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How to rescue your marriage! About the weight loss factor and bank loans for marriage counseling!

ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
Hi everyone,

I was dealing with lots of problems in my marriage but I have been able to finally solve them and here I'd like to tell you how. First I went to marriage counseling with my spouse. Normally we would not have been able to afford marriage counseling but thanks to a cheap bank loan that was no problem at all.

And finally, in our marriage counseling it was revealed that a huge part of our problems was my weight. Since then, I have changed my diet, go out regularly and do sports. I've lost a lot of weight and my spouse finally finds me attractive once more! I'm so happy and relieved!

If only I had considered the weight loss factor earlier on!

Note: Please read the following spoiler before posting anything in this thread.

This is a FAKE thread. Please do not respond to the topic seriously. Let me assure you, that I by no way intend to make fun of people with overweight, people who have problems in their marriage or people with money problems.

This is thread is an experiment. I want to know if it is possible to attract the attention of spambots on purpose, to lead them to specific threads/topics. I want to know if new spambots sign up on this forum just to post here, or if old "sleeper" spambots wake up o post here.

I would ask you to abstain from posting "fake" posts like mine above because they could be misinterpreted as making fun of people with such respective problems in their lives. The only thing I might post from time to time in this thread are actually healthy diet recipes, tips and tricks. And so may you if you wish.

The Site Rules DO apply in this thread, especially the one about making no advertisement. The Site Rules are the point of it. I'm looking for a way to catch the ones, i.e. spambots, that'd break them.



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