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Embarrassing moments in public Thread

XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
The title sums it up,
A Great moment of mine was during my first date. We were at a fancy restaurant and it was really quiet and she was very pretty, I got really nervous, to say the least i farted and it was really loud. We never really talked to each other again.



  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    You know when you wave or something and say the wrong thing cause you're not thinking about it? Like shaking someone's hand and saying "goodbye" or waving bye and yelling "thanks!"

    That sucks.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    When you're running along a pier and run out of pier, almost plunging yourself into the sea. You manage to save it, though, but instead fall head first into the sand on the other side. This while on the beach with your extended family :D

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  • ArgasArgas Member Posts: 174
    At work customer came back said "there are no beef in my burger.." "of course there are no beef in your burger, its still cooking.." Happened again another time. Customer didn't even call.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,473
    When I asked a work colleague out on a date, and she replied; "You do realise I'm a Lesbian, don't you?".

  • ArgasArgas Member Posts: 174
    I tried something similar she said a few times she about her boyfriend...could have broken her....

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    Mr2150 said:

    I was walking into a work building and took the stairs to the 3rd floor. Another worker did the same but took the lift.

    When we both got to the third floor, she saw me and said, "Oh, that just makes me look lazy..." to which I replied, "Well, your are pregnant..."

    And of course, she wasn't... :*

    I can take this story to another level...

    At Salsa dancing classes, I complimented a Lady for continuing to learn to dance whilst pregnant, even asking when it was due...

    She blurted she was not pregnant... I apologised... And we continued to dance in awkward silence till the end of the song... Upon which she parted so quickly, I was left on the dance floor alone... Not wishing to follow due to extreme embarrassment, I was forced to dance the next song on my tod...


    Still... In retrospect, I must have looked fabulous...

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    dunbar said:

    When I asked a work colleague out on a date, and she replied; "You do realise I'm a Lesbian, don't you?".

    I hope you answered with a "I like a challenge." in a low gravelly voice.

    Giving such a reply in a high pitched girly voice causes all sorts of problems...

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,089
    If you're worried about being embarrassed in public, the best solution is to never leave your house.

  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,769
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,702

    If you're worried about being embarrassed in public, the best solution is to never leave your house.

    You can't imagine how many times I just wished I had the kind of money that would allow me to stay home most of the time and just avoid contact with humanity...

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,230
    Public speeches are bad enough...but crying during one that you give is even worse.

    Or there was the time that I was in the local outdoor shopping plaza, bathing in and eating mashedtaters in a giant cooking pot, when I was accosted by mutants who dragged me to the highway median and then publicly fed me to a colorful, laughing unicorn who made snarky comments over the loudspeaker about my flavor to the amusement of random drivers stuck at the intersection's traffic light. That was pretty embarrassing...

    But definitely not as bad as crying during my public speech.

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