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Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium



  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    Oh I am late and neglectful @Grammarsalad I have been lost in work and reforging items oops! I should give more updates, I have been talking a lot to @Arunsun in messages; truly amazing help.

    I made +2 and +3 upgrades (as well as a handful of new items for fun) for every unique +1 (or better) item in the Original Baldur's Gate (also some items go from +1 to +2 and then +3; if one has the materials and the treasure hunting skills) and I am just working on the reforge components and item descriptions.

    Also I went a bit nuts with Xan ;-)! Now he is actually relevant (I may have given him some really cool item abilities).

    I made three Forgotten Realms Jewels that can be used by a Dungeon Master (source resources) to further enchant magical items for a Party's Adventure.

    Jewel Item Reforging
    +2 Ruby, Sapphire, Shandon, or any other regular suitable Jewel (5,000 Gold)

    +3 (Star Ruby x12 total 10,000 Gold)

    +4 or +5 (Chardalyn x3 total 20,000 Gold)
    -Matthew Gordon Roulston 12:58 AM 04th/12(December)/2018

    I'm hoping to launch around Christmas (If I can). I need to finish the upstairs tileset and bug test around 100 items.

    Also I am hoping to plant a few items on some characters and containers and move some items from shops and hopefully add some encounters I have ready for WeiDU but we will see how my pace is with this project.

  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,577
    Good to see you're making progress. Looking forward to the release

  • d2freakd2freak Member Posts: 25

    How is it going with the mod? It looks so amazing.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited February 2019
    d2freak wrote: »

    How is it going with the mod? It looks so amazing.

    It is funny that you ask for I just completed the artwork for the Upstairs!:-D
    @Red_Carnelian I adjusted the hell out of the Brightness and Contrast (+15 Brightness, +10 Contrast with a dash of +10/+5 and -23/-23 and the rare +5/+0) and made each asset prop its own layer. So as to match each one individually with the overall lighting / 'look' / style of the area art to create the right vibe / feel and get rid of the juxtaposed 'pop' that was surrounding the added in assets. Also I fixed the floor and chimney by hand and via the good old copy and paste + monkeying around quite a lot.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 678
    Gorgeous. What tools do you use to create such areas?

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    Skitia wrote: »
    Gorgeous. What tools do you use to create such areas?
    Failure. (lots of that :wink: )

    - Microsoft Paint (because it has easy mode trace, copy and paste tools for some things (one layer) but I tend to use it less and less for I am begining to suck less at using
    - Shitty Mouse for like 2009.X-P (although I do have a digital pencil pad thing but my tiny room in this crap trailer barely fits a broken chair so I don't have much room x.x - but progress none the less).
    - DeviantArt Also to host the art and find artist people (mostly so the link does not die in 5 years)
    - Luna Pic (for I still suck at Paint.Net and Photoshop and Microsoft Paint can't do everything)

    Mainly love for making games and moral support. (Also maybe a whole lot of technical support because I suck at making dialogs work x.x. thank you @Arunsun ).

  • d2freakd2freak Member Posts: 25
  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited March 2019
    List of what I currently have to do now:
    -Finish the polygons and area technical details and containers on the Upstairs.
    -Write the Lore and Item Description for every reforged upgraded item (every unique magical equipment item has at least one upgrade version so A LOT of items I have made already since 2018).
    -Write and Finish the Shop Keepers and Michael of Baldur's Gate Dialogs
    -Add appropriate item upgrade components for every upgrade-able item.
    -Make all of this into a WeiDU sharable package
    -Bugtest until there are no bugs.

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  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    So far I am working through the item upgrade components for the upgraded item versions. I may also need to place way more gems, potions and scrolls around the game to enable more items to be made. I have 'gated' the +3, +4 and +5 items around the uses of Jewels that in lore are able to enhance magical properties. +3 items in general require a Star Ruby (10,000 Gold) to upgrade from the unique +2 variant and there are only 12 Star Ruby jewels. Very special case items and items that are already +4 or +5 can also be upgraded only using Chardalyn jewels (20,000 Gold); there are only 4 Chardalyn jewels (of which are extremely hard to acquire).

