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Say something nice about beamdog or SOD



  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    The fact that my old companions are walking and talking with new banters.

    That I can recruit more companions earlier in the game is great as well. It always annoyed me that you had to wait for a very long time for some of them in BG 1. Makes it easier to get who you want and the rest will hang around in camp.

    Fitting music that fits well with the rest of the saga.

    And now also that shield and bow thing I didn't know about. Sod needs a did you know thread.
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    Well said. SoD is on a par with BG1 -- while there are some weak individual encounters over the course of the game, it held my interest and felt like an organic continuation of the BG1 story. Given how much Beamdog's original content has improved from the Enhanced Edition releases to SoD, it's possible to imagine BG3 reaching the very high bar of BG2-level content, which would be great both in its own right and to get D&D and the Forgotten Realms back into the CRPG spotlight.
  • ZilberZilber Member Posts: 253
    The way I can play my beloved games whenever I am holed up in a hotel somewhere, or even on a long train trip is really nice.

    The items presented in SoD are interesting enough that I started a new playthrough just to see how the classes previously ignored (bard, monk) work now they have got some love.

    The goblin shaman is so well done! She does suffer a bit from Torment-esque fixed sprites, but nothing that can't be overlooked.

    Switching sword and shield to bow was so impossible that I did not even try it, must also try bow and two weapons.

    Now if only there were a few more bards (preferably neutral female) and a certain recruitable Tiefling npc from another Infinity engine game, it would be absolute bliss.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    the fact you can go from bg1npc project and into sod and nothing seems wrong.

  • ArcalianArcalian Member Posts: 357
    It;s actual new BG content, with some interesting NPCs.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    edited June 2019
    i don't like is how your party members don't have anything to say when the hooded man is around. besides imoen they act like he is not there.
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  • ElysianEchoesElysianEchoes Member Posts: 475
    BG2, if you import, you lose your stuff. HotU, if you import, you lose your stuff.

    SoD, if you import, you keep your stuff! So long as it wasn't in a container, anyway.

    That's one thing I like about SoD.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 490
    I’m pleased with the new npcs you find in BGEE and BGEE2 i.e. Dorn, Hexxat, Neera, Baeloth, Wilson and Rasaad. For once the evil characters are REALLY evil - so evil in fact in BG2EE that I can never stomach bringing them along, which is a good thing. Also their side quests are very in depth, which makes them worth trying and add to the overall experience. I’m also pleased that we can use Bg1 NPCs like Safana, Khalid and Dynaheir in SOD, and they are given the chance to really breathe as’s a shame that they all snuff it in BG2 eventually
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 490
    Yeah, I like the fact you permanently lose your stuff between BG1 and 2...there is a lot of junk at the end of BG1 that we don’t need, and starting from scratch is indeed fun.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    Ballad wrote: »
    I really like SoD and am very glad it exists. Whenever I play it, it feel like a notch up in quality from the original game in many ways. I like how it manages to integrate memorable sidequests with an urgent and fairly linear plot. It feels like IWD done right. Fighting the green dragon with a low level party is one of my more memorable BG moments, as is the quest with the Dwarven lich.

    I really like the kit-specific equipment. It's such a great way to address balance issues without tampering with the base mechanics.

    What I don't like is the general dislike that people seem to have towards SoD. I never understood it myself. I remember there being some sort of a controversy when it came out, but I can't remember what it was about...

    [Googles Siege of Dragonspear controversy]

    Oh, apparently there was a minor NPC that identifies as transgender and people took it as LGBT tokenism. Oh for the love of Lathander... Don't tell me this is what got people up in arms

    wore part is people are still complaining about it. rpg codex and gog stilll hate beamdog for ruining their games and you can't go on youtube to look for reviews about sod with out hearing about the drama.
  • VerticorVerticor Member Posts: 115
    "Say something nice about beamdog or SOD".

    Well, if you insist. Beamdog won't make another SoD. >:)
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    edited August 2019
    Verticor wrote: »
    "Say something nice about beamdog or SOD".

    Well, if you insist. Beamdog won't make another SoD. >:)

    20 seconds in.
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