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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,281
    Gate70/Grond0 multiplayer attempt 206, Core rules + unmodded (update 3)
    Symon (male half-elf druid, Grond0); Noht (male half-elf blade, Gate70)
    Previous updates:
    At the Bandit Camp Noht initially attacked in melee, but took quite a bit of damage from the bandit archers and Symon (wearing the Boots of Avoidance) took over the tanking for a while. Taurgosz got a couple of hefty blows in on him and Symon was in the process of running away from him when Noht's glitterdust stopped Taurgosz in his tracks. Symon produced a nymph and both he and the nymph started casting at Taurgosz. The nymph died to Noht's skull trap before she could finish her spell, but Symon's was sufficient ;).
    Invisibility was used to sneak into the tent and a bit of blindness and webbing saw Venkt & co downed without us taking any damage.

    After the usual minimal exploration in the Cloakwood, the mine beckoned. Drasus & co didn't deal well with web and stinking cloud and put up no resistance.
    Davaeorn's battle horrors were dragged back and despatched without trouble. The mage himself survived nymph attempts to confuse and hold him, so Noht took a potion of magic blocking and hunted him down.
    Symon wasted time trying to attack the mustard jelly in black bear shape (that uses a piercing attack, that the jelly is immune to) and changed back to human form during the fight. Without another bear transformation available he couldn't break open the chest next to the jelly and decided to leave that. However, he also left (less consciously) the key to the river plug and rested before coming back for that - so did loot that chest after all ;).

    After arriving in the City our internet connection got spotty and we cut the session short there.

    Druid 8, 66 HPs, 133 kills
    Blade 8, 54 HPs, 171 kills, 2 deaths
  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,717
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,281
    Jabberwock wrote: »
    In addition, I think playing a good character is probably a mistake. Having now run the numbers, it's impossible to get 100 base MR without either using human leather, or using Vecna or going up to WS15. WS15 is pretty awful as it means not unlocking WS until end of SoA and not unlocking UAI until mid-late ToB at 4.8mm exp. So the better thing to do would be to play neutral or evil and kill Adalon, and then hitting 100 base MR is pretty easy.

    @Jabberwock is Carsomyr not available in your game, or are you ruling that out because of it being a pain to re-equip items to get high MR?
  • JabberwockJabberwock Member Posts: 75
    @Grond0 I'm actually planning on using Carsomyr and the WS13 has 5* in two handers. But, I think stacking MR with Carsomyr + other items is semi-exploity so I'm going to avoid it.

    However, Carsomyr + Hell + Lum + WS13 = 78, which is pretty good. And then depending on how magic protection potions stack, I may or may not use them to get to 100 in important fights.

    I'm planning on UAI scroll casting for tough fights, so that will also help with protections. I unfortunately did not get spell turning from the book of infinite spells, but will (I think) be able to use spell trap from the magi staff and that should keep me pretty safe.

    TBH, I'm most concerned about end of SoA liches and the twisted rune, as I won't yet have UAI. I also don't think I have any way of casting freedom. I think the fate spirit probably summons imprisoned party members, but I don't know, and I would be surprised if they kept their levels/equipment...

    I may have to chicken out of those fights, due to not dualing at WS9...

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,620
    Temporary buffs like potions and spells pretty much always stack on top of "when equipped" effects. The timestamp order only really matters when you're trying to combine effects in the same group.

    Even better, potions of magic protection don't trigger the AI conditions for "I need to dispel that". A pure fighter can drink two potions of magic protection and clear out a hive of beholders, only having to worry about their melee attacks.

    If you're willing to allow temporary party members who aren't fighters, any of the arcane characters can earn you and your party a ton of XP by scribing scrolls. Post-underdark, that's as far as your gold carries it with Ribald's infinite Freedom scrolls. That should at least get you to UAI before the end of SoA, so your protagonist can use Freedom scrolls to save any imprisoned party members.
  • Corey_RussellCorey_Russell Member Posts: 970
    If you really want a lot of experience, such as say, ToB level cap, the real way to do that is take a character (or characters) with a weapon that returns or is infinite ammo, like Tasheron's bow. Set script of that character to auto-attack (standard attack). Stand them up on the walls on the upper right part of Saradush, being careful not to stand where fireballs appear. Your character will then attack fire giants off screen. The giants are infinite and combined with your return weapon/infinite ammo, getting to ToB level cap is a snap!
  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    There's also the wand of wonders who has a chance to petrify. Buy a lot of stone to flesh scrolls, and go petrify/unpetrify some dragon, recharge the wand as needed. A bit more time consuming because of the randomness and the need to recharge the wand (I actually never did that but I saw it done somewhere, maybe it needed reloads though because of the randomness)
  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,717
    @Corey_Russell Well done.
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 938
    semiticgod wrote: »
    Nice! Thank you, @Enuhal. I've added those entries to the Hall of Heroes, though I'm missing:

    1. A starting post link and the difficulty level for @CharlestonianTemplar's Holy Justice of Tyr
    2. A mod list and the difficulty level for @Neverused's Shaman
    3. A mod list and the difficulty level for @Gate70's Blackguard and Illusionist

    I'll add them to the entries whenever; just tag me here. If there are any other missing entries, let me know.

    I've removed the Shaman and Illusionist from the missing class list and added the Fighter/Thief. If anyone knows of a Fighter/Thief run, I'll remove it.

    @semiticgod has anyone succeeded as an assassin or as a swashbuckler? I could not find them in the successful entries list. If no, the only successful single class thief seems a shadowdancer.
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