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    I think that items +3/+4/+5 are way out of BGEE's league.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited March 2019
    @Raduziel The Drizzt items are basically the +4 and +5 item(s).

    Also Xan's Moonblade has a +4 version for it is technically an ancient legendary artifact (also Xan as a mage with a gimped spell selection missing fireball for example is not over powered; so it should all work out). The +5 item is just Twinkle +3 'restored' to hit like a +5 weapon (but function combat wise as +3 weapon) etc.

    The +3 items are just upgraded versions of the +2 items. They will change the power balance; but I hope not enough to make the game easy. Also a limited amount can be made (not all of them due to 12 Star Ruby components) and most likely only a handful will be made by the player before the game ends in a usual play though; its just added value for bigger scale runs.

    These kinds of weapons I am hoping to Arm the players against Dragons and Lichs and Mind Flayers and Demons etc. Optional very tough encounters lurking in the world; the Demon in the vestibule quest and a new dragon in a cave come to mind.

    If this Throwing Axe +4 'Dragon's Fury' gets added it needs to drop from an additional very hard dragon encounter: (although no +5 variant). That is the only proprietary +4 weapon I have made for this and I added it for it was one of my first items that got myself into this project.

    Also does anyone know where I put Durlag's Pride item description? This is bugging me to no avail. Perhaps it died with my old computer back in 2015.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited March 2019
    Here is an update, I felt that a video would show more informative points in a shorter time.

    Here you go, I hope that it is informative.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    Here is another update; good times.

    Take care everyone.

  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 220
    Thanks for the updates, looking forward to seeing this continue to evolve :)

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    Somebody made a thread about the tyranny of choice here

    Given my earlier comments about having a large amount of options

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited March 2019
    I have been monkeying around with a medieval fantasy fighting game in Unity and doing house building activities. Also are you from New Zealand @Very_BigSword ? After work earlier I did some work on a Dagger +3 'Heart of the Golem' then I fell asleep with the computer still on.

    I am focusing on just finishing off what is already in the game and making an 'Emporium Light' with a Baldur's Gate II simplicity but with gems and potions and scrolls added in for components. I am aiming to just make the module accessible and stop it from dragging on and on. Get the content out there into the community.

    I should have more time to help finish of the first phase of this module this week although we will see. Anyway take care and have fun. Anyone have questions?

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    Yes I am from NZ, hence the official national flag (in my dreams) for a portrait.

    Thought I might just drop this quote here for the record, and as a bump of the thread. I hope you can find the motivation to complete in due course. With all the effort you invested previously it would be a shame for it to go to waste.
    Although I feel that I should finish what I have started and complete (properly) the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium module. I hope that I can drum up enough support / inspiration to start grinding away at the item reforging requirement list and then get the item reforge list implemented and working to reforge items and then fix the polygons for the areas and then polish, polish, polish and polish all the bugs that I can find. Then hope to use weiDU competently enough to share a well oiled, working, ergonomic easy to operate /install module for people to enjoy and is worth playing (hopefully before 2020 x.x).

    I still think you would be well served to keep your ingredient list for reforging quite brief. Mainly to reduce grind for yourself in implementation and for the player in game. A big fat price tag in gold coins helps to force players to prioritise without the need to accumulate 20 fire agates or similar annoying tasks. Who wants to spend an hour grinding gibberlings or xvarts to get those as a random drop because you only found 12 before chapter 5 for example. Better that we are forced to sell off the excess scrolls and potions that are overflowing our bags so we can pay the blacksmith.

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    Good news to hear.

    I had an example idea for a legendary weapon and recipe (by BG1/SOD standards).

    Staff Spear +2, Dagger +2 Longtooth, Star Sapphire, Scroll of Protection from Cold, 15,000 GP.

    Starlance +3
    Spear +3, +1 cold damage on hit, +25% cold resistance when equipped, one charge per day cast glitterdust on target.

