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Ask Us Anything! (Volume 2)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
If you're just now joining us, we (the development team at Overhaul Games) are taking questions from you (the players). You can read the original thread here.

The FAQ thread here lists all of the important questions that have already been answered.

I'll note here that we cannot answer questions about content (we want to maintain the surprises where we can), and there may be other specific questions that we can't address right away, but we'll do our best to respond to questions as they come in (or, more likely, in clusters as we have time).

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  • ChowChow Member Posts: 1,192
    Dee said:

    As was noted before, Baeloth will be rather busy during the time that BG2 and ToB take place, and he probably wouldn't appreciate being pulled away to suffer the whims of the Charname.

    I don't see how that answers the question. Since when was Baeloth's opinion in this asked?

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,876
    Just out of curiousity... does the Overhaul's contract prohibit the use of BG:EE monsters in the upcoming BG2:EE? I reckon it would be a damn shame to not encounter hordes of our beloved, adorable and diseased gibberlings within the Underdark.

  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    Are the devs doing anything at all to assist in general mod compatibility for the EEs? I can understand if it's not a priority at this stage, but as it stands, Beamdog is both prohibited from changing existing content and is unable to allow players to make use of the vast library of WeiDU-based mods...

  • Match451Match451 Member Posts: 51
    Have you guys ever considered adding a module system like in NWN and release the level editor, so that players can create standalone adventures and decide which to play in the game's internal menus?

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    edited June 2013
    @shawne Speaking from my perspective as a modder, there's not a lot Beamdog can do about BGEE: because most BG1 mods are for BGT or TuTu, they use BGT and TuTu's necessarily differentiated file names and are coded to deal with the quirks thereof. BGEE is a much more clean port of BG1 content, with original filenames. As a result, the biggest change modders have to make is change resource references. To be clear, cross-platform compatibility with BGEE is no harder than making a mod compatible with both BGT and TuTu. It's just that nobody wants to spend the time to make their mod cross-platform-compatible; unfortunately, there's not a lot Beamdog can do there.

    As for BG2EE, the filenames are all the same, so compatibility is much less of an issue. There's still some work to be done, but we've tried to ensure an absolute minimum of work on the part of modders, and I'll be writing a quick guide on ensuring mods are compatible post-release.

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  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    @Kaeloree: I understand - and I certainly appreciate that modders such as yourself are taking the time to adapt what you can.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Any news on getting the latest patches to steam users?
    I realise it's currently in Atari's hands, but has there been any communication back from their side, and if not, have you tried contacting steam directly?

  • WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
    edited June 2013
    Two questions here (ok, well there's some questions within questions).

    1. Has anything changed in the 'Atari filing for bankruptcy' incident? Could the developers purchase or obtain the rights to the BG series *IF* said incident took place?

    2. When the patch releases, will the devs then release information regarding BG2:EE? If not then; then Soon?

  • LavecLavec Member Posts: 6
    I've been waiting for some time now for the iPad version to be playable for me - must be my clumsy fingers because I just can't drag the map around without issuing a move command and that's my number one issue. Anyway rather than playing in frustration I've put it aside until iPad issues are addressed. Will the upcoming patch fix iPad specific issues? I appreciate an honest answer here because I'm close to biting the bullet and getting a Mac version as well but would rather not have to pay again for BGEE.

  • ThrasymachusThrasymachus Member Posts: 646
    I have a couple of questions about the Dragon Disciple class (which I'm enjoying btw).

    1. I assume that the DD will receive the same stronghold and HLAs as sorcerers and mages in BG2EE?
    2. Will the DD abilities be changed to match those in the class description in the next patch (or BG2EE)? Or will the description be changed to match the DD abilities? (Or will there be some other kind of change to the class?)


  • AntonAnton Member, Moderator, Mobile Tester Posts: 513
    I'd like to ask about cluodsaving sync feature.
    Would it be based on BeamDog's services or each platform will have it's own way of cloudsaving (Google Play Services for Android, iCloud Save Sync for iOS, etc)?
    As I understand this feature is currently on hold until other (more important) will be done. So after which other tasks you plan to proceed with Save Sync? After Multiplayer matchmaking?

  • RasekovRasekov Member Posts: 59
    When the new patch arrives, what will be the minimum requirements for the game?

