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Fanart Contest Round VI: Area Art

JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
This round's theme is area art! The winner(s) of this round will receive one free copy of BG:EE as well as one free copy of BG2:EE when it is released. In addition, your artwork may be featured in The Candlekeep Library! For a recap of the rules, please see this announcement.

Note: Participation in prior rounds is not required to participate in this one.

Baldur's Gate and its sequel let you explore a wide variety of locations, from a peaceful halfling village to an island of feuding werewolves. This month's theme invites you to draw area art for any in-game location, similar to the pictures of Nashkel, Baldur's Gate, Balduran's ship, and the Friendly Arm Inn that appear in the Enhanced Edition. Want to bring to life the infamous Durlag's Tower? Or the skeleton-infested Undercity with its ominous temple to Bhaal? Now's your chance to do so and possibly win a set of both Enhanced Edition games!

Areas from both games are acceptable subjects, but ones from BG:EE are preferred. Although characters may be included, the focus should be on the area itself.

Submissions must be original work; photomanipulations will not be accepted.

Ending Time
This round will end at 12:00 A.M. CET on June 6th.

Ready? Set? Draw!



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