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Let's have some conceptual fun!!

Let's have some conceptual fun fun and possibly annoy some fan boys while we are at it. So the idea is to take abilities, skills, items, or powers from one multiverse and give them to a character, race, or creature in DnD or BG. Then discuss whether they are over powered, underpowered, or no real change.

Got it, I'll start us off, time to start the hate...

Giving the thu'um to the dragons in DnD. If you look at the it from aaa lore and not gameplay perspective, I don't see any real limit it. It's a magic that materializes the very words being spoken.I still want to see what will happen if they shouted, "Die, All, Mortals"

Give the 12 talisman's of shendu to a male Drow, or a Dragonborn... Watch the fireworks go!

Give Drizzt either soul caliber or soul edge.

You may hate me now.



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