarevok. Tamoko stopped us in front of the temple, she had really nice full plate that Montaron replaced Kiel's with. We enterred the temple, and buffed everyone but Montaron, and sent Montaron running forward. the contingencies were cast and absorbed by Montaron's MR, and then Angelo cast remove magic on Montaron, who had no magic. After that, Montaron drank many potions as the party shot fireballs, webs and stinking clouds at Sarevok and his cohorts, who did the same to the same area. Montaron ran in with 75% MR , 127% FR, 25 str, 18 con, and -8 AC, bonus -4 to slashing. Sarevok escaped the death traps to hit Montaron a few times before he fell.

    Pictures are being uploaded... I just realized there are 89 pictures so it may take a few hours to get the album online...

    Ravaatis Kittouch Final

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  • Eadwyn_G8keeperEadwyn_G8keeper Member Posts: 541
    edited February 2016
    Note: Pls forgive the Grave-Robbing but ~ really speaking ~ how could such a thread be mothballed!

    Just came across this thread and decided to try out the random generator instructions. And OMG a powerhouse of a party. Charname is a Female Dwarf Fighter/Thief LN with 80pt roll minmaxed [18/56Str].

    Her party came up A. Viconia B.Dynaheir C.Kagain D.Shar-Teel E. Imoen Not kidding...on the very first try.

    The Name Generator seems to be defunct so I [without much thought] came up with Felicia Bluestone.

    I am no pro and have never really seriously attempted a No-Reload run before so even with such a strong group beginning in Chap.1 I may not get too far. Cheers!!

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    Holy crap! It lives! I appreciate your necromancy on this thread @Eadwyn_G8keeper! This system was an absolute blast for me! Good luck with your run!

  • Eadwyn_G8keeperEadwyn_G8keeper Member Posts: 541
    edited February 2016
    It was a fun run having to think carefully about what was doable with some certainty rather than crashing-on with one of my normal "Ooooops!" runs. Perhaps we did fairly well considering....

    The route I chose included:
    A) Candlekeep ~ normal {Note I put pips in Bows and Blunt Weapon]
    B)Lions Way ~ Wolf, 3Diseased Gibberlings, Diamond, PoH from Xsar-Montaron
    C)Coast Way ~ RoP, 2Kobolds, Wolf, Bandit
    D)Beregost ~ Firebead, Marl, rest/Day2, recruit Kagain
    E)Coast Way ~ Belt Ogre [Girdle of Piercing to Kagain] Wolf, 2Xvart, 3Gibberlings,
    F)S.Beregost ~ Ogrillons,
    G)Beregost ~ Rest/Day3
    H)FAI ~ Hobgoblins, Evermemory, rest/Day4,Tarnesh, Laundry service, Landrin'sQuest, declined Jaheira/Khalid [RP that it was mostly because the letter found on Gorion's body had mentioned them by name -- and the assassins had, no doubt, also read the letter and would have alerted all its minions to keep a lookout for JK] PoH from Pantry. rest/Day5
    I)Peldvale ~ 2Gibberlings, FlamingFist, recruitViconia [lvl2],
    J)FAI ~ 4Donations500gp [Rep13], Joia,[Rep14] rest/Day6
    K)Temple ~ DreadWolf, Cattack et al, 3wolves
    L)Beregost ~ Karlat, Viconia and Kagain level up. PerdueQuest [ignoring Silke for now]
    M) S Beregost ~ Hobgoblins, Cave
    N) High Hedge ~ FleshGolems, ImoenLvl3 and duals to Conjuror, CharnameThf3, GiantSpider, 4Wilddogs, avoiding Skeletons
    O)Beregost ~ rest/.Day7, Karlat, Perdue, Viconia and Kagain level 3
    P)Mutamin's Garden ~ Shar-Teel vs Kagain is a failure. Charname, even with meager HP might have done better. Probably should have waited until I could get some better gear for Kagain and Gauntlets of Dex. Now the group will have no one wielding Long Swrd [Varscona, etc] until Charname adds a Proficiency.
    Q)Ambushed by 3Gnolls and Basilisk but ran away without incident.
    R)Beregost ~ rest/Day8, Landrin's Spiders, CharnameLvl2Ftr then to FAI [Landrin] and back, rest/Day9

