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The most annoying npc



  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    So the next question is, why did Irenicus go to all this trouble to prevent Khalid from being raised?
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    So the next question is, why did Irenicus go to all this trouble to prevent Khalid from being raised?

    I don't thikn it was any trouble. He only experimented on Khalid for the sake whatever he wanted Imoen to learn/realize. Corrupting necromancy was probably just a means, not an intentional "haha now my prisoners cannot raise this person!"
  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,870
    His sole motivation is the relentless pursue of power for revenge's sake. Torturing is only a means to an end for Jon. Not to mentioning he already had both Imoen and CHARNAME as far as unlocking said power of the divines goes. Which makes them much more attractive guinea pigs to experiment on. At least Dynaheir might have holded some kind of esoteric Calishite witch magic imbued into her soul to tickle Jon's curiousity asa researcher of souls.

    But Khalid? If it's one thing Irenicus would hate then it's to needlessly waste his precious time on some unimportant half-elf harper. And a fighter at that. Nah, gotta stick to my TV drama seriousness hypothesis here.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    I always figured he dispatched Dynaheir so quickly was simply because she was another mage, and therefore, a greater potential threat. You can't really tell how powerful a mage is by looking at them and the fact that she was associated with a known powerful bhaalspawn probably marked her as potentially dangerous.
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 770
    edited October 2019
    I think we may be reading too much into it and Jaheira and Minsc were just considered better characters than Khalid and Dynaheir ... At least they didn’t go full Alien 3
  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,090
    edited October 2019
    This one is pretty simple. He was experimenting/practicing on him like he was a disposable lab animal. Which, to Irenicus, he was. He didn't want to blow his (at the time) one shot by screwing up and killing PC before he got their soul. So, it was less a matter of Irenicus doing something specifically to keep him from being raised and more a matter of not being concerned that he was able to be raised.

    When he figured out Imoen was also a Bhaalspawn along the way, he now had two possible "donor souls", allowing him to test his process with Bohdi. Like any arrogant scuzzball, he wanted only the best, so he tested both PC and Imoen to see who had the "better" soul. Presumably this was the PC, since Bohdi got Imoen's soul. Always the cautious guy, he tested his process with Bohdi first, and only then himself. The guy may have been a scumbag, but he was a cautious, logical scumbag.

    As for Dynaheir, who knows? Given Irenicus' abilities, I seriously doubt she was a threat. This was a guy who blasted cowled wizards into chunks for a couple of rounds. Instead, I imagine she was just "used up" earlier and disposed of. With her crap constitution/HP, she wouldn't have lasted as long as Jaheira, Khalid, or Minsc. It is very possible that the party walked through her, by then, unrecognizable, rotted remains in that sewer.
  • BlackbɨrdBlackbɨrd Member Posts: 287
    I wish Rasaad was an option.
  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 389
    I found Marl incredibly annoying, offered to buy him a pint and he attacks me. I actually had to mod my own game so now you can knock him unconscious and he'll limp back to his buddy. :#
  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I cannot stand that Woman, Jaheira.

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