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Your Greatest Facepalm Moment?



  • Abby_ZeroAbby_Zero Member Posts: 65
    edited November 6
    Saving Samuel on a ‘leave no quest entry undone (except for A Farmer’s Troubles, Troubles in the Region, unattainable like Gurke’s Boots, etc) campaign’ pretty early on then finding the Flaming Fist Guard looking for Samuel after I cleared like 30 hours of quests since I saved the game before bringing him to Gellana. Thankfully in 2017 as opposed to 1998 I had the ‘net to help and I found out I could turn Samuel the Deserter grey without basically restarting! So it had a happy-unfacepalming ending.

    Not for Gellana Moonshade though.

    PS I totally remember this encounter from back in the day. Once I saw Samuel the Deserter I was like ‘Oh $#*+’ lol
  • GrumGrum Member Posts: 2,045
    pvddr said:

    I once started a throwing-dagger Kansai intending on dual classing to Thief later on, at level 13. I was playing with a party, and I reached 13 at some point in Underdark. Upon trying to dual class, the button was greyed out. After a long time, I realized it - Thieves can't be Lawful Good. :(

    Be evil in hell? For a...really late dual class I guess.
  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 492
    edited November 14
    Once I got Imoen up to 40k xp then dual classed her... without levelling her up first.
    I didn't notice I had done this until she reached level... 6? Mage.
  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 124
    Perhaps not the greatest facepalm moment of all my adventures, but I was just now recording the early stages of my playthrough and died to a gibberling (had 9/10 HP on lvl 1 so wasn't protected from 1-hit kills) on my kensai. I died... to a gibberling. People joke about that kind of thing and it just happened to me for real :+).
  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 318
    Lol Mivsan don't feel so bad - I borked my first installation of TUTU once and ended up getting INSANE amounts of gibberling spawns - I remember a horde of 7-8 right near Gorion's body, and all I could do was run like hell! Sadly, we found a vampiric wolf on the way to Beregost and died.
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