    Thanks to a crappy power supply I'm stuck with my backup pc, a dual core atom(intel GMA3150 graphics), for the next couple of weeks. I can play BGT and PST modded to 1080p without problems, but if the new render will allow BGEE to run in this machine it would be a nice addition to the VERY short list of games I can enjoy.

  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    So does it mean that there can be made completely automated program that will make mods compatible?
    (program that only changes paths in mods so basically anybody could make any mod mostly compatible)

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Grieg In theory, absolutely. Ascension64 once made a converter utility that did much the same thing to make mods BGT-compatible.

    There are other compatibility issues as well (portrait size, journals, etc) which can't be automated, but a tool could help. It's not something we are looking into, but I can give an ambitious modder a list of the resources and instructions for basically how to put something like that together from the mod-side.

  • TaylorTwerkTaylorTwerk Member Posts: 79
    When are you going to get started on the true baldurs gate? Dark Alliance??
    I have no real questions just keep up the good work.

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    edited June 2013
    @TaylorTwerk: Since I'm assuming that your question was made for a matter of tastes and not for something else I would say to you that the real BG are the ones Beamdog is working on and has made (and actually making) Enhanced editions: Baldur's Gate plus its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn plus its expansion Throne of Bhaal.

    Dark Alliance I and II were spin-off developed years later and they have nothing in common other than the "Baldur's Gate" name and the Forgotten Realm background.
    I will totally avoid a confrontation between BG I & II and DA I & II since de gustibus non disputandum est but surely those are two really different kind of games and I think Beamdog Team's will is more to enhance and glorify those old-school black isle rpg masterpieces than every BG title...

    EDIT: Errata corrige, thanks @Aedan!!!!!!! ;D

  • pklooppkloop Member Posts: 113
    Do the art assets exist for the IWD series? NOTE: Not asking when/if a remake is coming..just asking about the art.

  • TaylorTwerkTaylorTwerk Member Posts: 79
    edited June 2013
    @metalloman I was being sarcastic, sadly most of my friends only know of Dark Alliance and I was playing off the satire.

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    @TaylorTwerk: LOL I have left you the benefit of the doubt just in case of sarcasm! ;P

    What are you waiting for? Spread the word, show them how blind they were ever since! Go, go with my blessing!

  • NecroblivionNecroblivion Member Posts: 210
    edited June 2013
    1. Will a future BG:EE DLC will affect the core game? or will it be like Black Pits? and by affect I mean, if it will add new spells, items, abilities, kits, use the Bhaalspawn as the hero etc'.

    2. Is there going to be something like the Black Pits for BG2:EE?

  • TaylorTwerkTaylorTwerk Member Posts: 79
    edited June 2013
    @Metalloman "Omg deeze graphix sucks xDD" "Stfu Imoen I don't care if we have to get out of here I'll kill him with my fighter/mage/thief xDDD why can't I be a fighter/mage/thief/cleric???" "where is the hot elf lesbian sex scene?" "Dragon age 2 is sooo much better you can be random lel xD"

    Please I am done trying to show them good entertainment, my poor heart can't take it any more.

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    LOL @TaylorTwerk: All your friends are doomed.

  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 182
    Is there any chance that Temple of Elemental Evil comes to BGEE as a DLC? :)

  • MalicronMalicron Member Posts: 629
    If we're doing old-school D&D modules as BG:EE DLC I'd just as soon have Tomb of Horrors.

  • ChowChow Member Posts: 1,192
    Let's do Eye of the Beholder. It at least is legitimately close to where the game takes place: only a couple hundred miles north.

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566
    Malicron said:

    If we're doing old-school D&D modules as BG:EE DLC I'd just as soon have Tomb of Horrors.

    I think no D&D module benefits/suffers as much from a load/save function as the Tomb of Horrors. Entire parties have been wasted on the first corridor alone.

  • CobbwebCobbweb Member Posts: 26
    I would like to know if Beamdog has looked into, or is interested in building the old D&D modules as DLC content for BG:EE/BG2:EE.

    It would be neat to play the old modules with the game engine, even if they where kept completely separate from the BG story line.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,667
    Personally I would love to add some old modules. Some of the stuff would be kind of weird or hard to implement, i.e. steamroller elephants and warping floors. I don't think there's any plans to implement one in the near future but if an elite squad of modders were to make it they would have my undying love.

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