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Suggestions Thread: Game Mechanics (scripts, spells, feats, combat)



  • JimbobslimbobJimbobslimbob Member Posts: 199
    edited November 2017
    Unless I have missed it, I have not seen the detect mode bug mentioned anywhere yet:

    It boils down to "passive detect" currently using the players full search skill bonus (and a d20), when both the skill bonus and dice roll should be halved (d10). Only "active" search should use the full skill amount and a d20.

    Passive (default) mode
    Trap detection radius: 3.33 meters
    Trap detection rate: 6 seconds (every round)
    Trap detection roll: d20 + full skill (since at least version 1.68; probably a bug)
    Spot/listen roll: d10 + half skill

    Active (detect) mode
    Trap detection radius: 6.66 meters
    Trap detection rate: 3 seconds (twice per round)
    Trap detection roll: d20 + full skill
    Spot/listen roll: d20 + full skill

    There are more details on the Wiki, here:

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 65
    I'd like to see the CL of items, scrolls, wands, trinkets be setup so that they can be set in some manor in the toolset.

    Possibly with a toggleable option for module/server creators (so it isn't forced on server owners) for the scribe scroll/craft wand and brew potion feats that allow the one making the item to set the CL upto their own CL.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 161
    Detect Running v. Walking

    I'd find it useful if we could tell whether a character is running or walking, and be able to set the mode through scripting. Being able to know this state opens up possibilities for no-run zones (inside a church), forcing a character to run (panicked?), fatigue due to running everywhere, etc. Obviously, using this would be up to the builder.



  • ObaObaObaOba Member Posts: 12
    -Fix Whirlwind attack.
    -Open up hard coded feats!
    -Remove the 16k limit resources.

  • MistakesWereMadeMistakesWereMade Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2017
    -A proper spellbook save system. As in the ability to recall a layout of spells, swap to a different layout. This is my buff setup for groups, this is my undead slaying setup for crypts! That kind of thing.

    -In a similar vein to the above, it'd be wonderful if shapeshifting (Be it the spells, or innate abilities or whatever!) would not kill your saved spellbook, or perhaps even spell slots. Guess this is already a thing!

    Post edited by MistakesWereMade on
  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 910
    edited November 2017
    Assorted possibilities, please:

    - allow for custom spellbooks
    - unlock feats for modding so that we might add metamagic
    - allow for more than 3 prestige classes
    - eventually, unlock rules in order to allow for more substantive modifications to the ruleset
    - allow by default possibility to use custom fighting animations (Masterius style)
    - update soundtrack to higher quality and loop points
    - please, allow for an official template system this time

  • JediMindTrixJediMindTrix Member Posts: 275
    Is it possible to unlock spellbooks so we can create totally new spellbooks/lists?

  • AllatumAllatum Member Posts: 16
    edited November 2017
    I'm not entirely sure this is the right section save if involves mechanics, but having Skills moved out of hardcoded state. So Discilpine and things like Knockdown could be customized module/server side, as well as permitting the possibility to merge skills such as Spot/Listen/Search into Perception and Hide/Move Silently into Stealth, etc.

    Also unrelated to this: Along the lines of Custom Spellbooks - The Ability to structure other classes so they can have similar specializations such as Domains and Spell School specializations, also able to be referenced for viability with feat prerequisites or chains, or adjusted to give bonuses themselves beyond extra spell slots and spell restrictions.

  • XerahXerah Member Posts: 2
    Flashburn said:

    Dele said:

    Not sure if possible but having attack modes be actual toggles and stay on until toggled off would be nice

    Seconding this. Unless you're initiating an attack on an enemy or interacting with a placeable, special attack modes get turned off whenever you move.

    My understanding is that this is already in (or will be in a future build). It is just not in the patch notes.

    The resource limit has plagued many PWs over the years (it is still an issue on Thain) so that is the main thing that I'd love to see changed (I do know that there is a lot that could be cleaned up, however, but still).

    Other things that come to mind:
    -Fixing hardcoded bugs (most of which seem to be already patched)
    -Auto-downloader for haks (and preloading, which is already in).

  • HarkathHarkath Member Posts: 6
    Re-activating Shou Disciple and Eye of Gruumsh might be a simple class-addition option. The CPP managed, so surely this can.