    Of course you will just do your own thing and probably already have several powerful items pre-designed. This is only to illustrate my opinion of a strong but not quite overpowered item with logical ingredients for the powers bestowed and can only complete late in the game. A spear due to lack of decent spears.

    Best of luck for your progress on this!

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    Hmm, I like the idea and I have not got to that item yet. Then again Staff Spear +3 'Starspear' : Staff Spear +2, Star Ruby x1, Star Sapphire x1, Moonbar Gem x1, Skydrop Gem x5, Scroll of Protection from Cold x1, Scroll of Glitterdust x1, Potion of Power x1, Potion of Cold Resistance x1, 5,000 Gold

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited June 2019
    Hmm, then again I already have a +3 version of Spear Staff +3 that casts armor on the caster. I literally did every unique magical item and the added extra for more fun. It stead of merging the two I can make a new spear, add it to an encounter and make a +3 version.

    You want a decent magical spear early on? I can make a new high quality item (Unique Spear +2) and add it to the game. Where should it be and or what encounter could it be added to? I want to make a better version of which is planned to be included with Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium.

    Also It might be more fun if could you write an item description? Maybe @skitia can help creatively write if the job is not too much hair pulling going on (progress). In know I would make a huge bible of lore xD. Also it is a spear from the community and I can make a unique high quality item BAM but it would be nice for a team project. Bigger, better, brighter; iterate, iterate, iterate!
    Also here is an example of some new items with retweaked and simplified item components to reforge; same themes just more brevity and nothing more than 5-9 items to remember. Designed to add relevance to gems and potions other than odd cases and mostly vendor 'trash'. Save those gems, potions, and protection scrolls!

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited June 2019
    @Very_BigSword I made a Spear +2 'Starlance' and an upgraded version Spear +3 'Starlance' (That can cast Glitterdust once per day as level 5)
    I hope that you enjoy the new unique high quality Item BAM. Perhaps the lore is that:
    The magical spear known as 'Icelance' comes from the northern reaches of Faerun. Far flung in the bitter edge of the Spine of the World mountain range from a tribal mystic who studied and worshiped the stars and northern lights. Then one harsh winter night praying devotedly through an ice storm atop a mountain peak her prayers were answered by this spear that meteorically struck down beside the arctic mystic as it were a star falling from the eye of the ice storm. The spear was past from tribal mystic to mystic until the frigid tribe was disbanded and splintered off into neighboring tribes more south. With the magical spear eventually being lost to opportunistic thieves who sold the item to a traveling merchant heading south from The Ten Towns.

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  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    edited June 2019
    Weapon looks great. You mentioned having a "good" spear available early but I don't see that as necessary actually. Make the players work for it. If you know where to look a spear +1 can be obtained, and the staff spear is already there albeit that is a different proficiency type. If you want to have the +2 in your mod anyway no problem. For power level the standard seems to be "weapon +2, +1 elemental damage". So perhaps ice lance should just be a spear +2, +1 cold that upgrades to the star lance +3.

    As far as obtaining it I noticed there are two backbiters +3 in the game which seems overkill. Maybe you could edit the Firewine undead knight or modify the Larswood Osmadi encounter. Or could put on one of the ice island enemies. Or in Cloudpeak Mountains although that would tie it to Rasaad's quest - maybe not. Or in Durlags tower in the room before chess board with named polar bear and ice wolves. Or on the sirine queen on werewolf island. Or blah blah blah you'll work it out.

    I'll come back to you with a lore story for each and see if you like it. I aim to keep the style and quantity of narration similar to the in-game unique items - "olde" language and fairly short.

    Thanks for doing this - it was just an off the cuff, throwaway type of idea so its fun to see it come to life.

