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Say the opposite of what you mean!

edited September 2013 in Off-Topic
IN THIS THREAD we say the opposite of what we really feel about something that we really like in Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, or PlaneScape: Torment, or that we frequently do.

For example...
I really, really dislike Neera.
-In truth, I love Neera!
I think that the one portrait in Icewind Dale with the woman in the dark dress is hideous.
-She's purdy. :3
I like to participate in Obe the Illusionist's training, now that I can not exploit Canderous and Osprey into my party.
-Hell, no! Canderous (Candy!) and Osprey are my buddies in vanilla runs.
I hate having to carry the dead cat in my inventory in Icewind Dale for one or two interesting dialogues with NPCs.
-Dead bodies BELONG in your inventory.

But without the truth underneath.


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