  • thryllkillthryllkill Member Posts: 10
    Anomaly said:

    - Allow Counterspell to be put on the hotbar
    - Fix Whirling attack 3-targets bug on Linux/Mac
    - More hotbars

    Please please please put Counterspell back in the hotbar. One of my favorite memories was counterspelling a baddie on a PW. Got the DM's attention, and made me feel like a badass. But going through all the menus to get there was a huge pain.

  • Peteed1985Peteed1985 Member Posts: 57
    Can we get some more spells in game? More class options?

    Also can summoned minions please not attack a door or chest I try and open that is locked? My henchman is unlocking the damn thing so it doesn't need bashing too. More control over henchman in OC would be nice too like the ability to tell them to open a lock or follow me when I run away and they are stuck in a place.

  • MrZorkMrZork Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2017
    I'm glad to see most of my wish list posted already. I don't think I have seen the following, yet...
    • Fix the scriptable damage reduction penetration. Example, Evard's is supposed to penetrate +2 DR, but currently doesn't.
    • Almost any item property (e.g. those that apply to a toon and not the item itself) should be an effect that can be applied directly to a PC. Example: A level 2 wizard bonus spell slot can be granted by a ring, but not applied directly to a character. There is no reason it couldn't be applied directly to the toon.
    • We need a separate HasFeat() function (or optional argument to the existing one) that determines whether a toon has a feat at all, rather than just whether he still has remaining uses of it that day.
    • A couple hooks so that the (non-creature) inventory of a PC's animal companion or familiar can be grabbed if the creature is unsummoned, rather than those items evaporating. Any player who has lost items he has given to his familiar knows how annoying it is for that stuff to go up in smoke because the server was disconnected, or he was hit by a stray Dismissal (which is bugged as to target location in 1.69), or the PC took a level.
    • Whenever possible, feats should be scripted instead of hardcoded. That way, feats that are marginal can be addressed by builders (I am thinking of Dirty Fighting, Combat Casting, Blinding Speed, etc.).
    • Related to the previous, physical attacks implemented as touch attacks (like Arcane Archer feats) should respect things like Zen Archery and use wisdom for the AB modifier.

  • DarvinsDarvins Member Posts: 1
    So I'm not sure I am posting to the right thread but I think I am, anyway, as someone who plays a lot of NWN on a role play server, I'd like to see Animal Companions be overhauled, since at the moment in the main game they are very under powered to being worthless for a Druid char to use, but it's not really combat areas that really bug me. It's the lack of any real way to control the Animal Companion, until when your role playing they just end up being this annoying thing, that gets in the way. Some way to directly control where it stands similar to wizards being able to jump into their familiars would vastly improve the role play aspect of the animal companion.

  • TyranthosTyranthos Member Posts: 4
    I would like to see Spellcraft and tumble both nerfed. Doing so that 10 ranks give you +1 in AC if tumble, or Saves against spells if spellcraft. That would be nice.

    I'd also like to see Warlock being added as a core class. As I belive that it has alot of potential and is very popular amongst people. And just generally more prestige classes added would also be nice.

    A way to download haks and tlk's more easily for persistant worlds, perhaps added support from the server? (Download it online through the game ,rather than seperatly)

    Add the ability to have four classes rather than three.

    ..Also just straight out remove discipline and rework the knockdown system. That would be awesome.

  • ReibornReiborn Member Posts: 156
    An annoying limitation in the original NWN which I would be glad if you'll manage to fix is with shapeshift.

    Let's say you play a droid and you can cast X number of spells per day. If you use items with wisdom bonus you can cast X + Bonus number of spells.

    BUT if you shapeshift to something else you lose the bonus from your wisdom bonused items and all spells per day which means...

    after each shapeshift you need to re-memorize spells in your spellbook and then rest to prepare them.

    This issue was fixed in NWN2 but it does exist in nwn1.

  • summonFoxsummonFox Member Posts: 3
    Protection from Petrification would be such a nice spell to have...

  • ReibornReiborn Member Posts: 156
    summonFox said:

    Protection from Petrification would be such a nice spell to have...

    unlike BG in NWN those disabling spells works for set rounds so no permanent downsides.
    also iirc you can cast protective spells which render you immune to everything.

