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Suggestions Thread: Game Mechanics (scripts, spells, feats, combat)

SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 76
Hello folks, I'm Symphony.

In order to keep things collated, I'm starting category based suggestion/bug discussions. Please use your best judgement to find which discussion best suits your range of items!

This Suggestions Discussion is for Game Mechanics. Any sort of addition or change to the game that might effect the dice rolls, character sheet, and progression, would be considered a Game Mechanics suggestion.

An incomplete list of example items is listed below:
  • Races
  • Classes
  • Feats
  • Skills
  • Spell Effects
  • Spellbooks
  • Item Properties
  • Combat Modes
  • Combat Rolls
  • "Bonuses" "Penalties" "Modifiers"
  • Rest and Restoration
  • Movement Speed
Feel free to post your suggestions below in a hopefully clean and concise manner, and if you have time, try to read the other suggestions so you don't duplicate any requests.



  • Altair_KhalidAltair_Khalid Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2017
    - It was very annoying in the past having to fill all your hotbar slots with buffs and having to click each one (unless you used a buffing rod or sequencer) my suggestion is to inbuild a form of sequencer/buffing queue that a player can save and load and be able to just click once and have all their buffs taken care of a set it and forget it mode so we can focus on the more fun interesting parts of gameplay, this mode would obviously check to see if the player did indeed have those spells so the system couldnt be exploited.

    - Hire Kaedrin and or his services or request to use his content and add all of his custom classes and reverse engineer all of the classes he added to NWN 2 because they made the game SO much better.

    - From this thread on the vault ( here ) I'd like to highlight a few options I'd like to see also (though they would ofc all be awesome)

    - Toolset item limit (16k Resource limit) (increase it)
    - Allow custom rays, visual effects on weapons, custom races, custom base classes etc.. NWN client externder
    items. Without the need of the extender.
    - Most of the script functions with extender in basic game(without an extender).
    - Preload haks in multiplayer
    - Unlocked toolset windows. So you can work in multiple windows and resize them.
    - More multi-thread support / 64-bit (game / toolset / server)

  • TondenTonden Member Posts: 165
    1. “ Unlock Camera “ so that we can look straight up at the sky
    2. Add more armor slots like Bracers and Earrings
    3. Open the code up so that creators can have custom Spells, Feats, Races, and Class all right from the start, at character creation.
    4. Higher Polly counts for Tilesets, Creatures, NPC, and Player Character Models.
    5. Support for Gmax and Blender

  • ElvinElvin Member Posts: 3
    General Game Mechanic suggestion: Ruleset D&D 3.5. There's quite a lot of adaptations already done, true, but none of them is perfect, and having an official one would help the creation of new content (Because, let's face it, 3.5 is way better than 3.0)

  • EbonstarEbonstar Member Posts: 85
    unlock hardcoded feats to allow them to be adjusted for the setting, instead of having to disable overpowered ones.(ie devastating critical)

  • Sylvius_the_MadSylvius_the_Mad Member Posts: 23
    Fix friendly fire for enemies.

    It did actually work correctly when NWN was originally released, but then it was broken in a patch (patch 3, if I recall correctly) such that enemies were no longer subject to it. No more would NPC sorcerors accidentally roast their lackeys (something that previously happened quite conspicuously on level 2 of the Neverwinter Prison in the official campaign).

    Please restore full friendly fire functionality.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 431
    Being able to add/remove domains from pc to better control for deity systems. A whole UI change like nwn2 would be great also.

    Being able to easily add feats that affect skills (for custom Racial skill bonuses, skill focus, epic skill focus etc.. for example)
    Feat.2da allow you to adjust skills (not affecting cap) example Colum names SKILLNUM(skill.2da) SKILLMOD (amount feat gives). So we can have some the basic feats that adjust skills. (not added to base feat.2da but supported so no worries about backwards compatibility and allows for current and future modders to add in)

  • AllatumAllatum Member Posts: 16

    My suggestions:

    1. Open up the combat engine so it isn't hardcoded, allowing for custom weapon feats and allowing weapon specialization/focus for custom weapons
    2. Allow for custom ranged weapons to be added without overwriting the existing ranged weapons
    3. Allow Flurry of Blows to work with custom weapons

    This was something I wanted to post, but I also noticed, as much as there were a lot of nice additions, that there was no support for:

    Bards and Sorcerers suffer from taking Prestige Classes - this really, really, really needs to be looked at and fixed. Currently if you have Bard or Sorcerer and take any PrC that advances spellcasting of said classes only get the benefit of extra spells per day and not spells known.

