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3 Days till BG2:EE! What will you do on the day of release? (apart from stare at a download bar...)

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
This was an original thread started by me on the release of BG:EE

This thread is gonna look old really quick... Who cares! I've left Candlekeep! Yay!

I am going to install a lock on the door and then smear Marmite around the door frame to prevent demons and the wife from crossing the doorway and disturbing me.

I have already stocked food for 3 days gaming in the corner.

Ablutions will have to be few and far between but I think I can wee out the window...

What preparations are you making?

Since those happy times, I have played BG till my eyes have bled and Beta tested so much I have called close friends Imoen and Minsc by accident.


And I became a Dad :)

So... What will you do on the day of release of BG2:EE.

Personally, I will celebrate by wrapping up in toilet paper for that "Mummiefied" look that is so catchy, then possibly try to spontaneously combust myself by shouting ctrl-y repeatedly. Hopefully this will result in myself being sent home from work for rest and recuperation (I will now be yelling ctrl-j) enabling a full 48 hours of non-stop BG2:EE action...

So thats the plan... What will you do on the day? Read what others did below or jump the last post by clicking below...

EDIT: Time update...

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