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 65
    I'd like to see all the spells that only work sometimes in multiplayer fixed natively. Things like Storm of Vengeance, Circle agains't alignment, invisibility circle, silence, dirge, Stonehold and whatever else there was that I'm spacing on right at this very moment.

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,583
    tfox said:

    I'd like to see all the spells that only work sometimes in multiplayer fixed natively. Things like Storm of Vengeance, Circle agains't alignment, invisibility circle, silence, dirge, Stonehold and whatever else there was that I'm spacing on right at this very moment.

    They already fixed the bug where you could outrun your own aura, causing it to be dispelled. So Magic Circle vs. Alignment, Battletide, Dirge, Silence, etc. will stick with you properly now.

  • ZaowchenZaowchen Member Posts: 4
    As I said in the old thread, I'd like to see more toys be added to NWN, like Tome of Battle, Psionics, more classes and other options, perhaps an implementation of "ALternate Class Features" some that would :P

  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 233
    edited November 2017
    NWN cut some corners with armor as I recall. Chain shirt was moved to Medium, Studded Leather was nerfed to Hide Armor stats, Breastplate was nerfed to Chain Mail stats etc.

    I'd like to request adding all the armor types with their correct stats from 3e.

    Another thing.. I would like an option for average HP on level ups. No max, no rolls but average, rounded up. It's the most balanced option.

    Post edited by 1varangian on
  • demoixdemoix Member Posts: 17
    -Abilty to toggle on Furry Blows, Rapid Shot, etc... like in NWN2.
    -Make Tony K. AI as default AI, o even better.
    -Abilty to control party companions like in NWN2

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 1,761
    summonFox said:

    Protection from Petrification would be such a nice spell to have...

    I think the reason why there's no Protection from Petrification effect in NWN1 is because you have to be petrified by Heurodis at the end of the Shadows of Undrentide interlude.

    However, that doesn't really justify it, since the game does go out of its way to remove your protections against Talona's Fever in Hordes of the Underdark.

  • Hunter548Hunter548 Member Posts: 3
    1) Un-hardcode sneak attack, dispels, etc etc etc so that servers can modify them without needing haks.

    2) Add more spells. The smaller number of useful spells compared to PnP means sorcerers are, often times, stronger than wizards. Adding more useful spells helps bring the two closer to PnP characteristics.

    3) Rework wizard spell school specialization. Allow the wizard to choose which school they wish to ban, rather than each specialization school having a set school of opposition. This hasn't been the case since 2e.

    4) Make pale master more caster-inclined. Currently, because of how it interacts with caster levels and how uninspiring undead summoning is, it isn't terribly useful to casters. Meanwhile, huge AC bonuses, access to EMA with no attribute needs and sneak/crit immunity makes it very attractive to melee tank builds.

    5) Rework monk speed. Monks currently move incredibly quickly compared to other characters, which combined with their relatively high AC ensures that monks will rarely die if played well, and more importantly can chose to do drive-by attacks if they have enough room to maneuver, denying the enemy the ability to fight back effectively. Tone the speed down, change how it interacts with haste (As was mentioned earlier in the thread)

    6) Add a couple more caster-intended PRCs. PM and RDD are the sole caster-friendly PrCs, but both of them are more suited to melee/sword-and-spell builds rather than actual casters. Archmage would be fitting?

    7) Add more domains, and expand how useful some domains are. Outside of Travel, Trickery, Plant, War and Strength, most of the others aren't worth bothering with. Give them more useful spells and powers. Add other domains as well.

  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 141
    I would like to see a hook for Hide in Plain Sight (OnHiPS or something) so that server admins and/or module designers can choose to modify its default behavior, if they want.

    Granted, there is already a community workaround to preventing Hide in Plain Sight from being used more than once per round (or whatever the person using the script specifies as the time limit),. However, since it uses a pseudoheartbeat script that fires every 6 seconds for anyone with the HiPS feat, it can be a very "CPU expensive" preventative-exploit measure.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 1,257
    The Epic Shadowlord's AI script should be fixed so that it makes proper use of it's Shadow Attack.

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