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  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    edited June 2019
    I liked your recipe suggestion based off the staff spear. If you want to do the ice lance instead of that I would keep everything else the same.
    Hmm, I like the idea and I have not got to that item yet. Then again Staff Spear +3 'Starspear' : Staff Spear +2, Star Ruby x1, Star Sapphire x1, Moonbar Gem x1, Skydrop Gem x5, Scroll of Protection from Cold x1, Scroll of Glitterdust x1, Potion of Power x1, Potion of Cold Resistance x1, 5,000 Gold

    Looking at the bigger picture I definitely think the Ice Lance should only be a spear +2, +1 cold damage for comparable power rating to Ashideena or Varscona. Leave the fancy stuff for star lance only.

    My idea for names and lore pre and post upgrade:

    Ice Lance +2
    The Ice Lance is an ancient relic believed to originate from the Spine of the World. Those unfortunate enough to be struck by this spear suffer an infusion of deepest winter chill in addition to the fearsome stab wounds it inflicts. It is widely rumoured that this weapon was empowered by Auril the Frostmaiden and stolen from her followers many years ago. Those who wield this weapon seldom possess it for long.

    Star Lance +3
    With it’s full powers unlocked, the true nature of the “Ice Lance” is revealed. The weapon appears to be celestial in origin but nothing further is known about whence it came or from whom. The chill touch comes not from winters ice; it is the unfathomable cold of the weightless void between worlds. The Star Lance provides a measure of protection from cold to it’s wielder when held. Once per day it can produce a cloud of stardust on command to dazzle enemies and reveal the hidden.

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  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited June 2019
    @Very_BigSword Ah yes, I agree with you. I made two versions before hand (although I was not clear enough before):

    - Spear +2 'Star Ice Lance' that is exactly as you described: Spear +2 with +1 Cold Damage and +25% Cold Resistance.

    - Spear +3 'Star Lance': +2 Cold Damage, +50% Cold Resistance, Cast Glitterdust (as level 5) once per day.

    As for where to add this item I think your suggestion is a worthy Idea. Two backbiters seems a bit lazy / odd from a story stand point. The Ghost Knight quest with a cursed item seems very interesting although I think that Osmadi is a better option and should be retweaked and have the extra Spear +3 'Backbiter' (that was added by Beamdog in the Enhanced Edition) be replaced with Spear +2 'Ice Lance' (it is a fitting change as well a druid / mystic).

    Although I think there is a mystery with the Firewine Ruins. The original content has gaps and does not add up with the Cursed Longsword +1 'Vampire's Revenge'. Also the exclusive and unique magical items, the Helm of Charm Protection on the Ghost Knights; the whole thing seems like cut quest content (there are many cases of cut original quest content as explored by the module Unfinished Business). The Ghost Knights should be made regular kill-able (the magic immunity from the ghost ring should stay for theme flavour) for they have unique items that were only found on them in the Original installment by Bioware; they are more 'historical' if that makes any sense. I can add this new content to an enlarged version of that would be enrolled with Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium.

    All of the Ghost Knights are able to be killed by weird methods anyway. The Ghost Knight quest should be expanded to become a challenging encounter with items to match. Although the Unique magical item duplicates should be replaced by generic magical items and Full Platemail +1 replaced with Field Plate +1 for sake of balance:

    All of the Ghost Knights would need to be tweaked somehow to remove their .cre file blanket damage immunities; any ideas on how to pull this off in WeiDU @Gwendolyne ? I could make new Creature files and remove the original ghost knights with new version spawned in. Although I would need to adjust the quest and have an option where the player can fight the ghost knights; perhaps with the Idol of Kozah. I would need help with altering the quest and journal entry. I have typically avoided tweaking quests in the past to add new content (I just changed items characters and shops had access to at most). Yet this is another can of worms and there is no other convenient story satisfying way to tweak this original piece of content to add more content to Baldur's Gate.

