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Suggestions Thread: Miscellaneous (Minor uncategorized tweaks and changes)

SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 106
Hello folks, I'm Symphony.

In order to keep things collated, I'm starting category based suggestion/bug discussions. Please use your best judgement to find which discussion best suits your range of items!

This the Miscellaneous Suggestions Discussion. If you don't feel like the other categories accommodate your suggestion for NWN, this may be the best place to state it.

Feel free to post your suggestions below in a hopefully clean and concise manner, and if you have time, try to read the other suggestions so you don't duplicate any requests.



  • superfly2000superfly2000 Member Posts: 76
    Not completely sure here but I think the startup client...the little window which is the first thing you get when starting the game...does not use the settings that you have choosen for the master volume setting...(and perhaps not even graphic settings?)...

    So the sound kind of "blasts away" when you start that...

  • OnTheOtherHandOnTheOtherHand Member Posts: 7
    For the Mac version, I'd like to see you to implement Touch Bar functionality to put the spellbar in the Touch Bar. Here is some documentation about this:

  • DeleDele Member Posts: 9
    After playing head start for a bit:

    -More options for UI scaling, currently its 1x or 2x and so on, for me on 1440p 1x is too small and 2x is too large, is 1,5x possible?

    -Borderless window support(i could not get the game fill the whole screen while windowed)

  • Match451Match451 Member Posts: 50
    The original Neverwinter Nights campaign has waaaay too many locked chests. It's such an annoying grind to open all the locked chests in so many areas. They really ought to reduce the number. In fact, there are just too many containers in general with too little reward, but reducing the number and increasing the value of randomly generated rewards for the remainder might be too much of a change for some.

    Also, there REALLY needs to be a dark red border around the edges of traps, like in Baldur's Gate, and in NWN2. It just looks so bad without it.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    While I understand that you don't want to touch the content of the OC, I'm really hoping that players aren't left entirely in 2002-2003 era. The EE versions should, at the very least, update the OC to the most recent versions. Players should have access to Pavil's inventory in the Prelude, just as the earliest example that I can think of, for instance. The OC are very likely going to be first impressions that any new players (and returning players) see of the EE versions. Bioware failed miserably in this regard, not updating the OC at all as they added patches to the game. Please, update the OC to current patch appropriately as you've done with the Infinity games.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    Just in the last 24 hours, I've seen quite a few requests for access to larger parties. If it's possible, it might be a good idea to introduce scaling of encounters to party (even raid?) size. The OC, for example, was tuned and designed for solo or solo+one henchman. Larger parties would simply steamroll the content. But, if scaling encounters were made possible, this wouldn't be the case.

  • AKMattAKMatt Member Posts: 8
    Lucidbro said:

    The first improvement that comes to mind is to add something like the nwn 2 quickcast bar/option to the game. At least add way more hotbars.

    Frankly I never understood how the original production team didn't see this as a problem, playing as pure caster your hotbars are completely full at around level 10 already, and there are 40 levels to get to.

    Also on the subject of quickbars, I believe the key bindings for the quickbars are static, it would be helpful if these keys could be bound in the options dialog.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,317
    edited November 2017
    is there a vvay to make using cheats easier? i find it's current state cumbersome in both this and the 2nd game. and stuff like god mode never stays on vvhen you change areas.

    like insted of having to make it a debug mode make the console commands a toggle in it's ovvn menu

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  • OnTheOtherHandOnTheOtherHand Member Posts: 7
    Lucidbro said:

    The first improvement that comes to mind is to add something like the nwn 2 quickcast bar/option to the game. At least add way more hotbars.

    Frankly I never understood how the original production team didn't see this as a problem, playing as pure caster your hotbars are completely full at around level 10 already, and there are 40 levels to get to.

    Thanks for bringing up NWN2, as I think it's important to mention that NWN2 is playable (albeit with bugs) on the new MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar. However, there are no function keys with the touchbar so this is necessary to make NWN:EE playable on the new MacBook Pros.

  • HarkathHarkath Member Posts: 6
    Please take a second look at the distance blur setting. It seems like the blurring is based on your zoom level, not relative to character position- which causes it to look pretty weird.

  • AlufiendAlufiend Member Posts: 1
    Just a few things I think people would be really interested in: New emotes and more than just horses to mount and ride for use with mounted combat/the ride skill would be great! Imagine, elves riding deer, unicorns showing up in forest glades, etc.!

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,796
    Two things to aid characters who mainly use ranged weapons (e.g. Arcane Archers)
    1) Add an option to mass-buy items from a store. One of the worst things about playing a ranged character is buying your ammo since you can only buy 1 stack at a time.

    2) Increase ammo stack sizes, which should alleviate the above problem.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    Why aren't we seeing any quality of life improvements at all, such as the advanced loot tool or always highlight options that were introduced to the other EE games? These are just two basic examples of things that I'd expect in an Enhanced Edition.