    S)N Nashkel ~ Routine but I got lazy and allowed Kagain to pursue a demoralized Hobgoblin. The rest of party of course followed and thus came under fire from the 2nd archer near the campfire. Imoen, of course but not fatal.
    T)Nashkel ~ Berrun Ghastkill, the fat guy [Rep15], made the mistake of speaking to Minsc with Kagain who pissed off Minsc....poor lunatic, now what was it he was babbling about. Dynaheir??
    U)Carnival ~ Violet and Red Potions, Zordral, I was going to have Imoen drink the intelligence one to memorize a bunch of spells but thought better of it for the time being as she already has memorized most of what she needs.
    V)Nashkel ~ Assassin in Inn, rest/ Day10, Noober
    W)Fire-leaf Forest ~ Albert and Ruffie, 3+3 Skeleton Warriors-toughest challenge so far. I forgot to Armorize Imoen but fortunately she only took 1 hit. The second batch were a total surprise as they respawned VERY quickly; Charname Lvl3Thf.
    X)Dryad Falls ~ Dryad and the bullies, Dire or Dread Wolves at the Cave, rest/Day11, the drowned cat (Rep16), several wolves[non-Winter] while hugging the W.edge of map, Gnarl, opened map of Gnoll fortress but chose Nashkel
    Y) Ambush by Ogre mage and @5Gnolls ~ no problem. Wand of Lightning helped. ImoenLvl2Conjr.
    Z)Nashkel ~ rest/ Day12
    Z) Fisherman'sLake ~ planning on Half-ogres and Gnolls for the +1Shld from Bjornin's Quest and then Bassilus and Melikamp. But I got careless with the Trio of Bandits. I know well that they are fairly easy if you draw Tengya away first and then reapproach from the South to drop the Hobgoblin Archer. Unfortunately I triggered the whole group, figuring I could handle the action. Both Jemby and Zakar targeted Charname successfully despite Plate Mail. ~Kaputsky!!

    Note: several days must have elapsed travelling as Game Clock was at Day 16... Cheers! Also I am fairly sure that we did Karlat in the Red Sheaf Inn after High Hedge and the Flesh Golems.. because Imoen was already a Conjuror ~she cast a very useful Entangle during the Karlat encounter...

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 801
    This was a blast for me too! I actually migrated over to the main thread eventually and still used this system.I hope your run goes well!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,910
    All people who are interested in random characters, check this mod by @mr2150: - it will let you generate a completely random character from all the options available. It pre-sets your abilities score to a minimum of 85, but allocates those points for you. It even chooses your initial proficiencies, skills & spells.

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    Just getting back into the swing with this game recently, for my iPad I used this system to stockpile a number of fun new characters to try out when the mood strikes. It's just fun to see what you get.

    Not all of them will strike a chord of course. And many results are impossible due to rules of the game, and then require some adjustment.

    But I've got a number of them thus far that look appealing because I rarely play those classes (actually, in some cases possibly never have played) or races, etc., and/or because of their quirkiness:

    Female elf CG Bounty Hunter
    Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjato ++
    Shortbow ++
    Set Traps 45

    I haven't really focused much on traps before because they're so powerful (makes the game a bit too easy for my taste, almost feels like cheating, etc.). But by the same token, for me at least, there's still something undeniably really satisfying about traps nonetheless. And I've rarely if ever used the wakizashis and ninjatos in the game, so what the heck. I'll try something fresh. She'll dual-wield them eventually. And I'll still be able to use the two scimitars + 2 if I need more badass weaponry.


    Female elf LN Dragon Disciple Sorcerer
    Dart +
    Selected spells:
    Color Spray

    Starting out she'll knock out as many of the enemy mobs as possible and fling darts at their unconscious sorry asses. But of course as she advances through levels she'll progressively build up the fire magics and protections. I guess she'll probably need a tank that is also fully protected from fire damage as well.


    Female dwarf LE Kensai
    Clubs ++
    Two-Weapon Style ++

    I'm not sure if the novelty will wear off, and if so how quickly, but just testing it out quickly this is actually kind of charming to me. Using "Simpler done than said" soundset, naturally.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,910 - a Reddit user created a Random Character Generator for BG and IWD (EE).


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