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Beamdog's Official Statement (4-6-2016)



  • marcerormarceror Member Posts: 577
    Good luck Trent and the Beamdog team on managing this situation! I look forward to playing SoD in the coming months.

  • Greenman019Greenman019 Member Posts: 206
    Glad you're improving Mizhena. Was a missed opportunity if nothing else.

    Don't care for the Minsc line, don't see the issue. But wasn't a good fit I guess.

    Good update

  • GenderNihilismGirdleGenderNihilismGirdle Member Posts: 1,353
    Really happy to see commitment on forward motion for Mizhena, even if that Minsc line did get a laugh out of me! :D Keep up the good work, you've made a fan out of me and I hope to see more content as high quality as SoD out of Beamdog!

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Trent asked me to split the discussion from the announcement. Carry on!

  • RawgrimRawgrim Member Posts: 621
    Side note: I don't think devs have to worry about the threats. If people care that much about stuff in video games to begin with, there is no chance the person will leave his computer or console to make good on his threats.

  • marcerormarceror Member Posts: 577
    While you're making updates Beamdog, can we get a flasher character represented in this game? This could be appropriately "forced". You click on the "Eager Fellow or Lady". He/she immediately shares that "from a young age they wanted to flash random passersby". "Check this out!" (Flash)

    Character runs off the map screaming wildly! :smiley:

    Just another inclusion idea to consider!

  • prem0nitionprem0nition Member Posts: 65
    @splatypus I agree with @Dee. Get your idea posted, I'd love to read it :)

  • RawgrimRawgrim Member Posts: 621
    Dee said:

    splatypus said:

    We’ve received feedback around Mizhena, a supporting character who reveals she is transgender. In retrospect, it would have been better served if we had introduced a transgender character with more development. This is a lesson we will be carrying forward in our development as creators and we will be improving this character in a future update.
    Dang, I was just getting ready to submit my awesome story idea for a trans character in Baldur's Gate.

    Thank you Trent for releasing a great expansion. And thank you all for caring about your community.
    There's no reason you can't still submit that idea! I'm sure the community would love to hear it.

    Here is an idea for you.

    A male wizard born in a woman's body. Researching a spell to transform himself into his preferred gender. After years of research the spell is ready. When he is about to cast it, he gets bitten by a vampire and gets infected. The regenerative powers of vamyrism keeps the spell from working. Can get quests out of that too.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • SamySamy Member Posts: 51
    Looking forward to seeing more development with Mizhena. That should resolve whether those complaining really care about the writing quality or the character's nature.

  • KogornKogorn Member Posts: 104
    I support you guys 100% @TrentOster ! Please don't let the vitriol in some earlier comments demoralize you and the company. I hope you will continue to make further content and expand upon the lore of Baldur's Gate. Even though there were 1-2 things I disagreed with in the writing, the vast majority of the writing I think was superb, and the effect of the little that wasn't was blown way out of proportion in various forums. I'm about 1/3 of the way through SOD--been taking my time and am really enjoying it, much more so than a lot of other games I've played lately!

  • RodrianRodrian Member Posts: 426
    I really wish you all the best Beamdogs! :smile:

    [Bonus Questions:]
    @Dee - are the nearest patches going to address only multiplayer and controversial problems, or others as well (like e.g. spontaneous difficulty swapping) ?
    ..also, can you confirm that those patches would come on 14th (or around) of April?

  • TorinTorin Member Posts: 229
    iasson said:

    I appreciate your decision to expand Mizhena and i personally think it is one of the major requirements of SoD.

    Future petitions:
    - Captain Corwin, tweak the dialog slightly so it doesn't imply mansplaining her.
    - Refugees dialog, add another dialog option that isn't biased towards them
    - Restore Safana to her teasing nature

    There is no mansplaining there. You get same answer if you main character is a woman. Actually that original picture that bashed this was with woman main character.

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