    Cablefish[Deleted User]leeuxXorina
  • AcaosAcaos Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2017
    A few miscellaneous requests:
    - Bug fix: Using color codes (whether directly or embedded in a token) in conversation options sometimes causes conversation options after the color-coded one to not display on the client in a server-client scenario (it may happen in SP too but we haven't replicated it there). The missing options either do not display at all or display a blank string.
    - Please improve the Faction Editor in the toolset. On HG we haven't been able to use it for a number of years now (attempting to make changes lags the toolset for hours and then either crashes or hard-freezes). We've resorted to manually GFF-editing `repute.fac` to add new factions or change their relationships.
    -- In general, toolset performance improvements would be greatly appreciated. The options that NWNTX offers to turn off certain pre-loads would be nice (but should be toggled by a .INI option so they don't trip up less experienced users).
    - It would be _amazing_ (but probably a lot of work - I'm just imagining having to project the PWK for one thing) to have roll and pitch settings when placing placeables in the toolset as well as the existing yaw setting.
    - While I understand that having multiple tilesets in one area is not likely to happen (being familiar with the area file formats), it would be great if there were a way to manually edit an individual tile, even breaking normal tiling rules.
    -- As a sub-request to this, it would be very nice to have two new cross-tileset Features, an empty walkable tile and an empty unwalkable tile. We've used them on HG in combination with placeables to generate custom stuff like the bridge in Gaping Maw.
    - Please make it possible to run with `Sticky Player Names=0` and `Server Vault By Player Name=1` to have the old vault/cdkey behavior. We have numerous players on HG with multiple CD keys _and_ multiple player names who like to be able to play any of their characters on any of their CD keys (and we have our own password system to support this).

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  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 205
    In-Game Compass: Stop it from tilting with the camera

    When you tilt the camera angle, the compass also tilts, which can make it unreadable. Keeping it from tilting is desirable.



  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    I'm going to feel *really* slow if someone points out that we've always had this ability, but I would absolutely love to be able to buy multiple and stacks of some items. Unless I've missed something for all of these years, I've always had to do one item at a time. Some games use holding down certain buttons to allow buying stacks. Perhaps double clicking an item would toggle it to allow buying multiples.

  • Peteed1985Peteed1985 Member Posts: 63
    Option to buy more than 1 of a consumable at a vendor please? Having to click so much to buy a stack of healing potions sucks. Also ability for enter key to to confirm acceptance and maybe esc to cancel? All the clicking -_-

  • MrZorkMrZork Member Posts: 7
    A couple UI-related ...
    • Please, please, please... change the radial menu during shopping so that the "sell item" spot is NOT in the same spot as the "equip item" spot. Gods know how many times I have accidentally sold an item that I meant to equip. And, there is no way to equip an item while shopping if the PC has a bag or other container open.
    • Allow the UI widgets (e.g. inventory, character sheet, etc.) the option not to obscure the action queue and the effects icons (top-left and upper-right parts of the screen) when they pop-up. It's annoying that having a widget open means I can't tell what spells I am set to cast or if I have left combat, etc.
    • At least optionally, treat the mini-map as first-class widget, instead of hiding it when any other widget is brought up. In other words, if the map is open and I open the inventory, don't pop up the inventory to cover the map. Instead, open the inventory widget to the side, just as would happen if the character sheet had been open and we opened the inventory.

  • EpsiEpsi Member Posts: 2

    I would like to make a suggestion about something that I've always dearly missed a lot in the original game: an option to export the "combat log" text to a log text file on disk in real time.

    The combat text gets very confusing at high level when you have multiple attacks per round, and even more so if you have a ton of different damage elements for each attack (which is common on combat-oriented multiplayer servers), and it becomes practically impossible to read and comprehend due to its output rate. I understand that you don't want to change the base game, so an easy and elegant solution to that issue would be to add the option to log that window's text, so that we can program third party software to parse the log in real-time and output the result in much more friendly way on a second screen.

    It would also enable new creative third-party tools to create stuff like "DPS meters" and "Kill Count per party member" (I know that similar tools already exist, but as far as I know they require to inject themselves within the game to intercept the log data in memory, as the game's existing text logs don't include all the combat text.)


  • jglvz256jglvz256 Member Posts: 52
    I've got one:- Container slots. It's always bothered me that a Bag of Holding (which according to the descrip can hold entire worlds) can actually only hold about 12 items befor it's full up. Please can you increase the number of default spaces in a portable container, especially the magic ones.

  • MrZorkMrZork Member Posts: 7
    Epsi, that already exists in 1.69. In your wnplayer.ini file, go to the [Game Options] section and make sure there is a line that says ClientEntireChatWindowLogging=1That will make sure that your combat info is sent to your nwclientLog1.txt file, which is in your logs folder in the game folder.

  • AcaosAcaos Member Posts: 13
    Another request:
    - Since PWs will likely stay on an old version for some time after a new version is released (e.g. 1.74 -> 1.75) (it will take time to update the server software and possibly any related NWNX hacks):
    -- Please add a way in the Beamdog client to upgrade/downgrade to a specific version.
    -- You could do the same for the Steam release when you release a new version by adding the old version as a 'Beta' and letting people use the Steam beta selector to go to that version.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    Quick save should have quick load as a companion.

  • MalclaveMalclave Member Posts: 47
    I would love to be able to combine a chat line and another command in a quickbar slot. For example...
    • "Face the Light of the Morninglord" together with Turn Undead
    • "I ain't goin nowhere!" with Defensive Stance
    • "Fear the Reaper" with equipping a scythe

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 316
    Also, adding the option to swap from full screen to windowed mode in game would be nice.

  • JimbobslimbobJimbobslimbob Member Posts: 199
    Just adding another request:

    Draw distance increase. I saw this mentioned on another forum and loved the idea. The draw distance and "fog" distance is quite low in NWN, would be nice to have an increase to it (with slider etc.).

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