    Lore: Perhaps the Ghost Knights stay after the ancient armour is given to them but their curse is not lifted for the Undead Knight was a Zealot of Kozah and with their shared vow, the Ghost Knights together were cursed by the powers of Kozah. For the Undead Knight would rather not betray his companions in a time of need and instead betrayed his God's will with his vow with his holy companions and a result Kozah being a spiteful deity personally cursed the band of knights to be forever banished to walk on the mortal plane never knowing rest. The band of loyal knights stuck in-between life and death for an eternity. All because of the betrayal of faith by the Undead Knight to never abandon his companions. Yet as a result of his battle of the heart the Undead Knight doomed them all and he was driven to madness once the band of knights descended forward with their quest. In the end with the now long dead god's idol near by as a fonte of unholy power Kozah's curse too drove the holy knights to madness. Yet in the end the divine powers flowing through the blood of the Bhaalspawn broke the knights cursed torment and they were finally granted peace from their eternal undeath by the progeny of the Lord of Murder; the curse lifted only by supernatural murder.

    Perhaps the original Ghost Knight quest can complete; yet the Ghost Knights remain. The journal entry would need to be updated and say something is wrong and the curse was not lifted but the Undead Knight was given rest but not the Ghost Knights. 1,500 experience (original amount) is rewarded to the party and access to the second Ghost Knight Quest is toggled on / (globalled?).

    Then after the completion of the original Undead Knight quest the Ghost Knights are given new dialog saying that they feel the curse strengthen and that they hear voices in their mind and see visions of ruins of a cave by the ocean to the south with what they call 'infidels' intruding. Once the player has Idol of Kozah (Undead Knight quest completed or not) the Ghost Knights go berserk (hostile) and shout a line of dialog where the madness compels to slay the 'unworthy infidel' that holds what is most divine, their 'sacrilege' is unforgivable. The Ghost Knights are slain by the Bhaalspawn and on the death of the lead Ghost Knight shouts 'The Lord of Murder gives us freedom from our curse; the gift of death.' The Ghost knights die and the quest is completed and a new journal entry is prompted accounting the odd turn of events and the mystery over the Lord of Murder.

    The Ghost Knights corpses stay and can be looted (including the ancient armour that was given to the Ghost Knights after the optional completion of the Undead Knight Quest; this can be used to complete the Vampire's Revenge Quest along with the Idol of Kozah) after the battle. 3,600 experience is award to the party; on top of the Doomsayer and Ghost Knights death experience (adjusted for difficulty along with the original Undead Knight).
    Also here is a remade Long Sword +2 (+3 Reforged) 'The Vampire's Revenge':
    (yes I know that the original was +1)
    Reforge Components List: Long Sword +3 'The Vampire's Revenge' - Star Ruby x1, Roguestone Gem x1, Beljuril Gem x1, King's Tear Gem x1, Bloodstone Gem x20, Scroll of Feeblemind x1, Scroll of Confusion x1, Scroll of Dire Charm x1, Scroll of Larloch's Minor Drain x5, Cursed Scroll of Stupidity x3, Cursed Scroll of Foolishness x2, Cursed Scroll of Ailment x1, Potion of Power x1, Potion of Clarity x1, Murky Oil of Speed x1, Murky Potion of Healing x1, Murky Antidote x1, 5,000 Gold (It is long because it is special)

    @Gwendolyne @AstroBryGuy I am wondering what kind of mechanics are at play here for this new Ghost Knight / Idol of Kozah quest and how to tweak the original Undead Knight quest / journal entries in Firewine Ruins in WeiDU. What must be done in WeiDU to add this new Ghost Knight content?

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    I didn't read everything but if you're gathering suggestions @WithinAmnesia , my opinion is that BG lacks, in that order: Katanas -> Spears -> Scimitars -> Bastard Swords.

    Good luck on this journey.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 927
    edited June 2019
    @argent77 How are quests and journals worked on in Baldur's Gate; is there a straightforward tutorial? Also how are these content additions made to work with WeiDU? Also is there cut content for the Snow troll cave in Cloud Peaks; and if so is it still not added yet? Should an ice cave be added because I can make high quality area art.

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  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,770
    Also is there cut content for the Snow troll cave in Cloud Peaks; and if so is it still not added yet? Should an ice cave be added because I can make high quality area art.

    Although a cave could definitely be added there, I'm not sure how often players even go to the Dark Moon Temple area. In order to even access that area, Rasaad needs to be in the party (or have been in the party).

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