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Modding my install to oblivion?

LoldrupLoldrup Member Posts: 291
Today I'm (probably) going to mod my BGEE installation into oblivion... Below is the list of mods I have chosen (picked from this list). However, a further filtering will probably happen as I will only install those that can be installed through the Big World Setup. Only two questions remain: Will Big World Setup handle the installation ordering for me..? And is there any chance on earth, that I will not make a total mess of my installation, given the number of mods I will install..?

Banter packs

Chatty ImoenThis mod expands Imoen's voice set and adds interaction banters with other NPCs. It also has a component to change Imoen's portrait to one of three choices: BG1, SoD, or BG2.

Garrick's infatuation"Garrick's Infatuation" allows Gorion's foster daughter to explore a closer acquaintance with her very first biographer through a series of conversations. The flirtation is available to females of any race, class, or alignment and it begins shortly after Garrick is recruited.

Xan's friendship pathXan-initiated banter.


Distinguishable clubs

Golem Construction for Spellcasters

Nerfed Ankheg Armor

Wand CaseThalantyr sells a container to store wands.

GUI & Graphics

Continous Viconia Appearance for BG1EE, BG2EE, SOD and EET

Lighting Pack

Portraits Portraits Everywhere

The Picture Standard for BGEE 1 & 2


Sirene NPC BG:EE

Verr'Sza NPCAn evil rakshasa ranger.

Vynd, drow assassin

Portrait packs

Artastrophe portraits

Quests & expansions

Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters


BG1 Unfinished Business

Critter Parts mini-mod for Baldur’s Gate: EERole-play based quests. New harvestable drops and edible meats from the bears, wolves, dire wolves, etc. Also drops from all spider types that can be used for bartering with a new NPC who has an interest in such trinkets.


Animal Companions

Non-Player Characters Enhanced

Random Character GenerationBored playing the same types of character over and over? Let this Random Character UI mod choose for you. Simple to install.

Simple XP cap remover


Taunt Spell

AI Enhancements

Sword Coast StratagemsATTENTION in order to install SCS on 2.0+ you need this fix.


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