    Alternative/additional Spellbook support: It's possible to add a lot of custom spells, but not possible (or easy?) to add classes with their own custom spellbooks. This prevents the addition of new class types such as Psion without doing awkward things

    Speaking of Psionics, the ability to add extra pool trackers (Displayed alongside HP) for classes with the ability to script it to follow specific things would be nice. (Either Powerpoints, or perhaps Bard Song or Turn Undead uses) -This may be an unrelated fluff issue

    - Cross posted from old thread

  • NearEtherealNearEthereal Member Posts: 13
    1. Open up hard coded feats, class features, etc to make them easily modifyable via script
    2. Add an easy system to edit and create simple feats (Such as those that add spell caster level [Practice spell caster] or the Skill Focus feats for custom skills etc)
    3. Change the ranger class to 3.5 ruleset (Combat style, melee or ranged as default; currently we can only impliment using NWNX)
    4. Spellbooks for classes that use them (Assassins, Blackguard, currently this is only implemented via NWNX)
    5. Bard casting in light armor , or the ability to cast in armor un-hardcoded.

  • ChreelisterChreelister Member Posts: 3
    I agree with the 16k limit, a PW server, I dev for, The Three Towns, has been real close to the limit for like 5 years. Also quick slots, 36 is not enough. :)

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 1,637
    Two suggestions from a longtime player.

    First, rebalance the Shapeshifter. Everything else is fine. As it stands, it's a lot of fun and really unique, but highly underwhelming in the higher level campaigns it was designed for. Just beef it up a bit. No need to do anything drastic.

    Another is this, add some stuff. Who doesn't like stuff? What I mean by that is classes or spells or feats or, dare I say, races. PRC in it's entirety is too much for an official add-on, in my honest opinion, but provides an easy set of guidelines.

  • anntarianntari Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2017
    -Unlock Camera
    -Fix Parry
    -Make Circle Attack attack function like Attack Of Opportunities instead. A quick attack to a nearby enemy and then resuming attacking the first target.
    As is, changing targets constantly gets many killed, since they're reducing every enemies HP evenly, rather than focusing on one at a time. Manually retargeting the first foe results in standing there until the start of the next round, wasting more attacks than Circle Attack granted.

  • AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
    - Allow Counterspell to be put on the hotbar
    - Fix Whirling attack 3-targets bug on Linux/Mac
    - More hotbars

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,724
    Dele said:

    Not sure if possible but having attack modes be actual toggles and stay on until toggled off would be nice

    Seconding this. Unless you're initiating an attack on an enemy or interacting with a placeable, special attack modes get turned off whenever you move.

  • AKMattAKMatt Member Posts: 8
    It would be helpful if scripts could change the name of a player character. This would be useful to have both as an option for players to change their own name, and for DMs to be able to change the names of other players’ characters. In a PW setting this is useful for allowing disguises.

    On that note, it might be helpful to hide player accounts when sending tells and just display the character name in the chat bar. In my experience, players are great at pretending not to know when a disguised character is talking to them but sometimes this puts an undue burden on the player whose character is being deceived, whereas a fully supported disguise system would let people organically play the sleuth on such tricksters.

  • YehoyakinYehoyakin Member Posts: 15
    In regards of game mechanics the only thing I wish they'd add, is selecting companions like in Baldur's Gate, because the AI is awful. Like when your caster casts a fireball right next to him and gets killed, or when you want them to attack a specific enemy and they just pick one randomly.

  • HarkathHarkath Member Posts: 6
    Someone suggested NWN2's classes/prestige classes which is a killer idea, but to highlight a few permanent fan favorites:

    *Favored Soul
    *Shadow Adept

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 86
    I'd like to see the bug involving dispelling buffs granted via items being fixed.

    eg for purposes of dispel resistance potions/trinkets have a CL set to either the CL of the last spell cast from a spellbook or the characters total level if no spells have been cast.

  • Night76Night76 Member Posts: 20
    edited November 2017

    my simple suggestion:

    - Separate spellbooks for any new class/prestige class (like assassin, blackguard ecc ...) so to have spell choice and not feat.
    - Adjust class and prestige class with new spell and spellbook. (some not all).
    - Add subrace functionality with 2DA system.
    - Domain spell for cleric! I know that some domain spell are not easy to create but substitution is better than nothing (1 spell for 2 domain is good for me the comunity can customize this).
    - Customize "Power Attack" and "Expertize" to select the bonus to add/remove.

    Thanks in advance for reading

  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 320
    Parry shouldn't be a skill. What it could be is FEAT called Fencing that would be a mode like Expertise, buffing AC and allowing riposte attacks. It's just weird to have Parry skill mechanic on top of AC/AB and Expertise feats. A system on top of a system that does the same thing is just bad design and not part of D&D.

  • knasknas Member Posts: 50
    - Fix Parry

    - Fix Circular Kick
    - Fix Whirlwind Attack

    - Make PrC classes calculate caster level correctly. Some effects like spell resistance don't take them into account.

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